Vapor King Auto USB Passthrough

Vapor King Auto USB Passthrough

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Availability: In stock

E-cigarette - Vapor King Auto USB Passthrough

Availability: In stock

Our Automatic USB Passthrough is ideal for anyone who spends a lot of time working at home or driving in the car. The USB Passthrough is to be used with a Vapor4Life USB Wall Adapter or Vapor4Life Car Adapter.

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Our automatic Vapor King e-cigarette USB passthrough is a wonderfully convenient, USB-powered way to enjoy your V4L cartomizers while on the go.  Simply plug the USB connector into a power-supplied connection on your wall adapter or car adapter, then screw on a cartomizer and vape! No worries about having a charged battery, because the USB passthrough draws power directly from the source. This USB passthrough works best with Vapor4Life USB Wall Adapters and car adapters, and will only work with single coil cartomizers. Passthroughs do not perform well with Vapor4Life tanks.

It features a durable, reinforced wire connection and the convenience of a partially coiled cable—far superior to the standard KR808D-1 compatible e-cig passthroughs on the market. Automatic USB passthroughs are activated via an internal suction switch. That means hands free operation—just take a drag and enjoy clouds of flavorful vapor!

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Customer Reviews

Works great!
Review by LuLu
I keep this in my car and use with car adapter. It works great and produces excellent vapor. (Posted on 2/17/14)
Love mine
Review by Molly
I absolutely love mine. I hope it lasts - have been using it for a month or so so far. Might try it on a car trip soon. Saves battery life, and output is constant.
(Posted on 5/31/13)
Still tobacco free!
Review by carol lynn
Love my passthroughs at home, work & in my car! At the office, when coworkers head outside for a smoke, I just vape away on my pt. Has helped me stay tobacco free for sure. Thank you V4L! (Posted on 5/30/13)
Review by Chris Andrews
This thing rocks. It is a vapor producing machine. It is like a fog machine in a bar. Wow. The carts get a little warm, especially on the 2nd or 3rd draw, but that is no big deal. Very satisfying, a perfect hit every time. Granted, you are tethered by the cord to the USB port, but that suits me fine as I do most of my work on the PC. And having it tethered is no different than having a designated smoking area except with this you are vaping. I am very pleased. I use this almost exclusively at home and save my batteries for when I leave the house. Works great. I could not be more pleased. (Posted on 8/19/11)
Review by Peter
I got my passthru a few days ago. No complaints. It works great. I'm a delivery driver and the rechargeable battery would die mid shift. So I got the passthru, driving and vaping... can't beat it. (Posted on 7/21/11)
Passthrough is AWESOME!!
Review by Angel Clagett
Vapor is the first company that I have found that carries this. I absolutely LOVE this thing. I never have to worry about if it's charged, the vapor is consistant and I can use it at the computer or in the car. It is by far my favorite vapor device and I want a couple more. It's super easy to use, just plug and vap! AWESOME! (Posted on 5/29/11)
Mine is working great!
Review by John Cetrone
Only had it one day but so far it is working great. Very convienent not having to worry about batteries always being charged. By the way, this company has been great so far about any defective products. They won't do anything about flavors you don't like or if you order the wrong strength nicotine but any defective products I have had they either found a solution or replaced the product. Very satisfied so far! (Posted on 5/18/11)
It's neat
Review by L. Henderson
I heard great things about these so I had to try them. It's nice not to have to worry about having charged batteries. It is great for those times when sitting or on a long drive. The puffing is like that of a fully-charged battery. (Posted on 5/2/11)
In the CAR!
Review by Kelley
I bought the USB CAR ADAPTOR and plug the PASSTHROUGH into it in the JEEP. Tons of smoke, flavor and very dependable... AND I can always find it! Just LOVE the PASSTHROUGH!

I have one on the computer, too! (Posted on 4/28/11)
Works for me!
Review by Carol
Love the passthrough! What an idea. I just ordered my third one. I keep one at my computer desk, one in my bedroom and one at the end of the couch where I read and work on hobbies. The convenience is awesome and the first two I bought have been wonderful! Thanks V4L! (Posted on 4/17/11)
Love it!
Review by Ka0s
I got a blue auto passthrough and it rocks.. Love it plugged into the computer and love it plugged in the car. I like it better than my manual passthrough.. (Posted on 4/8/11)
Can't complain too much
Review by Tony
Look, this was free with purchase, so I can't complain to much. But far a performance, I don't like it. Some times it works, other times it doesn't. But they have sent me another free one with purchase, and I am going to try it as well. I go through at least 4 bats a day so I thought this would be great.

UPDATE: I bumped this to 4 stars, the second freebie I got works great, vapes great, and all around is quite better when gaming online. (Posted on 2/15/11)
Review by Jerad
This is a great product. I sit at my desk and rip on it all day. LOVE IT!!! (Posted on 2/14/11)
Keep it Clean
Review by Carto fan
I received my pass-through from V4L customer service as a gift attached to an order and highly recommend having two of them! Five star rating for customer service and for this product. I used is heavily for a month and it slowed down then worked on and off. I was ready to purchase another when per chance; I cleaned it as a last resort. Fellow vapers, it is important to any and all of your products to clean them regularly to keep them operating. I use a paperclip to clean out the tiny holes around the top which clog with juice and nicotine and swab the outside with a damp alcohol pad. Blow into the end to keep it dry. It is now working like new! (Posted on 1/12/11)
Keep Your Eyes On the Road
Review by Wolfette
Wow, this is great. I just plug this into the car charger, and yee-ha! Instant electronic hooka. Great for long car rides. No more running out of batteries because there was no place to charge them; this thing runs off of the car's battery. And Miss Butter fingers here; I'm always dropping things. Once it took me two days to find the batery I had dropped into the center console. Now if I drop it, I can just pull it back up by the cord and don't even have to take my eyes off the road. (Posted on 12/26/10)
Review by Earl Carmichael
i have had mine for about 2mo and use it all the time at home it work grate i have had no problems at all with it (Posted on 12/20/10)
Review by Janet Coverdale
This is a great sturdy passthrough! I ordered 2 of them about 5 months ago. I haven't even had to use the second one yet because the first one is still like new. I use it several hours every day along with a CoolCart cartomizer. (Posted on 11/21/10)
USB Passthrough is money well spent!
Review by E-cig devotee
What a great pass-through, this is definitely a must have item. I have found my pass-through provides maximum vapor, taste and throat hit while saving me from charging batteries. The design is perfect, the coiled cord keeps the cord off the ground, but gives the user 3 feet of straight cord to the battery.

Cartomizers seem to stay cooler and I believe they last longer....but I can't prove it. Definitely get one of these, you won't regret it. (Posted on 7/29/10)
sturdy little thing
Review by passerby
among all passthroughs i've tried, this one lasts the longest. the coiled cord prevents it to be pulled off, that's a plus. vapor is warm as 5v should be. it's still working the same way when i just purchased it, compared to other brands that would die in the middle of puffs once in a while or not work at all after a few days. this one is still alive and kicking

doesn't fit with other brand carts (not all, but alot). you have to buy them here (Posted on 7/26/10)
Save your batteries
Review by Peter S
This is a great idea. If you use a computer at work, this is awesome. Get the lighter adapter for the car and when you're on the computer at home, there it is. Plug in an vape! You always get a consistent hit from this since you aren't going to experience battery fade. Saves your batteries for when you are on the go. (Posted on 7/3/10)
works great
Review by mary crockett
got a purple auto pt-works great, looks good.
I've had a few pt's and they were all pretty much made the same-flimsy-this one is different on the "ash" end. There is no fake plastic ash-no light-but the wire is secured in a rubbery plastic end-like it a lot! (Posted on 5/14/10)
Pass through
Review by Evaughn Zills
I love mine. As a bedridden person my lap top is almost always on and right there. Saves my rechargables for when out to
Dr. office etc. HEHEHE. Draws great, makes clouds of vape and wont set the bed of fire if I doze off. Also no hazard with oxygen which I wear 24/7 (Posted on 3/14/10)
Works pretty good
Review by Bill
I bought the automatic, which, with this item plugged into a car outlet/usb adaptor, doesn't work well if at all. But at home or in the office this vapes like a champ, no complaints there. I should've got the manual :P (Posted on 1/4/10)
love it!
Review by rocks82
I'm a huge fan of auto batteries. I just prefer sticking the batt in my mouth and vaping while doing whatever else. I LOVE having an auto PT! and these are so pretty! (Posted on 12/21/09)
Review by E-cig fanatic
Love the Passthrough! Because it is so light in your hand, it makes you feel like you are smoking an analog cig. This was a great way for me to get used to the e-cig and made it easier to switch permanently. (Posted on 12/16/09)
Couldn't be happier!
Review by J.Seitzinger
This is really great for people tied to their computer, be it at work or at home. With one of these things, you don't have to worry about recharging your batteries. The suction switch is great, and works flawlessly. It also looks really nice in chrome. (Posted on 11/29/09)

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