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Vapor King USB Charger

E-cigarette - Vapor King USB Charger

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Our all-new Vapor King USB charger for Vapor King e-cig. Charge while you work! (Or, if you while you charge!)

Vapor King USB Charger


Conveniently charge your Vapor King electronic cigarette batteries using our all-new USB e-cigarette battery charger.  This handy Vapor King e-cigarette battery charger can be used with any compatible USB port included with your desktop PC, laptop computer, or game console. It can also be paired with a USB wall adapter or the Vapor King USB Car Adapter when you're on the go.

 Instructions for proper use of the USB Charger: 

The newly designed USB charger has a larger output than the previous version and will charge your batteries much faster. When using the USB Charger with your Vapor King or Vapor Titan batteries: 

- Do not charge your batteries unattended.
- Do not charge your batteries overnight. 
- Remove your battery from the charger once the LED light is green. 
For overnight or unattended charging, use the Slim Charger. Following these guidelines will ensure that your electronic cigarette batteries will continue to perform at their best.