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Vapor Zeus Dual Mode Battery

The Vapor Zeus Dual Mode features technology the electronic cigarette industry has never seen before. This 5 volt battery can be altered to work as an automatic or as a manual device. It can be used as a stand-alone battery, or as a passthrough. By attaching the Vapor Zeus USB Charger into the battery and plugging it into a USB port or USB adapter, it becomes a self-charging device. Compatible with all Vapor4Life products, attach a Smileomizer to give this battery the realistic look of a cigar..

The XL Vapor Zeus batteries (1300mAh) have a 16mm circumference while their smaller counterparts, 900mAh and 650mAh Vapor Zeus batteries have a 14mm circumference. Purchase the Vapor Zeus Dual Starter Kit to get all the accessories.

Reviews from top e-cigarette reviewers:


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List Price: $101.95

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List Price: $101.95

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Black, Cigar, Blue, Magenta, Green
Small 650mAh, Medium 900mAh, XL 1300mAh
Estimated Use and Charge Time:
The 650mAh has 4-8 hours of use and takes 2-6 hours to charge (depending on the method - 2 with the USB Charging Cable, 6 for the Slim Charger) 

The 900mAh has 6-12 hours of use and takes 4-9 hours to charge (depending on the method - 4 with the USB Charger, 9 for the Slim Charger).

The 1300 mAh e-cig battery has 15-20 hours of use and takes 5-12 hours to charge (depending on the method - 5 with USB Charger, 12 for the Slim Charger).

Regulated to 5V using single coil cartomizers 2.0ohms and above; and 4.4V using dual coil cartomizers
Smileomizers, Premium CoolCarts, WOW Vapor Cartomizers, and 808D-Style Dual Coil Metal Tanks. *Non-compatible with EGO Mega Cartomizers
Vapor Zeus USB Charger plugs into a USB port or USB adapter and can be used as a passthrough or to charge the battery. Alternatively can be charged with the Slim Wall Charger.
To change the Vapor Zeus Dual Mode Battery from automatic to manual (and vice versa) simply press the button 5 times. If you are using a cartomizer or tank that you've filled with juice, please allow 5 minutes for any juice to dry before re-attaching the cartomizer or tank to the battery. Damages caused by e-liquid misuse will not be covered by the warranty.


Best ever!Review by Thom
So far, the Zeus battery with Smilomizers and Wow juice is the best combination for vaping I've tried, and I've tried several. I'm in month 3, and I'm well pleased. Except for the Smilomizer name. :)

V4L is a good company, delivering what they said when they said. In Los Angeles, shipments take about a week to get here, but I can plan ahead. They stand behind their products, replacing my first battery and three Smilomizers quickly and without delay. With more experience, I wonder if the problem might have been me, not them. There's a little bit of a learning curve. Either I got a bad batch or it was my own ignorance that caused the problem.

The battery lasts all day if you take an occasional break between smoking sessions. Since I mostly sit in front of my computer all day, I leave it plugged in and disconnect when I go out. Leave it on the charger overnight, and you're green to go. If you let the battery run down all the way, you may have to let it charge for some time before it works again. It quit on me one morning when I forgot to charge it overnight, and I thought I had broken it, but two hours later it was back in service. Going back for that short time to my small tank and smaller battery from before reminded me of just how much better the Zeus is.

Last month, I took a three-day cruise with the family. They don't know I vape, so I planned to use nicotine patches to get by. At the last minute, I tucked the Zeus into my pocket, thinking I might get some time with it. I didn't charge it or put in more juice. I wound up ripping off the patch and sneaking hits on the Zeus, figuring I'd revert to the patches when it ran out. I didn't need to. While the taste was getting a bit sharp by the end of the trip, it was still functioning adequately, and the battery was showing no signs of flagging. A hint to new users: Take long, slow drags not hard, fast ones.

The Smilies require some getting used to. Unlike small cartomizers I've used, these need to rest for a while before they're ready to use the first time. There is so much filler in there that it takes a while for juice to spread around evenly and get down to the bottom where the heat is. To break in a new one, I put in 40-60 drops, let it sit for at least 10 minutes, and add another 20-40 drops. After another rest, you can add another 20-30. There is a mesh screen on top that helps keep the liquid in, but it also prevents you from seeing how full you've gotten. Watch carefully when you're getting near full. If it pools and doesn't sink in, use a napkin or swab to soak up the excess.

The rubber top on the Smilie feels a little strange at first, but I got used to it quickly. It's probably too big for the girls, like a large cigar, but there's a smaller battery and top that should work. I may get one for back up, just in case. But I kind of like the big stick and fiddle with it even when not smoking.

Even if I didn't like their liquids (which I do), I'd love their 30ml bottles with long but free-flowing tips. They are a big improvement on the ones I've bought before. As for flavors, I've tried Wowboy and Triple Nickel. Both are good, but I think I like the 555 better.

Happy vapor trails!

(Posted on 4/30/14)
Best Vaporizer I've TriedReview by Vapor Mike
I've tried many name brand batteries and tank systems but nothing has given the intense vapor and flavor as the vapor zeus with smileomizer. (Posted on 4/28/14)
AwesomeReview by maureen
I get 24 hours of vaping with the Vapor Zeus with full power until it needs to be recharged. (Posted on 2/19/14)
Awesome!!Review by Will
I got this one cuz it charges really fast and I like being able to have more control over my draws in manual mode and auto when im driving. I use the auto dial a volt as my backup. Thanx V4L (Posted on 2/14/14)
Your Search Has Officially EndedReview by Ryan
I started smoking regular cigarettes at 19 and thought NOTHING would ever stop me from buying my Parliament Lights. But I found it! I started using Ecigs (Blu Ecigs) in order to smoke anywhere I wanted. But after a few months of constantly running out of battery, I looked at other options. Let me officially apologize to V4L for not trying them first! The Blu Ecigs would hold a charge for 30-35min of continuous use, and then take a FULL HOUR to charge. That's a waste of time! I had to buy extra batteries to accommodate my vaping habit. I got sick of buying the flavored cartridges for $14.99 every single day, so I went to V4L to buy liquid for cheaper price. After a brief discussion with a staff member about my complaints with Blu, he advised me the Vapor Zeus would give me a better experience and let me tell you...it's nothing short of its name! It's the KING!! The battery only needs to be charged ONCE per day, and I can smoke while it's charging. FINALLY!! An ecig that can keep up with my smoking pace!! I ended up leaving the store with my Blu Ecigs in the trash where they belong, and left with a vapor Zeus. There's absolutely NO buyers remorse! The only bad thing about the Zeus was how stupid I felt for not trying it sooner. V4L beats Blu in every way possible. It puts out wayyy more vapor, the flavor is more tasteful, and the battery lasts infinitely longer. If anyone is still smoking regular cigarettes, or is using Blu Ecigs, please do yourself a favor and buy V4L Zeus. I was so heartbroken to find out I was paying $14.99 for 15mL of Blu liquid cartridges when V4L is selling 30mL for $12.50 with cartridges lasting 10 times longer than Blu. That's literally DOUBLE the liquid juice for less than HALF the price!! Bottom line is this: you'd have to be an idiot to continue using regular cigarettes or any other ecig over V4L. Thank you V4L!!! (Posted on 2/5/14)
Hands down the bestReview by Jeff
This is the best ecig on the market. I have tried at least 10 different brands and was always unsatisfied and go back to my Winton lights. After trying the Titans I really took an interest. They hit but don't deliver for me. The Titans don't really help a 2 plus pack smoker a day like myself... but they made me think I could switch. No offense to V4L but the smaller cigs are more suited to light smokers or peeps who smoke ultra lights. You do get a hit but not much to show for it depending on the juice. And the fact is what I have wanted was an ecig as light as a cigarette I can hold between my my fingers and in my lips.... but that isn't reality as of yet. Technology isn't quite there just yet. But the Zeus rocks! Easy to get used to! On the smaller Titans I had to drag for over 4 seconds to get a decent hit... with this thing its literally a puff! And way more vapor/smoke than an actual cigarette. No joke people. This is the one that will make you put the smelly stuff down. It's well built and is elegant in design. Kinda classy. I ordered the medium dual mode and just ordered the extra large dual mode to keep at home. I'll probably even order the small. Paired with Johnson Creek Gold Reserve, Tenessee cured and Boba's Bounty so far has been nice. I'm weaning off but I figure even once I get down to 0% nicotine and still have the habit to puff... at least I've lost the addiction and still can have the habit til I grow tired of it. This one is the way to go beyond any doubt take my word for it.... you will not be disappointed again by any ecig you buy. It rocks :) (Posted on 1/28/14)
Now I'm a Believer!Review by HappyCat
I've been vaping for 4 years. I've tried many batteries and brands. I started with prefilled carts and moved on to dripping. I was always frustrated with the draw, the leakage, the constant fiddling with the whole thing, and the overall inconsistency.
I stumbled across V4L while searching for something new. The more I read about the Zeus, the more it sounded like just what I was looking for.
I took the plunge and ordered the 'small' auto/manual Zeus with small smileomizer not expecting too much. Boy was I surprised when I filled my smileo and tried it out.
This is vaping nirvana! No joke ... every hit has been satisfying beyond anything I could have imagined. I can't wait for more small smileomizers to come in so I can fill with all kinds of flavors. I'll be like a
kid in the candy store.
I also love the soft feel of the battery and the silicone tip (I use the ming tip for smileos). It looks and feels great IMHO.
Thank you for coming up with a product that actually exceeds expectations!
I'm happy, happy, happy :-)
(Posted on 12/3/13)
long timeReview by DWAYNE
Love my dual mode. haven't had a need to switch to manual since it works like an auto and is very responsive. I recall from the titan auto batteries you would have to pre-puff it a few times to get it started, not with the dual mode vapor Zeus. Also, the battery life is amazing. I have yet to run out of power and it does help that it works as a pass through. Didn't think V4L could out do the DAV, but for length the battery last and the option of auto or manual it is a must have for all vapors. (Posted on 11/19/13)
No need for a cigarette anymore Review by mazen
I have used this product for almost two months now, since that date ,I have never ever thought of a cigarette, or smoking, as this, E.Cigarette gives me everything I need. (Posted on 11/12/13)
sadasdReview by sadasd
good... (Posted on 11/5/13)
FinnReview by Alexis
Just got my Vapor Zeus, well i've been happily vaping on a protank clearomizer and I had heard that cartomizers gave better flavor, and that the vapor zeus was one of the best cartomizers out there.
So I got one, and hell, the taste is incredible, it feels like I'm rediscovering my favorite juices all over, actually it's hard to believe it's the same juice i'm vaping in the two devices.
So great experience, great product, but only 4 stars because of the tip wich is kind of funky (in a cool way) but if you don't like the huge rubbery tip, there's nothing you can do about it.
So V4L, if you read this, why not sell a few other tips to screw on to your smilomizers, or bette still 510 adapter, just to satisfy all those people who liked the hard metal drip tip they had on their other devices. (Posted on 9/14/13)
These are my everyday vape. Review by Paul N.
These Zeus sure do bring it. Great addition to my many kits. I have the dual mode in black. If i get the other two colors i will get a nice cigar pocket case to carry them. (Posted on 9/13/13)
The only thing I need!Review by Dom Principe
Couldnt imagine life without it!!!
Going on 5 months no ciggs!!! (Posted on 9/13/13)
So good, you need both!Review by Martha S.
The Zeus automatic is very good. The Zeus dual is awesome. I have both ;). (Posted on 9/13/13)
Best batt I've ever tried! Review by Christen D.
The Zeus is a powerhouse! I couldn't believe the first time I tried it! (Posted on 9/13/13)
You don't need any other battery! Review by Kim V.
These batteries! The best one by far is the Zeus! Hit's great, lasts a loooonnng time and charges fast! I think it's the best battery out there! (Posted on 9/13/13)
V4L Won me BACK! Review by Lisa F.
I have to say, I was quite pleasantly surprised. Firstly, the hit on these things is astounding. I even let some of my vaper friends try it....we all coughed the way we did with our first PV...LOL. Anyway, they vape beautifully. The next thing that truly impressed me was the response of the automatic devices and the manual/auto as well. No primer puffs!!! None! As soon as you puff on this device...lots and lots of vapor. Really impressive. And you can use it as a passthrough...who knew??? (Posted on 9/13/13)
My review of the Vapor ZeusReview by Michael B.
The Vapor Zeus Dual Mode is just all around cool. It is both an auto and a manual battery, you just switch back and forth depending on how you want to vape. It has a nice V4L logo that lights up on the button that controls the dual mode feature. Five clicks to auto, five more and you are back to manual. There is no off function. This is hitting at 5V as well, and just like the auto, the vapor production is great. Fit and finish are also similar to the VZ Auto.

I think these are 900 mAh batteries, so they have a great life to them. But for the first time, this wasn’t an issue for me because they both act as a USB passthrough!

I think there is something about this whole Vapor Zeus product family that really sets it apart. It really is just simple. These are just easy to use, simple yet functional, great items. The guesswork has been taken out of getting a great vape, every time. (Posted on 9/13/13)
Love the Vapor ZeusReview by MystStick
I was in love with my handle (still am), but when the Zeus came along, with the fast charging ablility and all the other user friendly features (especially hands free vaping), it was everything I had wished for tied up in one big package!!! (Posted on 9/13/13)
Love the ZeusReview by Bradley
Thanks! I love my zeus and cant wait to try the larger batts and smilys. (Posted on 9/13/13)
Zeus ecig reviewReview by jj2
I used the battery a couple of days before looking into V4l's description. Right off the bat it was obvious that this had a little more ump than the average bear. So, when I found out it provided 5 volts of power, it was no surprise, and since it gets me though most of the day, neither was I surprised that it is suppose to provide 12 hours of usage.

As a battery it's simple: no bells or whistles. Even if it is a simple device, I was impressed that it provides constant power (no highs or lows), until it gave me signs that it was time to charge it. (Posted on 9/13/13)
Zeus ReviewReview by Lorraine S
In April I got my first Manual Zeus in Cigar,I was so happy with it, so I got a black manual too,
but this Magenta---Hot Pink to me--- with its black button and a black Smileomizer ,it is so--o--o. pretty .I also prefer the size,weight,& overall feel of it better than the Medium size..It only takes 2 hours to charge with the cord & charger for the Zeus.I like where the button is so I can see it flash green when it needs recharging.

I have been vaping awhile,[started Feb of 2010]and I think the Zeus is the absolute best battery Steve has designed.Believe me--over the years I have used up many a battery--auto and manual.I get such wonderful vapor and great taste using a Zeus & smileo. I can take deep ,long fulfilling draws on this Zeus---like I used to do with those nasty cigs.I now spend more time vaping & much less time on filling cartos & charging batteries.

I am not much of a writer or typper ,so this review might be short,but for my opinion, for what its worth---If you have been thinking about trying the small Zeus--go for it --I think you will find you 'll love it as much as I do. (Posted on 9/13/13)
The Zeus ReviewReview by bev135
I have a new-ish Zeus and love it so far! I always worry about carrying around tanks or clearomizers in my pockets or purse because of the potential for cracking and leaks. The Zeus has seemed to be rugged enough but I've still only used it at home. After hearing this, I think the Zeus (or, Big Honker, as I call it) might get to go to work with me.
I am not anywhere near as hard on my "sticks" as bigjr is! (Posted on 9/13/13)
zeusReview by angie410
Hi everyone. Id like to say that I received my black zeus today thanks to a wonderful swap.I dont think I will ever leave my couch again.The pass through is incredible and I am really enjoying the auto option.As I prefer manual usually. It is an awesome battery charging up to a full charge now .My dav are awesome too but I hate having to wait so long for them to charge.Thank you v4l for these amazing products.I slipped for awhile and went back to analogs now I will be able to quit permanently this time.Needed the right products and now I have them.Thank you again. (Posted on 9/13/13)
Vapor Zeus ReviewReview by USA Electronic Cigarettes
Let me tell you about my experience using this fine product. First of all the smileomizer was very easy to fill with the 24mg traditional tobacco e-liquid and easily attached to the battery. What really surprised me was the massive amouut of vapor produced. It was amazing. If you are used to vaping with any other e-cigarette on usa-ecigs.com, you will have to learn to take shorter drags or you may get more of a throat hit than you were expecting. I know I did. Once I learned to take a shorter drag, I really enjoyed using the Zeus. Being able to switch to and from automatic or manual was great. Both modes provided the same massive amount of vapor.

If you are a really heavy smoker the Zeus would be perfect for you. Even if you are a less than a heavy smoker but like a lot of vapor, the Zeus is also great for you. I personally have never used an electronic cigarette that produced this much vapor. I thought it was great. For the ladies, Vapor Zeus comes in several different colors so it won't look like you are smoking a cigar. See the color chart at the bottom of the review. The Zeus operated perfectly and provided me with one of the best vaping experiences that I have had. As you can see by all the products I have reviewed, that is quite a compliment.

Vapor4Life also sells a cigar. Judging from my experience with the Zeus, I believe anyone that is a cigar smoker might want to give the one from Vapor4Life a try. I highly recommend VAPOR4LIFE ZEUS Electronic Cigarette. (Posted on 9/13/13)
My Zeus BattsReview by scott
I keep the 1300 on manual because of the way it hits, but my 900 is flawless on auto and I like it a bit better. My 1300 just lasts a lot longer and between the 2 i'm good all day. Love these things. (Posted on 9/13/13)
Uh...WOW!!!!Review by Colleen
I was getting sick of losing my batteries and the mess of those tiny cartomizers (along with the constant refilling) so I bit the bullet and ordered a starter Zeus kit plus an extra Zeus battery and cartomizers. My family giggled when they saw the size of my Zeus, but I LOVE it! I just got it on Tuesday and I'm already hooked. My e-juice tastes great, plumes of smoke and the TH is perfect.

I'm a woman smoking this "stogie" in the car and got a few looks but I could care less. This is by FAR the best battery out there (and I have them ALL, trust me!)

It took me a little while to get used to the smileomizer size, but I've got it down now and I just love it. I work from home and the battery life so far has been outstanding.

My husband smokes the occasional cigar and he tried it and wants me to order some cigar juice to see if he likes the taste. If so, I'm ordering him his own kit.

I've been smoke-free for over 2 years because of vaping and this makes it even better. Thanks V4L!! (Posted on 9/6/13)
Excellent ProductReview by Josh
I love my ZEUS. It is the only battery that I have ever had that will easily make it through an entire day without coming close to going dead. I bought the XL. I would highly recommend this to anyone who does some heavy vaping.
The switching from manual to auto feature is also a plus. Though sometimes I feel it not necessary as this ecig delivers huge vape everytime with huge flavor.
You could not ask for more. (Posted on 9/4/13)
amazingReview by Wyatt
This is the battery that I use every day, and I love it. I have the XL in cigar. The only complaint I have is the the cartos you should use with this to me only work with select flavors.

Do not hesitate to buy this baby! (Posted on 8/28/13)
steveReview by excellent
love the voltage and convinience (Posted on 8/19/13)
Lori BradleyReview by Love my Zeus!
I have been vaping part time for over a year now, along with smoking analogs. I've always been disappointed with the stick batteries no matter which ones I tried, and never felt as satisfied as when I was smoking. I mainly vaped at work and wherever I couldn't smoke. I got the Zeus (small) after reading the reviews, looking for better vapor and longer battery life. I bought with some reservations because I don't smoke cigars, and when I first got it I was a little taken aback by the size. It is definitely bigger than the traditional e-cig and felt weird at first, although it has more than made up for that in performance. I have never felt such a good hit, and was able to completely (switch from) cigs because I was feeling pretty satisfied with the Zeus vapor production and throat hit. I love the soft tip, as I can have hands free vaping without breaking my teeth! I find the dual coil tank best for use at home, and I use the smileo while out and about because it looks smoother. I have had the Zeus for a little over two months now and am still very satisfied, and have recommended it to others.

Great job, V4L!!

PS. If they came out with a shorter more pocket friendly size, I would buy that also. I wouldn't mind trading some of the battery life for convenience sometimes, as long as it still had the vapor power of the original. (Posted on 7/28/13)
How Can they Top This???Review by Katz in Boots
First off, I love the draw on these batteries. Exactly what I want the draw to be - it requires me to 'drag', like a you-know-what, but doesn't make me work too hard for my reward. If you like the draw of a Vapor Titan, you will love these.

Super-fast charging, which means you need less of them than other types. I haven't tried as pass-throughs, it's not something I do.

I really thought the 5V would scorch my juice or kill a smileo faster, however that doesn't seem to be the case. It brings out a freshness in my New Menthol that makes the Zeus my favourite battery type.

Vapour production & throat hit I got from my Smileomizer with the Zeus really does surpass the Ego, DAV, Titan or anything else I've tried (including a high-end non-V4L device).

The soft-touch finish is nice in the hand, they aren't heavy or too bulky (subjective, I know - I was using Auto DAVs before these). Small Smileomizers fit flush on them, and they look classy. People keep asking about the 'magic wand' I wear on a lanyard.

VL sent me my Vapor Zeus Dual Mode for testing: it isn't something I would have bought for myself as I am a confirmed auto user, however right from the off, I loved this battery! It has become the battery I reach for every morning.

I've tried it in Manual mode and it is great, however in Auto mode, teamed with a Smileomizer, it really impresses me. It is longer than the Zeus Auto, but I didn't find it an issue.

Thing is, I love the button. It is very well placed, doesn't stick out too far, is easy & very comfortable to use. I suspect it might be a little too easy to accidentally press if in a pocket for instance, but as I use it on auto, doesn't affect me.

I love that when you switch modes, the LED flashes twice to confirm the change. Most of all, I love that it lights up with a green V4L logo when I take a drag. So cool!

Is there anything I don't like about these batteries? Nope. These are great batteries. In conjunction with Smileomizers, I rate them 5 stars out of 5 - and this is not a rating I give lightly.
(Posted on 6/23/13)
Zeus is God.Review by Mark
This is it. Period.
This is where fashion and function meet.
5 volts! USB passthrough, green light up V4L button , this thing is as cool as it looks. I'm able to be an automatic fanatic only because V4L makes automatic stuff with the voltage I need. Nowhere else.
Insanely quick charging.
Get one. There's nothing else to say. (Posted on 6/20/13)
Best EverReview by mrask
Like many of you I've tried several devices over the past few years and eventually got tired of weak "pen style" devices and fussing with complex "mods". Thanks Vapor4Life for making a device that's uncomplicated, convenient and satisfying. The Zeus paired with the Smileomizer is a winning combo. By the way, I bought the "Dual Mode" and now see that the Auto mode works so well that the manual switch is superfluous. Next order I'll get a fully automatic Zeus. Keep up the good work! (Posted on 6/14/13)
:-DReview by Theresa
This is the best battery I have ever owned! I have tried a lot of different ones including the titan and the ego but this beats them all. I have never liked an automatic battery until I met the Zeus! I prefer it with my tank. This battery is worth the money and I gave it 5 stars. I started out with the manual and decided to give the auto a try and I was really impressed. Awesome battery! (Posted on 5/29/13)
vapor zeusReview by ok seriously???
I have been an avid vapor-er for almost 3 years now and I have tried just about every ecig on the market. Starting with the 510 then moving on to mods then pretty much sticking close to the EGO in all forms. VAPOR4LIFE has always done me well and when I had some issues with the V4L dial-a-volt I finally tried the Zeus. Well, I have found the "one" and I couldnt be happier! Vaping to me is serious business and when I dont have a strong vaping ecig life just isnt as good. Right? Some of you know exactly what I mean. So thank you Vapor4life, youve made me a very satisfied vapor-er! I just wish I could sell them myself because I refer soo many people when I find a. Ecig that works, I could be making some serious money if I had a bunch in my trunk to sell when I passionately tell people about them!!!
Great work and thanks for the best customer service (Posted on 5/27/13)
5/21/2013Review by Luke
The Zeus is great!! I have got a lot of compliments and questions about it. Someone on Saturday thought it was a real cigar lol, and i think i convinced a co-worker to purchase one.

I am very pleased. (Posted on 5/21/13)
5/21/2013Review by Luke
The Zeus is great!! I have got a lot of compliments and questions about it. Someone on Saturday thought it was a real cigar lol, and i think i convinced a co-worker to purchase one.

I am very pleased. (Posted on 5/21/13)
Revolutionary!!Review by Harmony
This could be revolutionary for new vapers. Instead of buying one of each to figure out which one they like best they can get one batt and never have a spare batt that they don’t particularly care for. Granted it’s cheaper to buy one of each stick batt, but with the functionality and charge time you get with this one it is totally worth the investment. I rarely put mine in manual mode, as I prefer autos, but this product is awesome! Perfect draw, fast charging time, long lasting 5v vaping, I love this battery! (Posted on 5/18/13)
Wow, that a lotta vapor!Review by Gina
OMG! I love V4L. By far their batteries are the BEST batteries that I have ever tried and trust me , I have tried a bunch. I love the Titan manuals, and so I thought if V4L say that they have created the new perfect battery, well by golly I was going to try it. They have always done me right and Yep! They did design the perfect battery. The Zeus,This thing is so awesome. My husband is wanting his own now. It produces So much vapor and the battery life is incredible! It seems to produce just as much vapor on auto as manual, which comes in handy if you are busy driving or cooking or singing or whatever. I love being able to choose. :) it is a GREAT BIG hit, in more ways than one. The shipping at V4L was so fast , I wonder if they had a time machine and just beamed it into the future. No kidding it seems like I just ordered it 2 days ago and I got it yesterday, on Saturday. Great job guys, I love everything about y'all and the way you do business. If people still prefer analogues over this Zeus battery & a tank with some good strawberry nicquid, they are out of their Vaping mind! If I can do it, (switch from analogue) anyone can. And it's folks like V4L that they need to hook them up! The only thing that I am looking for now is a lanyard that will fit with the Zeus. And I will hang it around my neck and even wear it onstage. Maybe they should bling out a deva version and call it the Venus.lol. Rhinestones and the whole nine. Hey I would buy it for sure! I am already thinking about bedazzling my black one. Thanks SO much, V4L. I can't wait to try more of your products and if you ever need a jingle written for VAPOR For LIFE,the business, I am an award winning singer and writer on a national level. I will hook you up! I bet you no matter where you live in the U.S.A., you have heard me sing one of my commercials. God Bless you for making it so easy for me to quit tobacco. You'll get a star in your crown in heaven and hopefully many coins in your purse, cause you deserve it for treating people right! (Posted on 5/13/13)
Thought It couldn't get better after the dial a voltReview by Natalie
This is literally by far the Best !!
I've been vaping for over 3years and although I've tried others,nothing ever even came close to Vapor 4Life so I've been with them for a long time now...and every time they astonish me...
But a lot of times I would have all batteries charging and hated waiting so long ,being a chain vaping machine,so this is my favorite feature being able to charge and vape at the same time!!!
Although the amazing amount of vapor and the choice between manual and auto are equally amazing...usually I opt for automatic since its more like traditional smoking ,but I have a few manuals that I would switch to when I wanted...now I only have to press the button 5 times and it switches to manual,do it again and now it's auto...

All around winner!!!!I can't tell you how many cards I give out and recommendations that people actually believe I work for the company,lol
Wish that was true because there's nothing like loving your job and believing in the products you sell :)

On a last note,I think that even beginners would love this,I had my grandmother who is 94 years old and a pack a day smoker and she loves it!!! (Posted on 4/25/13)
Vaping my vapor zeus Review by Vaping Veronika
I love my vapor zeus battery! It lasts me all day long and I pretty much chainvape , so thats awhile for me. Im so happy they came out with this becaseu I needed something that would last a while but not be so big that I cant go in public with it. i think every vapor should buy one!!!!! (Posted on 4/19/13)
best product everReview by Lacy Brown
This is by far the BEST device I have ever used for vaping. I used to smoke cigars and have to say this is almost JUST like it. (well except that I use a combo of strawberry and vanilla juice, lol)
I get tons of vapor from it, and like that it lasts me forever before I have to recharge it. I just want to say thank you to V4L for creating such a perfect ecigg. If you're looking for something to work for you then you should get this one.
Oh, also its really cool that you can switch from auto mode to manual. You just click the button 5 times and it switches. - WOW, how cool is that. :) (Posted on 4/19/13)
Like a Bolt from Olympus!Review by Darin
Warning: I can be a long-winded SOB at times, and this is going to be one of those times. There will be a review in here somewhere, but to give you a good idea of where I am coming from in my review, I feel it is necessary to give you some background. This will not be a tech-heavy review, I couldn't give it justice in that area. For the tech-side of stuff, I suggest going to the V4L forum and looking up Morandir, I’m sure he will cover that better than anyone can! This review will be from a somewhat novice mod-user's perspective. I promise to get a video review up soon as well, so if you don't like to read long posts, you can always wait for the movie!

Those of you who know me on the forum know that, compared to most of you, I am still a novice vaper. I started my vaping journey in mid-December of last year. Through the encouragement and sound advice of one of my closest friends, I endeavored to make the switch from analogs to vaping, and I jumped in with both feet! My first experience with vaping was using the OMG All Day mod with a 6ml tank full of 24mg WOWbacco and a 1.5ohm carto. It quite literally blew my mind. I had no idea that the flavor, enjoyment, and satisfaction of puffing on my beloved (and very expensive) cigars could be replaced so completely with an e-cig-type device...

Like all of my hobbies (most of which could be considered "vice"), once my initial interest is piqued, I researched the heck out of it. I dove into this and other forums with a voracity some may consider a mild madness. I started ordering tanks, pre-filled cartos, and e-liquids. I then got my wife hooked, and because she likes them, ordered stick batteries in manual and auto. I back-tracked from the OMG in search of a more "stealthy" and compact unit, but found the stick batteries lacked the vapor production necessary to satisfy my cigar-minded cravings. I even remember posting somewhere on the forum that I wished V4L would come out with a more "cigar" like mod with a drip tip I could "bite and gnaw on". You know how it is when you switch from analogs: you are in search of something which most closely matches the tactile feel and "full" experience of your old analog choice, not just the vapor production and throat-hit...So I went back to my OMG, and I still do love it.

Then, by chance, I entered a V4L contest and won a Dial-A-Volt. To be fair, I don't think I would have ordered a DAV on my own. At the time, I just didn't get the whole "variable volt" scene. However, when it did arrive, I decided to give the DAV a fair shake, and I'm glad I did! I absolutely fell in love with it, (I think I may have mentioned this once or twice here on the forum...) and much like my experience with the OMG, I was convinced that NOTHING could top the DAV. Then there was the Auto DAV...and again the pattern repeated itself: Get new mod; love new mod; become convinced that nothing can be greater than new mod; get new-new mod, rinse and repeat...

Then, one day I got a vape-mail package that, yet again, blew my freaking mind! I remember opening each little box and saying over and over again in a most reverent whisper: "Wow!" "Wow!" "Wow!" I won't bore you with the details, but it went on like that for at least the first 15 minutes...The first thing that I noticed was the quality of the device. This is nothing new where V4L is concerned. One look at the OMG or DAV lineup and you know that these mods are well-built, quality machines.

The next thing that caught my attention (and held it…and still holds it) was the drip-tip. The DT which comes with the Zeus’ cartos is, IMHO, (and speaking from a purely cigar-obsessed perspective) revolutionary. The exterior is a firm and yet pliable silicone. The interior is a solid metal piece onto which the silicone outer shell firmly seats. This combination lends the tip the unique ability to be comfortably bitten upon and held in the teeth. Into the Zeus’ DT, V4L has engineered a most near-perfect replica of the experience of biting on my favorite stogie. And for that I tip my hat to you, good sirs and madams!

Moving right along, we come to one of a pair of the coolest features which the Zeus so rightfully touts: the dual mode switch. The Zeus takes away the age old dilemma: “Do I get an auto or manual battery?” With the Zeus one no longer has to choose. The conveniently located button high on the battery toward the carto, when pressed 5 times converts this lovable machine from manual to auto, and if you like, back again. The button is also back lit with a subtle LED. (mine is green).

The second in the “coolest features” category for the Zeus is the pass-thru port on the end of the battery. Just as one no longer has to decide “auto” or “manual”, one no longer has to settle for a stick batty PT. When plugged in via the USB/PT cable, the Zeus is not only acting like a PT, but is being charged as well. I use the PT cable when sitting in my favorite EZ chair working on my computer (as a matter of fact, I’m vaping on my Zeus in PT/Auto mode right now…) and when I’m driving down the road.

Want all day battery life? You Got It! This thing will literally go all day! I am talking 9-12 hours to the “blink” depending on your vaping style! The full Auto version does have a very small, and very surreptitious white LED on the tip just above the USB/PT port, and while charging the LED is red; when charged the LED is green. Long charging time? Forget About It!! You can plug the Zeus into your PT/USB cable and from the “blink” it only takes 3.5 to 4 hours to charge! Don’t have your USB adapter? No problem, just screw the Zeus onto the Slim Line Charger. This method will take 12 to 16 hours depending, though.

The cartos that come with the Vapor Zeus are the “Smileomizer” (affectionately known as Smileos”) 3.5ml, Single Coil, 2.5ohm cartos, and on the 5v Zeus battery, they kick like the proverbial mule. The vapor production is nothing short of amazing. When I was testing the Zeus for the very first time, I was puffing away at the kitchen table and my wife came into the kitchen; she almost lost it, accusing me of going back to those “damned ol’ stogies!” due to the tremendous volume of vapor hanging in the air all around my head! All the flavors I have tried (as of this post over 20 flavors) interact well with the Zeus cartos, and the 5 volt output.

I have been intentionally somewhat abusive to my Zeus (while watching the sky for errant lightning bolts) to see how the unit will hold up. Over the past 28+ days I have dropped it, sat upon it, carried it in my pocket, soaked the cartos in 100 proof, washed them and spun them dry. I have filled them and refilled them I don’t know how many times…and the Zeus works as good tonight as it did right out of the box. I keep waiting and dreading the day when one of the 2 cartos I was sent starts to leak or burn out on me, but it has not yet happened. Thank Zeus!

The Vapor Zeus, as of now, comes in two colors: the cigar wrapper we are familiar with from the Titan Soft Touch series, and matt black (also Soft Touch). I love this feature as well.

What don’t I like about the Zeus? I really can’t point to anything just yet that I don’t like about this unit. I foresee some possible problems with the (my beloved) drip tip. I am concerned about the longevity of the silicone exterior; however, I am a heavy gnasher (an actual word? Sure, if I say it is…) and have not yet begun to wear it out. Also, I would like to see some sort of cover or “plug” for the USB port on the end. I carry my Zeus in my shirt or side pants pocket and lint buildup and foreign debris has become an issue. For those worried about the weight of the Zeus: don’t be. It is comparable to the Auto DAV with a 3.5ml tank.

My overall view of this unit is hands down “Two Thumbs UP!” It’s my go-to for all-day vaping. I have a hard time setting it aside to enjoy my new Auto DAV! My advice to you is to definitely get one of these as soon as it becomes available. Steve Milin’s vision of the supreme ruler of all mods has truly come to fruition! Well done, sir!

Respectfully submitted,
Darin M. McFarland
(Posted on 4/19/13)

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Vapor4Life is a leading distributor and manufacturer of Electronic Cigarettes and e-liquids in the United States. Vapor4Life is located in the North Shore suburbs of Chicago and serves Electronic Cigarette users (also known as “vapers”) across the globe. Vapor4Life is committed to delivering the highest quality Electronic Cigarettes and e-liquids to consumers.

What are Electronic Cigarettes?

Electronic Cigarettes, also known as ecigs or e-cigarettes, are designed to deliver nicotine to the user in the same fashion as a traditional cigarette does. An e-cigarette has two parts, the battery and the cartomizer. The cartomizer houses the e-liquid, a solution of nicotine and flavoring. The cartomizer screws onto the e-cigarette battery and the battery powers the heating element in the cartomizer, producing vapor. Vapor4Life e-cigarettes come in two styles, automatic and manual. Automatic e-cigarettes are designed to draw the same way as a traditional cigarette. Manual e-cigarettes have a button to initiate the draw. Pressing and holding the button will activate the heating element in the cartomizer, producing vapor. Vapor4Life is also the sole creator and distributor of the world’s first dual mode Electronic Cigarette, the Vapor Zeus and the first automatic variable voltage Electronic Cigarette, the Dial-A-Volt.

Choosing an e-cigarette flavor.

Vapor4Life offers over 160 flavors in tobacco, menthol, fruit, dessert, coffee and beverage options. When you first decide to make the switch to vaping, we recommend choosing a flavor similar to the brand of traditional cigarettes you are familiar with. We also offer six sampler packs of e-cigarette flavors that come with five unique flavors to try several flavors without committing to a whole box of one flavor.

Choosing a nicotine strength.

Vapor4Life offers seven different nicotine strengths to choose when you first make the switch to e-cigarettes. Vapor4Life's available strengths are 0mg (no nicotine), 4mg, 8mg, 11mg, 18mg, 24mg, and 36mg. You can refer to the Vapor4Life nicotine strength chart to see our general guidelines for choosing a nicotine strength. Vapor4Life suggests trying multiple nicotine strengths to find the appropriate nicotine strength for you.

Transitioning to e-cigarettes from traditional cigarettes

When you make the switch to e-cigarettes, there are a few things to keep in mind. The e-cigarette is powered by a battery that will need to be recharged. Vapor4Life's batteries have a lithium ion cell that can be recharged up to 300 times. The cartomizers are available in both pre-filled and blank options. The pre-filled cartomizers are the equivalent to 15-20 traditional cigarettes. Vapor4Life offers all of the flavors that come in pre-filled cartomizers, in 30mL e-liquid bottles. pre-filled cartomizers and blank cartomizers are reusable and can be refilled up to five times.

Another thing to consider when making the switch to e-cigarettes is cleaning and maintenance. Over time, e-liquid residue will build up on your e-cigarette battery and e-cigarette charger. For the best vaping experience we recommend cleaning your e-cigarette battery and e-cigarette charger at least once each week. To clean the e-cigarette battery and e-cigarette charger, use an ethyl-based alcohol and gently clean off the black e-liquid residue.

Vapor4Life E-Cig Starter Kits

Vapor4Life offers several e-cigarette Starter Kits. Whether you're brand new to vaping, or have been using e-cigs for years, we've got your back! Our Starter Kits range in price from $29.95 for our Vapor King Slim Starter Kit to $94.95 for our Vapor Zeus Dual Mode Starter Kit so you can find a kit that will fit your budget and vaping style. If you're looking to switch from smoking tobacco cigarettes to using Electronic Cigarettes, try one of our beginner Starter Kits. If you're all about the variable voltage and techy-side of vaping, try our Dial-A-Volt battery. If you want the longest-lasting E-Cig battery that gives plumes of flavorful vapor, the Vapor Zeus is for you. Grab a Starter Kit today that includes everything you need to get vaping - a battery, battery charger, and a flavor (either in a prefilled cartomizer, or refillable tank or Smileomizer and juice). Happy vaping!

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