Smilin Special Cigar Medium e Juice (30 mL)

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A mild flavored tobacco leaf mixed with a sliver of walnut form an authentic medium cigar vapor flavor. Our mild/medium flavor captures the combination of blended Cuban flavors made from the finest cigar makers in the world. Its mild enough for the beginner and has enough flavor for the more advanced cigar smoker.
  • Great authentic stogie flavor
    Review by BigStogie on 5/26/2016
    Steve I dont know how you do it but this is the best cigar flavor I have ever tried. My second favorite has to be the Cubana blend! Keep up the good work!
  • Fabulous!
    Review by Jeremy on 10/7/2013
    I put in a long review of the "Full" version of this juice so I won't repeat it here because the difference is not as big as I would have expected. The bottom line is I can't say it literally tastes like a cigar but it satisfies in a very comparable way: strong flavor, smoky mouthfeel, huge vapor volume, depth of flavor that hits the cigar spot for me. This is a dark juice so the tradeoff is it'll gum up the cart faster, but well worth it. Mine got better after steeping for a week or so -- the flavors blended better and got less harsh. If you like a strong, dark juice with spice and clove (or something like clove) then you must try this.
  • true taste
    Review by Ashley on 10/3/2013
    After waiting patiently for a while to receive my juice(usps sent it to Puerto rico) it finally arrived. Definitely worth the wait. First juice I've ever ordered that actually taste like tobacco. Very good flavor!
  • Does not taste like a cigar
    Review by Dan on 3/28/2016
    Cannot begin to describe the flavor, other than the pepper aftertaste ! If you are expecting a "Cuban" cigar don't buy this you will be disappointed ! I sent s message to the seller on Saturday its late Monday - no response so I guess they don't care

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