Ming Vase Smileomizer Tip

Ming Vase Smileomizer Tips come in two sizes and 5 colors to match any Smileomizer that you may have. The Ming Vase style tip is more narrow than original Smileomizer mouthpiece.
This Smileomizer Tip is designed for vapers who want to modify the mouthpiece on their current Smileomizer. Ming Vase Smileomizer Tips fit perfectly on the top of all Smileomizers of the matching size and are more narrow than the original Smileomizer mouthpiece.
  • Great solution to a small problem.
    Review by Jessica on 12/9/2013
    Much more comfortable than the original smileomizer tip. I often need to vape hands free while working and the automatic feature of the Zeus is what sold me on it. Unfortunately, the original tips are a bit bulky. I do think Vapor4Life should include one with the smileomizers though, to give you the option without having to make an extra purchase. Even so, five for five bucks didn't exactly break the bank. Bottom line, these are a definite must have if you think the original tips are a little too big.
  • Love them! But...
    Review by Lady by the Sea on 11/23/2013
    Definite improvement over original tip and I think they should now come standard with the smileomizers, instead of costing extra to replace the original mouthpiece which is now useless. - That said, the "But" here is that for the price, they should be heavier duty. I'm a hands-free vaper and chew right thru these babies at a rate of about 4-5 tips to the life of one smileomizer. So in the not-so-long run, this is adds quite a bit of $ to my vaping expense which shouldn't be necessary. Even at the bulk price of .75 each (why can't we mix colors?), they're still a bit pricey for what is essentially a penny or two worth of rubber. Still they are the more comfortable option and I recommend trying them.
  • As good as the original with a slim feel
    Review by Nathan on 10/12/2013
    These are aesthetically pleasing and just as functional as the original. Once you get the top of the tip past your teeth, it has a smaller feel to it which should appeal to those who didn't like the large cigar-type shape of the original. I like them both and thank V4L for keeping it interesting!
  • Better than the original
    Review by Patrick in Texas on 10/12/2013
    The original tip on a smileomizer makes it unusable for me.

    I tried both large and small ming tips on my large smileo. Both are an improvement but still too big. The small is better and is at least somewhat more tolerable.

    I may resort to finding some rubber or vinyl tubing to put on the smileomizer.
  • Perfect!
    Review by meowmix915 on 10/6/2013
    I received my 1st new drip tip today & I'm in love! These are the perfect size.

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