WOW Vapor King Tobacco Disposable

E-cigarette - WOW Vapor King Tobacco Disposable

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List Price: $8.99

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  • Realistic tobacco cigarette flavor
  • One of the highest puff counts on the market
  • Each WOW Vapor disposable is equivalent to over one pack of cigarettes
  • Traditional cigarette look and feel
  • Long-lasting disposable battery

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WOW Vapor King Tobacco Disposable

List Price: $8.99

Special Price: $7.49


Four years in development and over 200 hours of taste testing, WOW Vapor King disposables are unlike any product currently on the market. WOW Vapor King disposables deliver a consistent flavor in every puff. By substantially modifying the cartomizer coil resistance, WOW Vapor King disposables deliver a better throat hit. With one of the highest puff counts on the market, WOW Vapor King disposables provide the true smoking experience with a genuine tobacco taste.

Customer Reviews

Better than a cigarette!
Review by Michael
I've gone through a few of these now and they are amazing. Other e-juices are tasty but don't really satisfy me when I'm craving a cigarette... but these give me everything I want! Great throat hit, feels like a cigarette, maybe tastes even better. I'm not sure I'd say it lasts longer than a pack of cigarettes, I'm guessing their metric is amount of nicotine, not puff count. I do go through one of these significantly faster than a pack, although to be fair I use it more often as well. Regardless, an amazing product and worth the price. I have the juice on order now! (Posted on 4/14/14)
best so far
Review by dennis
tried, njoy, and fling regular and menthol they suck. njoy overpriced no longevity or throat hit quality. fling price is right but taste is wierd almost sweet cologne taste. WOW ON OTHER HAND PRICEY BUT PRETTY CONSISTENT. COULD LAST LONGER IMO BUT BEST OVERALL SO FAR. 40 YEAR SMOKER STOPPED 2 WEEKS AGO WHEN WOW ARRIVED IN HIGHER DOSE NICOTINE 3.6 . SO FAR THINK I HAVE GREAT CHANCE TO KICK DIRTY HABIT FOR WHAT I PRAY IS SAFER AND DEFINETLY CLEANER ONE. (Posted on 3/27/14)
Wonderful right out of the box!
Review by MrsDawn
The Vapor4Life and has done it again with these Wow tobacco Disposable Ecigs. Great taste/vapor/throat hit and longevity. My husband took the 2.6% disposable to help on project and lasted longer than normal pack of cigs. These are so handy to use when on the run and I would highly recommend this product to a newbie or a veteran of electronic cigarettes! WTG V4L (Posted on 3/24/14)
Tastes just like a regular cigarette!
Review by Jessica
I really like these! It tastes exactly like a cigarette (analog)!!! I used one of V4L's coupon codes and got a free one with my order. They give a nice, strong throat hit and it doesn't wear off after a few puffs like the Blu e-cigs do; you feel the throat hit every single time. The taste and even the aftertaste and smell are exactly the same (but the smell doesn't stick like real cig's, it goes away after a few seconds!) I have the Dial-A-Volt and use the coffee WOW juice, which I LOVE, but I'll be ordering these now for when I get a craving for the taste and feel of a real cigarette. If I had found these first I probably would have used them exclusively. (Posted on 3/11/14)
Perfect for stubborn smokers
Review by Diz
The disposables offer a great true to life vape for those who struggle with the transition. The drag and feel of the e-cig feels very close to the real thing. Better than most comparable e-cigs. (Posted on 2/28/14)
Best disposable I've tried thus far
Review by Morandir835
Disposables always bring up mixed feelings in me, doesn't mean they don't have a place though. If you haven't vaped before and are looking to switch it's far cheaper alternative to getting a full starter kit. For established vapers they make a great emergency back up.

Size and shape are literally just like a standard cigarette, save that they weigh slightly more than an analog but not by much. The "filter" end (built in carto) is flexible, not as squishy as cigarette's, but close. The ash endcap glows green instead of red as well. It has a very papery feel as well.

Battery life was surprisingly good on the VKD. Got 243 4 second puffs out of it before the battery died, which in all studies I've found is indeed more than 1 pack of cigarettes.

Flavor in the regular tobacco is the new Smilin tobacco flavor, a very rich full tobacco taste.
(Posted on 2/28/14)
True Taste!
Review by Mary Kay
I tried the disposable in 2.6% menthol. It was the most true to life E-Cigarette I have ever tried! It was a little too true for me. I have been vaping for a very long time and vape at a low nic level, the 2.6 was too much for me.
For those who are trying to make the switch to E-Cigarettes, this is the perfect product. The taste, feel and weight of the disposable makes it an effortless way to switch. You can even hold it the same way you always have.
Cudos to V4L for making an E-Cigarette that just may give those people who just can't switch a product that will rock their world! (Posted on 2/25/14)
Must for first time vapers
Review by ankiwi24
I don't usually write reviews but this one I like. Its convenient just open and vape very light weight now the taste is so true to a tobacco taste and last much longer then other disposable on the market (Blu, Njoy) I think you are thinking about trying vapping I would start with this one. (Posted on 2/19/14)

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