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WOW Vapor King Menthol Disposable

  • Realistic menthol cigarette flavor
  • One of the highest puff counts on the market
  • Each WOW Vapor disposable is equivalent to over one pack of cigarettes
  • Traditional cigarette look and feel
  • Long-lasting disposable battery
Great Value

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List Price: $8.99

Now only: $7.99

  • Buy 10 for $6.99 each and save 13%

List Price: $8.99

Now only: $7.99




Four years in development and over 200 hours of taste testing, WOW Vapor King disposables are unlike any product currently on the market. WOW Vapor King disposables deliver a consistent flavor in every puff. By substantially modifying the cartomizer coil resistance, WOW Vapor King disposables deliver a better throat hit. With one of the highest puff counts on the market, WOW Vapor King disposables provide the true smoking experience with a genuine tobacco taste.


Needs Work...Review by David
I received this cigarette free a couple months ago and used it as soon as I got it. I love many of V4L's products, especially their peppermint e-liquid. I'm not so much a fan of this disposable and think competitors such as NJoy are still king of disposable e-cigs.

I am a prior (and sometimes still intermittent) smoker of menthol cigarettes. I prefer marlboro menthol (lights) but used to smoke full flavor Marlboro menthols and Newports. This tastes nothing like any of them. The flavor was actually off-putting and I didnt even finish the battery off. In comparison, I have purchased several NJoys because, while they also do not perfectly mimic a traditional menthol cigarette, it comes much closer and tastes alright.

I think V4L would be better off using their Smilin's Special Menthol flavor in their menthol e-cigs. I finished a bottle of it and liked it. I would not touch a bottle of whatever flavor they chose for this disposable.

(Posted on 7/13/14)
amazing!!!Review by peter
A couple months ago i tried blue disposable from walgreens and I didn't like how it taste or the vape from it. so I went online on vapor4life and tried the wow vapor king menthol disposable and I haven't smoked ever since. thanks you guys are great! ;) (Posted on 5/8/14)
Princess's reviewReview by Princess of Vape
After using the disposables from Walgreens for about a week I was very disappointed. Then suddenly my friend Tracy told me I had to try this new brand she was using called WOW VAPOR. Ever since I tried hers, I was so happy and have been TOTALLY HOOKED!!!!!!!!!!! You HAVE TO TRY THESE! :) :) They're truly "one puff and you say wow!" (Posted on 5/7/14)
Great product!Review by Steph
I have been trying to find a good ecig to help me start vaping. I used some from the gas station before but didn't like them. I tried this one and actually really like it! It tastes more menthol than the other ones I tried. And I haven't smoked a real cigarette in 3 weeks which is AMAZING for me! Thanks guys! :) (Posted on 5/6/14)
Spinfuel's reviewReview by Tom McBride
The WOW Vapor Kings are, without a doubt, the best disposable electronic cigarette on the market today.
Why? Because they deliver the closest thing yet to a real, honest to goodness, deadly cigarette. If it wasn’t for the fact that these disposables did not burn down to the filter I would be hard pressed to vape one blind-folded and know I was vaping rather than smoking.
There are only a few ways an electronic cigarette can fake a menthol cigarette. Some menthol e liquids taste like cough syrup, some taste like minty ice, and some taste like, well … crap. But the menthol WOW Vapor King tastes, to my menthol vaper friend, and me, like a ‘light menthol‘ cigarette.
The ‘cool’ factor is way less than menthol e liquids I’ve had, its more like a menthol cigarette that I’ve experienced in years past. If you are a menthol ‘smoker’ you would love them, if you are a ‘menthol’ vaper however, than you probably won’t because the menthol has a low profile, organic flavor, not an artificial one. I could actually vape these all day long.
I don’t like to use the word ‘organic’ often because it’s a kind of word you can use to describe anything. But here, the flavor of all four of the WOW Vapor Kings does have an organic profile. They don’t taste artificial, they don’t taste anything like a normal e Liquid, they taste like a burning tobacco leaf.
(Posted on 5/1/14)
WOW Vapor King ReviewReview by Lincoln Fessenden
These things are pretty nifty! They come in 2.6 and 3.6 mg nic, which is not for the faint of heart but perfect for long time smokers looking to get off analogs. You certainly are not going to vape one of these and still be craving nicotine. The filter end on these is squishy, like a real cig, which I find to be a really cool feature that I wish existed when I first started vaping. They look very much like analog smokes albeit slightly larger in diameter and have a green LED on the end (let’s not confuse us with those fire breathers any longer). The only thing I had on hand to compare sizes to was my remaining Newport Red 100ds that I keep around for size comparisons. The ecig is 9mm X 90mm compared to the real deal which was 7mm X 98mm. Pretty darned close! Each WOW Vapor King Disposable comes in a nice little half pack sized box with your vape and a nice little user manual. Once again, it bears mentioning that they taste great, they seem to work really well, and they should last you about a couple of packs worth of equivalent cigarette smoking. (Posted on 5/1/14)
License To VapeReview by Johnny Vape
This little beauty packs a mean punch in a little disposable package. Great vapor production, outstanding throat hit, best disposable design we’ve seen and all at a fair price. We’ve never seen vapor clouds this big from a disposable e-cig before. The vapor clouds don’t diminish in size the longer you vape. You’ll keep getting satisfying puffs up until the very end of your e-cig.
The throat hits for both the tobacco and menthol flavored Vapor Kings are perfectly calibrated. Both disposables feel like you’re smoking a real cigarette.
The “puff count” is the standard of measurement for disposable e-cig longevity. The Vapor King seems beat the puff count of most other disposable e-cigs.
The Vapor4Life WOW Vapor King disposable beats the pants off every other disposable e-cig when it comes to design. The Vapor King truly looks and feels like a real cigarette. It even has a paper-like feel exactly like a cigarette. The only distinguishing characteristic is a thin band around the filter letting you know if it’s a menthol or tobacco Vapor King.
The Vapor King is the size of a standard cigarette, making it easy to carry around in your pocket or purse. The Vapor King feels like it’s constructed from high-quality material.
The WOW Vapor King certainly meets our high standards. You should also compare the price of the Vapor King to the cost of a pack of cigarettes. The Vapor King e-cig is equivalent to more than a pack of regular cigarettes, so you’re getting a pretty good deal when you think of it in those terms.
This menthol flavor stands out from others due to the slightly thicker vapor clouds and slightly stronger throat hits. Most menthol flavors give you thin, weaker clouds and throat hits. This one packs a nice punch.
(Posted on 5/1/14)
Closest to actual cigaretteReview by Steve K
So what’s so special about yet another disposable e-cigarette you may ask? Realism. The V4L Wow Vapor King is probably the closest thing I’ve seen an e-cigarette got to an actual cigarette. The Wow disposable feels like a cigarette when you touch it. The body feels like paper. It’s still heavier than a cigarette because it has a battery and all that good stuff. It turns out there’s a good reason for that. They used a clever trick to pull it off, it actually is covered in paper. Where many e-cigarettes use a vinyl covering, the King’s is made of paper. I actually only figured this out because I accidentally got the disposable wet and noticed the water absorb into the outer paper covering. Well played, V4l! The “filter” side of the disposable is the same squishy sort of soft plastic underneath that other disposables use to get that cigarette-type tactile experience. Unlike another brand I tested, the King’s battery section is not squishy. Also un-cigarette-like is the tip which glows green. It sort of kills the realism, but gives it bonus points in my book. Creative design aside, the important part of any product is how it tastes. It lands on the taste scale somewhere between a Marlboro Red and a Camel Filter. Fairly impressive I’d say since most disposables land somewhere on the flavor scale between the taste of sadness and an unlit pack of cigarettes. I thought it was too much like a cigarette for my taste. There was a definite smoky flavor to it, which has long been an elusive sensation to get in an e-cigarette. It’s certainly not my cup of tea, but this product very well might be exactly what hold out current smokers need to begin the journey to e-cigarettes. Hopefully these disposables will end up in wide release at convenience stores to go head-to-head with the likes of the NJoy Kings. (Posted on 5/1/14)
Can't taste the differenceReview by The Ecig Stop
Everyone is saying, that in a blind taste test, they can't tell the difference between a real analog cigarette and a new Wow Vapor Disposable. So we had to try them, and I've got to say, it is pretty amazing. They are small but last a very long time. Vapor production is unreal, but the flavor is a close as you get. To me, if you used to smoke roll your owns, you Wow Disposable won't be able to tell the difference between the real roll your own smoke, and the Wow disposable. At about $7.49 for a regular tobacco or you can choose a menthol, it is worth trying one to find out for yourself. We gave a couple of these away, and everyone single person that tried it, said the exact same thing. It is so close to a real analog cigarette, that they have tried. But, hey, you don't have to take our word for it. We think you will be amazed! At that price you can't afford not to. (Posted on 5/1/14)
Great product!!Review by Stephanie
I am shocked at how good this disposable cigarette is!! As an experienced vaper, who doesn't usually use tobacco flavoring anymore, I wasn't sure that this would be a product for me, but I have found that it does have a place for me, as well as for people just starting to quit cigarettes and trying to vape. I will explain.

I like to try and help people that want to quit cigarettes and introduce them to what helped me: vaping! This is a perfect product for this introduction, for the following reasons. Vapor4life is always the first place I recommend to new vapers. A lot of them want to try a disposable or starter kit at a gas station first, and I know that many of those are low quality, taste horrible, perform horribly, etc. They complain about those, and then go back to smoking. Now, Vapor4life has a higher quality disposable that those wary quitters can try first, without breaking the bank, and getting a lot of stuff first, and I believe this product will convert many and help them successfully quit. They can try these first at a very reasonable price, and then once they realize, they CAN quit, get themselves a good starter kit when they are ready.

I love the packaging of this product. It is like a mini hard pack of cigarettes, that is pocket size. It even has the little piece of plastic you pull and unwind around the pack to open it, like a real pack of cigarettes, and that gave me a little thrill. The ecig itself is also very realistic. It is so lightweight like a real cigarette. It's the same shape and size and feels just like a cigarette between my fingers with the paper wrap on it. I like the newer ash cap on it too. However, it lights up green so that people around you know, this is not a real cigarette, which is good.

This disposable ecigarette performs well and tastes similar to a real cigarette. I recognize some of the taste of the Vapor4life cigar juice in the flavor. I personally like that flavor, and it tastes so realistic to me - and I understand why some of that flavoring was added. Some people that don't like a cigar like flavor may not like that taste though. I got the menthol disposable, and as a big fan of menthol cigarettes, I would like to see you come out with a strong menthol flavor in the future for these! I think most people though don't like their menthol as strong as I do, but I don't taste that much menthol in these and would definitely like more. In the end though, this flavor is realistic, and SATISFYING. I do believe that this flavoring is better than most disposables, and that combined with the realistic feel and packaging, will really help many smokers to quit once and for all! I intend to purchase a few of these to give to people that really want to try and quit, because I truly believe this product will be the turning point for them!

As an experienced vaper, I have found a place for this product in my life as well. I didn't think I would, but I am one of those vapers that was heavily addicted to cigarettes, I really enjoyed them, and I know I could go back if I quit or gave up on vaping. There are times that someone is smoking by me, and it smells good, like I am hungry and there is a delicious smell of cooking coming from the kitchen. Sometimes, I still want something more realistic. I have moved on to more advanced vaping, and all sorts of flavors, mostly fruity and desserts, but there are times I still crave a tobacco flavor. I have decided to purchase a couple of these for myself too, for those times. Whatever works to keep me of cigarettes forever!

I would however like to see you guys come out with a lower nic option in the future, for those new vapers who got down to a lower amount of cigarettes before coming to you, as well as those experienced vapers like me, that just occasionally want a more realistic option, and now use a lower nic level because they have cut down their nic over time.

I recommend Vapor4life to a lot of new vapers. I want them to have something of quality to try, so that they stay off the cigarettes forever, and that is why I recommend them. But I have realized over the past year that Vapor4life is not just for new vapers anymore. Especially with the release of their vapor zeus batteries and the awesome smileomizers, they have a place for BOTH the inexperienced and the experienced vapers, like myself. They are a high quality company, that seems to really care about getting people to quit the cancer sticks, and quit them for good. I definitely can recommend this product and anything from this company. (Posted on 3/15/14)
Best disposable I've tried thus far...Review by Morandir835
Disposables have a very specific place in the vaping world. If you haven't vaped before and are looking to switch it's far cheaper alternative to getting a full starter kit. For established vapers they make a great emergency back up.

Size and shape are literally just like a standard cigarette, save that they weigh slightly more than an analog but not by much. The "filter" end (built in carto) is flexible, not as squishy as cigarette's, but close. The ash endcap glows green instead of red as well. It has a very papery feel as well.

Battery life was surprisingly good on the VKD. Got 245 4 second puffs out of it before the battery died, which in all studies I've found is indeed more than 1 pack of cigarettes.

Flavor in the regular tobacco is the new Smilin tobacco menthol flavor, a very rich full tobacco taste with a mintier smooth menthol kick. (Posted on 2/28/14)

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Choosing which Ecig Starter Kit is right for you can be a daunting task. There are many different things to consider when choosing the best vaporizer battery Ecig Starter Kit. The first thing to decide is how large of an electronic cigarette vaporizer are you willing to carry with you. If you are new to vaping, then we usually assume that the Vapor Titan and/or the Vapor King will allow you to make the transition from analog cigarettes to ecigs much more easy. The reason for this is that the Vapor Titan and Vapor King vaporizer ecig batteries are nearly identical to the size and shape of a traditional analog cigarette. Additionally, the Vapor Titan and Vapor King batteries typically operate with a nominal voltage of 3.9V. This produces a vaping experience that is pleasant to a new vaper and also does not create too harsh of a throat hit. A Vapor Titan and/or Vapor King ecig vaporizer battery works great with our CoolCart and WOW Vapor cartomizers. The CoolCart cartomizer has a high resistance and therefore produces less vapor with a smoother throat hit. The WOW Vapor cartomizer has a lower resistance and will produce enough vapor with a Vapor Titan and/or Vapor King to make you literally yell out the words ‘WOW’.

For our experienced vapers, we recommend upgrading away from the cig-a-like crowd and going straight to either the Dial-A-Volt or Vapor Zeus ecig vaporizer batteries. Both batteries have a maximum output of ~5V, which is strong enough for even the most picky vapers in the crowd. The Dial-A-Volt allows you to dial in your voltage which is great for times when you want to have a little bit less, or a little bit more, vapor production. The Vapor Zeus does not allow you to dial in your voltage, but it has an amazing passthrough charging tip that let’s you vape while the Vapor Zeus is charging. And as all experienced vapers know, when you need to charge your battery, it’s nice to have the option to still keep using it. In the end, there is no perfect answer for which Ecig Starter Kit will be right for you. It depends on your history and where you are interested in going to in the future. Feel free to call our amazing customer service representatives and they will help you choose the best ecig starter kti for you.

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Vapor4Life Ecig Starter Kits have everything you need to get started with vaping right now. We always recommend that our customers consider purchasing at least 2 Ecig Starter Kits. This way you either have a backup, or you have a backup starter kit that you can give to your friends when they ask you where you got the best ecig starter kit.

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We recommend thinking ahead about the liquids and cartomizers that you will be consuming. This way you can make sure not to run out of any of your favorite eliquids and/or cartomizers while you are enjoying your vaping experience. Additionally, we also recommend considering what you might do when one of your batteries is charging. Typically you want to make sure to have a few batteries available in your vaping library. This way you can use one while another one is charging. If you are not interested in growing an ever increasing library of ecig vaporizer batteries, then we recommend that you consider trying out our revolutionary Vapor Zeus with it’s passthrough charging. Extra batteries, extra juice, extra carts and extra chargers are always a good idea when you are looking to make a transition to a healthier lifestyle.

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Vapor4Life wants to make sure that our customers are able to try our best flavors with our starter kits. We have preselected our best sellers and allowed them to be included with our ecig vaporizer starter kit purchases. If you are interested in trying a different flavor than what is available with our ecig vaporizer starter kits, then please either add that item to your ecig shopping cart or request some free samples of a particular flavor to be added to your order.

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Vapor4Life wants to make sure that our customers are able to try our best flavors with our starter kits. We have preselected our best sellers and allowed them to be included with our ecig vaporizer starter kit purchases. If you are interested in trying a different flavor than what is available with our ecig vaporizer starter kits, then please either add that item to your ecig shopping cart or request some free samples of a particular flavor to be added to your order.

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Vapor4Life recommends only using Vapor4Life approved cartomizers and tanks with our ecig vaporizer starter kits.

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Vapor4Life ecig vaporizers will last different amounts of time between charging cycles depending on the size of the ecig battery cell. Depends on the size of the battery cell, 300 mAh will last around 3 hours of vape time and 1100 mAh will last about 11 hours of vape time. Vapor4Life ecig vaporizers start at 200 mAh (2 hours of vape time) with the Vapor Titan Short batteries and go all the way to 1300 mAh with the Vapor Zeus XL batteries. The Vapor Titan ecig vaporizers, the Dial-A-Volt ecig vaporizers and the Vapor Zeus ecig vaporizers are designed for maximum battery life.

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