Smilin Tobacco e Cig Cartridges

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The most realistic full flavored tobacco cigarette taste in an eCigarette cartomizer.
Sick of e Cig cartomizers that fail to give you the satisfaction of a real cigarette? After over a year of development and continuous tweaking, we have created the most realistic cigarette tasting flavor on the market today. The Smilin Tobacco flavor is the only cartomizer on the market that gives you the true flavor of an actual cigarette.

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    my new flavor
    Review by #1 mom on 5/6/2014
    When I was looking for a new tobacco-like flavor my friend Tammy told me about this flavor she tried in Vapor4Life's store. It is totallly spot on. I was using another brand's tobacco cartos but the flavor was really sweet and not like a real cig at all, so I'm SO HAPPY i tried this one because it's my new FAVORITE!
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    Realistic Flavor
    Review by Stephanie on 3/15/2014
    This is a good realistic flavor tobacco juice. I can taste that some of the cigar juice flavor was added, and it does give it a more realistic flavor. I am a more experienced vaper that has moved on from most of the tobacco-alike flavors, but even I enjoy this enough to occasionally vape it, and I think that this will be a great flavor for people that just started vaping to quit cigarettes! I will recommend, especially to the new vaper, so they never go back to smoking!
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    Cloest to an analog yet
    Review by Morandir835 on 2/28/2014
    This juice was a little deceiving in some ways. Based slowly on flow rate and viscosity would put this as a 85/15 pg/vg ratio, but vapor production wise produces like a 65/35 mix. In other words the vapor production on this flavor is good. Just can't really tell what the composition is, certain flavors can thin out a juice which could be the case. Throat hit on WST is very high, the 3.6% (36mg) hits much more like a 4.8-5.2% juice. For throat hit junkies this will be a plus. As for flavor (and keep in mind as always taste is subjective) this one is a near to an analog as any juice I've tried. Has a very rich tobacco taste, along with an ashy burning taste that you would find in an actual cigarette. This taste does linger a bit in the mouth like a real cigarette as well. Wattage limits in a single vertical set up was 12.2w, so don't worry about using these cartos with any device V4L sells. Juice does have a slight after smell, but didn't receive any complaints on it, and doesn't hang around for long. Bottom line on this juice for those looking for a as close to analog experience (which most new vapers are) Wow Smilin Tobacco provides it.

    Special note, wanted to give it 4 stars simply because I'm not the biggest fan of non-menthol tobacco. The whole taste is subjective thing, but it does deliver the flavor promised so can't take away a point for that.
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    Wow! The Real Deal!
    Review by Walt on 2/24/2014
    Just tried the new Wow Smiling Traditional Tobacco e-juice and cannot believe how authentic it tastes and feels. I ran right down to the computer to order another bottle right away. From the throat hit to the aftertaste, it screams analog. If you want the real deal, it is finally here. Thank you!
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    Review by ann on 2/20/2014
    Really don't know if I like this flavor it is a tobacco taste I don't think I would like this every day but its a flavor if you want a true tobacco kick i am more into the fruity flavors