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Vapor Zeus Auto E-Cig Battery

The Vapor Zeus Automatic battery has a unique vaping technology that makes it the world's only automatic, 5 volt e-cig battery. This easy-to-use e-cig mod provides extraordinary clouds of vapor and a consistent puff without the need for a button.

  • Available in 5 vibrant colors
  • Passthrough feature allows for vaping while charging
  • Stays at a consistent 5 Volts for superior performance
  • Add a Smileomizer for ultimate vaping experience
  • Soft, smooth exterior allows for comfortable vaping
Comes with 1 year warranty and 30 day money back guarantee.

Purchase the Vapor Zeus Automatic Starter Kit to get all the accessories.

Reviews from top e-cigarette reviewers:

Great Value

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List Price: $69.99

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List Price: $69.99

Now only: $49.99




Black, Cigar, Blue, Green, Magenta
Small 650mAh, Medium 900mAh, XL 1300mAh
Estimated Use and Charge Time:
The 650mAh has 4-8 hours of use and takes 2-6 hours to charge (depending on the method - 2 with the USB Charging Cable, 6 for the Slim Charger) 

The 900mAh has 6-12 hours of use and takes 4-9 hours to charge (depending on the method - 4 with the USB Charger, 9 for the Slim Charger).

The 1300mAh has 15-20 hours of use and takes 5-12 hours to charge (depending on the method - 5 with the USB Charger, 12 for the Slim Charger).

Regulated to 5V using single coil cartomizers 2.0ohms and above; and 4.4V using dual coil cartomizers
Smileomizers, Premium CoolCarts, WOW Vapor Cartomizers, and 808D-Style Dual Coil Metal Tanks. *Non-compatible with EGO Mega Cartomizers
Vapor Zeus USB Charger plugs into a USB port or USB adapter and can be used as a passthrough or to charge the battery. Alternatively can be charged with the Slim Wall Charger.
If you are using a cartomizer or tank that you've filled with juice, please allow 5 minutes for any juice to dry before re-attaching the cartomizer or tank to the battery. Damages caused by e-liquid misuse will not be covered by the warranty.


AMAZINGReview by jefferson
bought this as my first purchase into the V4L world. I must say I was NOT disappointed. this battery is amazing and has not run out on me yet, I vape for hours a day and it is advertised to last as long as 10 hours! (Posted on 8/17/14)
not so goodReview by John
I have had a couple (2 so far) batteries run wild. E-juice Tank was connected and placed in my wife pocketbook. We she went to grab it, she burnt herself touching the bottom of the tank. Seems as soon as you screw the tank onto the battery it starts as if you were puffing on it. Could be very dangerous. Be careful ! (Posted on 7/27/14)
One of my Favorites!!Review by Chris
I have to say even though I had issues with these batteries in the infancy of these batteries it appears they have been perfected and I just luv these little gems... (Posted on 6/13/14)
Awesome sauce!!Review by Natalie
Love this Battery. My husband and I have tried all the V4L batteries and this one is the best.... (Posted on 6/9/14)
just do itReview by William
I have tried a few different styles of e-cigars before I finally went with the Zeus. Third times the charm. This is the best unit available for the cost and size. I read the reviews and was concerned about that but after using the unit for about a month now, I have to say I am very pleased. I charge once a day, and use it as a pass through. I refill the tank twice a day as I use it all day long. Great product, Thanks!!! (Posted on 5/14/14)
AWESOME BATTERYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Review by Dwight
I have one Zeus medium and one Zeus small batterys, both are automatic... These are the best e-cig batterys I have ever uzed!!!!!!!! The medium battery will last me 10 to 12 hours & the small 8 to 10 hours!!!!!!! Don't know about you but if you ask me that iz AWESOME!!!!!!! And what iz even better iz that when they do need to be charged just plug either of the batterys up and uze um az a pass thru and keep on vaping!!!!!!!!
Been uzing V.4.L products for near three years now and they are HANDZ DOWN THE VERY BEST OF ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Posted on 5/6/14)
Buying a 2nd one for a friendReview by Haze
Ive had it 5 months. I used to be a pack a day smoker but that stopped a few days after i got this.

Nothing has satisfied me as well as this zeus combo. Being my first vape setup, i was enticed by many of the other devices and have since bought a MVP2, Iclear 30 and 30s and.. the nautlilus tank.

All i can say is.. i still have the zeus in my hand. I havnt touched the other devices for days now. I was spoiled with an incredible vape so early in my journey it kind of ruined the fun! (im a bit geeky and love to mess with stuff)

Easy to use and minimum fuss. Reliable. Battery lasts me ALL DAY but i have to charge before next day (med size bat). A1 support and shipping. fantastic taste and vapor production. The automatic battery is so quick to respond and it will be what you want to use. Passthrough charging is a big bonus which means if battery goes flat you plug it in and can use while charging. With the right juices the smileomizer lasts a long time without clogging (current smiley is on 5 weeks with menthol flavor!)


Some paint is flaking off battery. I am tough on it though. Its been 5 months and im a tradesman.

If you drop the unit on a hard surface you may ruin a smiley. (battery has taken many hits no worries though)

The usb charging port at the bottom gets pocket lint in it and should have a cover on it. Ive had to use a pin a couple times to get it out. no big deal.

Changing flavors is a pain. It pretty much means a new smiley. And when you are starting out you may want to try lots of flavors.

Rubber top attracts lint/dirt so you have to clean it often.

Some pretty minor complaints to an excellent setup ! 5 stars without hesitation (Posted on 4/26/14)
Another Battery Arrives D.O.A.Review by BerkeleyBrian
My X-large Zeus arrived today. Charged it for ten hours, light was green on the charger, and nothing. No draw, no vapor, nothing. This is the second $50+ item I've received that was dead on arrival.

Buyers, beware.

Still waiting, over a month now, for customer service to get back in touch regarding a DOA Dial-A-Volt.

Not a happy camper, no way. (Posted on 4/10/14)
4th Time This Has BrokenReview by Joshua
This is a great battery, but v4l's automatic Vapor Zeus batts are defective. My battery broke again yesterday.... for the fourth time. I asked to replace it with the dial-a-volt because I'm sick of paying shipping to send back the vapor zeus over and over again, but they said they could only replace it with the same product so it looks like I'm stuck with the Vapor Zeus so I'll just use the new one they send me until it breaks. BTW I take care of all my batteries and never drop them, scratch them, dent them, etc.This is the only battery that keeps breaking out of my entire collection. I've been a v4l customer for almost two years now and a couple years ago they would do everything in their power to make customers happy, but now it seems like things have changed and customer service has gone downhill. So sad... I would recommend you guys buy the manual version of this battery because it doesn't seem to have the same problem. (Posted on 3/24/14)
Love it but batteries keep dyingReview by Michael
I have used these since they came out and the first two batteries I bought lasted almost a year, the next two I bought both died within a month and the replacements they send do the same thing. I have not changed how I use it so I am not sure why. I do not fill it while connected and keep the tips clean. When they die, they cannot even be used as pass through. If this is a problem with the auto, I wish they would come out with a manual only version. (Posted on 3/24/14)
Love V4L Gear & This is THE BEST!Review by JuggoPop
Been in love with the quality of V4L hardware now for about 3 years. As much as I love the gear, I'm not much of a fan of the V4L juice... but I'll always come back for more gear.

I've had the standard cartomizer setup, I've tried tanks, I used to be attached to a passthough at work... but forget ALL of those.

The Zeus is the god of personal vaping rigs. I don't look like I'm smoking a crack pipe when in public (non-vapers don't get the whole tank thing)...

This bad boy turns Five Pawns, Alice in Vapeland, Vaping Birdy, or any other gourmet juice into the most amazing vaping experience EVER.

I bought the XL Auto kit, an extra battery and a 5-pack of smileomizers. Shipping was fast as always. Showed up on my doorstep and I was HOOKED. Not a week later, I've already ordered a 10 pack of smileomizers.

I haven't even burned though one yet... but I've got six of them topped of and ready to change out any time I feel like it. I have more gourmet juice on its way... and I need more to play with.

The batteries last for days and days. You can load almost 6 mil of juice in one XL Smileomizer and then every day or so (of all day vaping) just drop in 30 drops to top it off... and you are all set.

I cannot recommend this device any higher. I even took it to a local vaping lounge/bar and the owners had to try it out. They were BLOWN away as well.

Clouds and clouds of happy vaping all day long... what else would you expect from "Zeus?" (Posted on 3/12/14)
Battery Can be Poor on Some Review by Joe
Had one that I bought in Feb 2014 where the USB slipped inside the case in less than a month. I contacted V4L and they had a replacement to me in less than a week and I FedEx'd the bad one to them. As far as customer service V4L is the best around. That was problem #1 with the Zeus Automatic Battery. Now I have one that I bought on 1/2/2014 that that just simply stopped holding a charge. It flashes, I plug it in, it charges and glows green. I go out out and use it for less than 5 mins and it is dead and flashing again. Not sure why it happened but it did. Even has trouble whenever it is hooked up via USB direct or via wall outlet charging and I try using it. Gonna give it another chance to charge and hold and then see what other options there are. My other two have great battery life and no other problems (so far) and other than this problem I love the Zeus when it fully works. Not sure if I can find a better one out there. (Posted on 3/9/14)
Great Battery LifeReview by whodat2112
I was fortunate enough to have won this battery and it works very well. Long lasting!!!!!! (Posted on 3/3/14)
Best everReview by Lynn
I am so impressed with the Zeus. It is truly the best E cigarette on the market. I let my smoker friends try it and they all make a very favorable comments, like "not bad" or Wow I like that. Like me the cost is so much more than the cheepies on the market. So they experiment with them first. But I think they will remember mine and decide its not so expensive at all. (Posted on 1/14/14)
The best battery of all! Review by Cait
I received my XL Zeus and immediately fell in love! It lasts me 2 days, sometimes more. Combined with my 6ml tank, my vaping experience is outstanding! Great product!!!! Thanks V4L! (Posted on 1/12/14)
Really good :-DReview by Sue
I got the medium sized batteries and they are awesome! the mouthpiece is rather large but it slips off and now you can buy a Ming vase version. I'm very pleased (Posted on 12/29/13)
BEST I'VE TRIED (Posted on 12/22/13)
MORE IS LESS Review by Karen
The Zues gives a satisfying inhalation and full flavor the 1st time. There's no double puffing here. Soooo, there's more of the good things and less (0) of the analogue disease causing probs. I have now "switched" after 8 months of e cigs. Thanks!! (Posted on 11/28/13)
Best Batt I've Ever Used!Review by Josh
I bought the auto Vapor Zeus and I absolutely love it! With 5 volts it makes your juice taste much better and clearer as well as makes the clouds of smoke even larger! While playing my PlayStation I plug my ps3 controller charger cord directly into the Zeus and use it as a pass-through! Amazing! Thank you v4l for continuing to amaze me in my journey of digital cigarettes! (Posted on 11/22/13)
Great but a little priceyReview by ROBERT
I work outside and drop these often and have to replace them often. (Posted on 11/18/13)
The Best Product and Service...Period!Review by Jezebeldaddy
The Vapor Zeus and Smileomizers are the best vape innovations hands down, but I was not filling my new Smilomizers correctly and was having problems.

I called and spoke to Gabe who instructed me not to use a syringe to fill a new Smileomizer and instead told me the proper way was to use a dropper putting in 30 drops wait 5 minutes add another 30 drops wait 5 more minutes and finish up with 30 more drops wait 5 minutes then vape! All you have to do after that is make sure to add another 15 drops or so when needed.

Now they work as perfectly as they were designed, will last for many weeks and the performance is like nothing I have ever experienced!!!

V4L products may cost a bit more than the hundreds of similar vapor products on the market, but in this case you get what you pay for.

This company not only has the easiest to use and best performing products of any so called competitors, but the service after the sale is without equal!

Thank you for all of your help Gabe and know that you have another very satisfied and loyal customer from now on.

Andrew Fortney (Posted on 10/24/13)
good uniqueReview by marc
great power and smoke but the 950 w smilemizor is just too big for me. they said it was smaller thinner than egoo-c 950 upgrade but no way. it's an inch longer and def wider. don't love the smilemizor tip. too wide and weird. need to get a standard 808 and and the 650 battery. or maybe a 510-808 convertor and use evod top. it's awesome drag and auto is great but need to modify. things too dorky for me. (Posted on 10/4/13)
vapor zeus Review by Ronald
greatest thing that ever happened . lasts all day without having to recharge (Posted on 10/3/13)
Best device hands downReview by Jessica
Let me start off by saying that I have a very addictive personality. Quitting smoking was just not possible in my case, and I tried, and failed mightily, with all nicotine replacement methods. Ecigs are a godsend to me. I can keep my addiction and save my health. Woot! I along with most started with stick batteries, and I have quite a few cig-a-like starter kits that I still use while mobile. I have three mods, and various "toppers"; so many in fact, that this review would be longer than it already is were I to list them all. Suffice it to say that I have three large organizers just to store all of the vaping hardware I have, and another drawer organizer just for the juices. Needless to say, I didn't need another device, but as I have said, I have an addictive personality. Now, I love my mods, but the option to have an automatic battery with 5V output was too good to pass up. I always preferred PVs with an automatic switch, and although the dual mode version of the Zeus is one of the most innovative pieces of tech to come out of the vast vaping universe, I knew that with with the choice of automatic, I would never use the manual function. To make an already long story a little shorter (well, shorter than a novella that this could easily turn into) I snatched up the auto Zeus. Combined with a Smileomizer, an insanely huge carto that I absolutely love, has provided the best all-around vape I have ever had. My only suggestion would be to provide some sort of cover for the mini-USB port on the bottom, since it causes the battery to activate when air gets into the bottom end. Dust could also eventually degrade the circuitry for the USB function since it is always exposed. Other than that, this battery might as well have been sent by the gods, since performs that good. So, calling it the Zeus is certainly an apt name. Keep up the good work V4L; you have a winner with the Zeus. (Posted on 9/20/13)
Nice Upgrade!Review by Jarred
Very nice upgrade from the titan line of batteries. Love the vapor and the battery life. Would recommend it to anyone. (Posted on 9/15/13)
Vapor ZeusReview by Licensetovape
Our Vapor4Life review is going to shock you. The Vapor Zeus has taken the #1 spot. We deliberated for days, and after a marathon back-and-forth vape session with the Vapor Zeus, we can confidently say, Vapor4Life deserves the top ranking.

The Zeus lives up to its namesake – it truly is a god amongst men.
(Posted on 9/12/13)
Vapor ZeusReview by Brian
If you are looking for the perfect e-cigarette, the perfect e-cigar, or the perfect personal vaporizer, you need to take a Zeus for a spin. (Posted on 9/12/13)
Vapor ZeusReview by Jeff
It vapes like a dream, with even a smaller puff putting out a decent cloud of vapor. The cartomizers perform well, even when refilled time and time again.

Overall, I’d highly recommend you try theVapor Zeus whether you’re a novice or a vaping veteran. It’s got a little something for everyone, you won’t be disappointed.
(Posted on 9/12/13)
The ONLY vape you need! Review by Ted D.
Have only had my Zeus since last thursday, but for my first one it will be my ONLY one. Boy the Cuban Cigar is smooth too! (Posted on 9/12/13)
the BEST batt available! Review by Dom P.
Zeus, by far the Best!!
The vapor you get is outstanding!! And i havnt had a smoke in 2 months!!!! Ya for my lungs!!! (Posted on 9/12/13)
Hands Free Ecig!!Review by dale
Just wanted to give my shout out on this thing it is awesome...wanted a hands free device that hits like a freight train and I got just that.Oh yeah the smileo's are awesome as well go great together.Big thumbs up in my book,great job Steve and V4L. (Posted on 9/12/13)
V4L's Vapor ZeusReview by Morandir
The draw on these is, in my opinion, perfect. There is no delayed response of any sort with the draw, and the airflow is very similar to that of the Vapor Titan manuals.

It’s one of the most consistent vapes you’ll find from any ecig on the market. With dual coils on the 900mah version the 1.5ohm cartos will drop to 4.4v but again will stay consistently at that voltage until the very end of charge. In other words this is what you want in a vape experience. (Posted on 9/12/13)
My review of the Vapor ZeusReview by Michael B.
My VZ Auto has a satin cigar pattern finish. With the Smileomizer in cigar pattern as well, you really could mistake it for a true cigar. It looks fantastic. While it is difficult to explain the sensation, the finish is soft and the unit feels substantial, but not “hard”.

The VZ Auto hits just like its DAV cousin. Strong, consistent power throughout its battery life. Billowing clouds of vapor using WOW carts, CoolCarts, tanks and Smileomizers (yes, I tried them all). But it is a different experience using a Smileomizer than using a tank. Somehow it seems a little more “refined”. It feels smoother than a tank to me, more like a WOW Carto, but a more real hit. (Posted on 9/12/13)
Cigar smokers, the future is here!Review by Pinker
After vaping for a few minutes, you actually get the cigar experience going on throughout your mouth. The flavor is as authentic as a Cuban smoke, and the best part is that it’s extremely economical. Don’t get me wrong–I love cigars, and this isn’t an either/or proposition. It’s just that I have found something that I can smoke in bars, restaurants, and places where smoking is not allowed. The Vapor Zeus was made specifically for the cigar. The big Zeus vapes for 15 hours. There is no other battery in the world that gives you 5 volts to vape and at such length. (Posted on 9/12/13)
Vapor ZeusReview by
The new product, the Vapor Zeus at this product is amazing! Definitely a must-try (Posted on 9/12/13)
Vapor ZeusReview by Chris Swank
Upon opening the package our first impression of the Vapor Zeus was summed up in one single word, “wow”. Vapor 4 Life did a great job of developing an eye catching device. Overall the Vapor Zeus is a great device. (Posted on 9/12/13)
My review of the Zeus automaticReview by MissEmma
I have to say, I was quite pleasantly surprised. Firstly, the hit on these things is astounding. I even let some of my vaper friends try it....we all coughed the way we did with our first PV...LOL. Anyway, they vape beautifully. The next thing that truly impressed me was the response of the automatic devices and the manual/auto as well. No primer puffs!!! None! As soon as you puff on this device...lots and lots of vapor. Really impressive. And you can use it as a passthrough...who knew??? (Posted on 9/12/13)
ZeusReview by Ms ytsirhC
My new toys arrived today! not only excited they arrived, but they arrived before the long three day weekend. I ordered a Zeus, my first! My hubby already has one, so i new i would love it.. but now i have my own! Loving the blue color. Ordered it in auto, this is my first auto battery. I'm a manual kinda gal. Have to admit i was really concerned when readying about cut off times being short as i tend to take longer pulls. I worried for nothing, its awesome! (Posted on 9/12/13)
Best Battery to dateReview by Thomas
I've had my zeus batts for almost three months now, and they're still rolling strong. Last more than a day even on those days where I never put it down. The vape is thick, full of taste, and these things never burn out. Favorite battery and ecig - and I've tried a lot of them. (Posted on 9/5/13)
Best auto battery everReview by Malachi
First off, I love my Vapor Zeus. I vape on it daily with smileomizers and a 6ml tank. But I'm not writing this just to talk about how awesome the Zeus is (which it is). I wanted to take a sec a write about V4L's outstanding customer service. My Zeus started malfunctioning after about 2 months of use. I contacted customer service, explained my issue and they sent me out a brand new battery ASAP (before they even received my return). I can't say enough good things about the folks at V4L. Their products are excellent, their customer service is outstanding and their e-juice rocks. I only vape high quality ejuice and V4L's Wow Boy has become a staple for me. Thanks V4L, keep up the good work, you've got a lifelong customer in me. Here's to your continued success! (Posted on 8/21/13)
KatReview by Love the Zeus
Love the Zeus battery. It lasts all day. (Posted on 8/17/13)
MrReview by Ben
Best e cig out now (Posted on 7/1/13)
I'm SmilingReview by Katz in Boots
Vapor Zeus really are fantastic. I love the draw on these, they're even better than the Titans. Super fast charging too, so very convenient.

After 2.5 years of vaping (2 with V4L), these are the best e-cigs I've used. Will be buying more for sure! (Posted on 6/23/13)
Most Favorite Ever.Review by Nothing Better
This is it. Period.
This is where fashion and function meet and have a baby called AUTOMATIC draw.
Insanely quick charging.
Get one. There's nothing else to say. (Posted on 6/20/13)
The Cadellac of Batteries!Review by Rufus
By far the best battery I have ever used! I've purchased almost all of the previous batteries, and none of them lasted as long as the Zeus. It is well worth the investment, you'll save money in the long run and have better quality vaping. I've had it for 2 months now, and it still holds it's charge and produces just as much vapor as the first day I used it. Combine with the new smileomizers, and you've got the perfect combo. If you were put off by the price, don't be, get this combo and you won't be disappointed. PS: It does require a Micro-USB charger, another great quality, you can charge it while you use it! (Posted on 6/17/13)
Very pleased CustomerReview by Msparky83
Well everybody before me pretty much covered it all, but I would like to personally thank the team at Vapor4Life for this amazing product. I love the battery life, and the fact that out of the box it is also pass-thru capable. My initial battery was kind of faulty because it couldn't hold a charge, but you guys set everything right and I am happy to report nothing wrong with the new battery. I get about 9 to believe it or not even 10 hours of use out of it. It charges just fine, I love it, and I completely recommend this product to any vapor whether your new to the scene or a veteran. Thanks again V4L for a magnificent battery. (Posted on 6/10/13)
Nifty and High Quality!Review by Nifty and High Quality!
I will say nice things about the Zeus. But first, there are two fields to write in before this text field. Anyway, this is a great design and fun to use. I like the USB recharge option, but you'll have to have a mini USB adapter. Use with the Smileomizer. (Posted on 5/26/13)
Dream come true!Review by Harmony
For my first few years of vaping I used my auto passthrough everywhere I went. Vaping at 5v is what kept me satisfied. The only drawback was that I couldn't vape at 5v while out and about. Sure I could have bought a mod, but I don't like manual batts and there were no autos. With the release of the Vapor Zeus I can now vape hands free, cord free at 5v everywhere I go! Thank you V4L for this product, it is awesome! Perfect draw, fast charging time, no bright LED blinding people every time I take a puff, this battery is everything I ever wanted! (Posted on 5/18/13)
Love LoveReview by Robin
I've been vaping after 25 years of smoking. Started on the Titan, and was miffed at how long they lasted, I'm pretty much a constant vapor at times. I ABSOLUTELY love LOVE this!!

PS: had to call customer service over another battery, they handled things beautifully. Good Job! (Posted on 5/2/13)
GrearReview by Great
Grteat (Posted on 5/1/13)
I ordered on release day, Friday and received on Monday. Loaded my smileomizer and waited my 5 minutes to attach and vape (that was the hardest part waiting those 5 minutes). Excellent product, great vapor production, great flavor. Enjoying my Zeus! Thanks for the fast shipping and the kind customer service rep that I called and had change my eliquid to spearmint for me after I realized I didn't change it on the order. Excellent product; excellent service. (Posted on 4/22/13)
Amazing!!!!!Review by Frank Cahall
V4L has hit it out of the park on this device.
I have been vaping the Zeus in both the auto and the manual/auto forms for over a month. I love both my Zeus's. Regulated 5v performance. Amazing performance. Superb flavor and vapor. Passthough charging.

When used with the Smileomizer it is the best new device of 2013 I have vaped!!!! (Posted on 4/19/13)
best product everReview by Lacy Brown
This is by far the BEST device I have ever used for vaping. I used to smoke cigars and have to say this is almost JUST like it. (well except that I use a combo of strawberry and vanilla juice, lol)
I get tons of vapor from it, and like that it lasts me forever before I have to recharge it. I just want to say thank you to V4L for creating such a perfect ecigg. If you're looking for something to work for you then you should get this one.
Oh, also its really cool that you can switch from auto mode to manual. You just click the button 5 times and it switches. - WOW, how cool is that. :) (Posted on 4/19/13)
Vaping my vapor zeusReview by Vaping Veronika
I love my vapor zeus battery! It lasts me all day long and I pretty much chainvape , so thats awhile for me. Im so happy they came out with this becaseu I needed something that would last a while but not be so big that I cant go in public with it. i think every vapor should buy one!!!!! (Posted on 4/19/13)
The best product to dateReview by Zeus is here!!!!
I've been wateing so long for this vapor Zeus to come out n as soon as I saw it for sale, I drove to v4l in Northbrook and picked one up. I've been using it for about an hr nonstop and love this battery. I'm using pancake ejuice in the smilomizer which is soooo tasty. Can't wait for my husband to come home from work and check it out. He's a chainvapor like me so I know he is going to love this thing as much as Me. Awesome job guys thanks so much for making this my 'vapiing Bliss"!!!!!! (Posted on 4/19/13)
"vaping heaven"Review by Jessica
This is the best starter kit i ever got. I was using another companies' rechargeable batteries but they didnt last even 2 hours. this one lasts me all day and then some. Since I'm always on the computer at work I use the cord that came with it as a "passthrough" so its always charging. I love this new product and tell all my vaper friends about it. It comes with 2 new cartomizers to, which last a loooonng time. I've refilled them 5 times so far and they still taste really fresh. (Posted on 4/19/13)
Love the Vapor Zeus! Review by Christopher Hamlin
I was lucky to get a Vapor Zeus as a preview and I love this ecig! The passthrough feature is enough to make this my only ecig. I get a consistent vape for 9+ hours and when it dies, I can plug it in with the USB and continue vaping on it! Try these with the Smileomizers too and get a cool cigar look and feel. I love my Vapor Zeus! (Posted on 4/18/13)
A Godly Vape...Review by Darin
I LOVE MY ZEUS!! 5v Auto battery with the perfect draw, long battery life, and also serves as a Pass Thru! Fast USB charging and the ability to charge while you vape...what more could you ask for? (Posted on 4/18/13)

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Ecig Batteries FAQ
How can I clean my Ecig vaporizer battery?

Clean your batteries on a weekly basis to keep them functioning properly. If not cleaned, over time the battery connection point will become blocked from the cart. Dip a cotton swab in rubbing alcohol and swab the connection point. Then, take a sewing needle or safety pin and clean out debris from the battery holes.

Should I get an Automatic or Manual Ecig vaporizer battery?

Automatic batteries are activated by inhalation. They use a suction-type activation which means they will not turn on or off in your pocket or purse. Automatic batteries are not sealed. Liquid can get in the battery and damage it. They have smaller air holes for a slightly tighter draw. When using an automatic battery, first take a quick short “primer puff” to get the cart going before taking a full drag, then take long slow drags for best vapor production.

Manual batteries activate with the push of a button. Manual batteries are sealed. If you refill your carts with juice, we recommend using manual batteries. They have larger air holes for a lighter draw. Some users report a better throat hit using manual batteries.

What is a Vapor Zeus?

The Vapor4Life Vapor Zeus is a 5V regulated Ecig vaporizer battery that will always hit the same way until you need to charge it. All Vapor Zeus Ecig vaporizer batteries have passthrough charging built-in. This way you can use your Vapor Zeus electronic cigarette vaporizer battery while it’s charging in your car, at the office or at home. The Vapor Zeus electronic cigarette vaporizer battery was designed to be used with our special Ecig cartomizer (carto), the Smileomizer. The Vapor Zeus Ecig vaporizer battery is available in both 808D and 510 threading. Please make sure that you choose the right thread for your battery, otherwise you might require a 510-to-808D adapter or 808D-to-510 adapter to complete your electronic cigarette.

What is a Dial-A-Volt?

The Vapor4Life Variable Voltage Dial-A-Volt is the ultimate solution towards customizing your vaping experience to suite your own Ecig taste. The Dial-A-Volt Ecig allows you to change the output of the Ecig vaporizer battery from weaker (3.2V) to stronger (4.8V). The Vapor4Life Dial-A-Volt comes in several colors including Black, Cigar, Magento, Blue and Green. Get a matching Smileomizer to complete the ultimate variable voltage electronic cigarette vaporizer.

What is a Vapor Titan?

The Vapor4Life Vapor Titan Ecig vaporizer is our finest e-cigarette yet. They provide the best vapor on the market for a Ecig vaporizer battery that looks the exact same size as a traditional analog cigarette. The Soft Touch finish makes the Vapor4Life Vapor Titan Ecig vaporizer extremely comfortable to hold in your hand, and the automatic batteries are sealed to prevent damage from overfilled cartomizers.

What is a Vapor King?

The Vapor4Life Original Vapor King Ecig vaporizer are a good start for anyone making the switch to vaping. With a superior Ecig draw and an automatic vaporizer cutoff of 20 seconds, our Vapor King Ecig vaporizer batteries offers ideal vapor production, superior performance, and fashionable design. Just attach your Vapor4Life Ecig vaporizer cartomizer or tank, filled with vaping eliquid, take a drag, and enjoy puff after puff of your electronic cigarette. The Vapor4Life Automatic Vapor King Ecig vaporizer batteries features fully rechargeable lithium ion battery, and an automatic, internal suction switch - just puff to operate. The Vapor4Life Manual Vapor King Ecig vaporizer batteries feature the same patent-pending, Ecig industry leading lithium ion battery cell, and a manual action button switch - just push the button and puff. Includes a 90-day warranty.

What is a WOW Vapor King Disposable?

The Vapor4Life WOW Vapor King Disposable Ecig vaporizer is the culmination of four year of development and over 200 hours of taste testing. The WOW Vapor King disposable Ecig vaporizers are unlike any product currently on the market. WOW Vapor King disposable Ecig vaporizer delivers consistent flavor in every puff. By substantially modifying the cartomizer coil resistance, WOW Vapor King disposable Ecig vaporizers deliver a better throat hit. With one of the highest puff counts on the market, WOW Vapor King disposable Ecig vaporizers provide the true smoking experience with a genuine tobacco taste. Each WOW Vapor disposable Ecig vaporizer is equivalent to over one pack of cigarettes. One of the highest puff counts on the market.

How long will my battery last until it needs recharging?

Vapor4Life Ecig vaporizers will last different amounts of time depending on the size of the Ecig battery cell. Depends on the size of the battery cell, 300 mAh will last around 3 hours of vape time and 1100 mAh will last about 11 hours of vape time. Vapor4Life Ecig vaporizers start at 200 mAh (2 hours of vape time) with the Vapor Titan Short batteries and go all the way to 1300 mAh with the Vapor Zeus XL batteries. The Vapor Titan Ecig vaporizers, the Dial-A-Volt Ecig vaporizers and the Vapor Zeus Ecig vaporizers are designed for maximum battery life.

I just got my battery in the mail. Can I use it right away?

Yes, you can. Generally, Ecig vaporizer batteries from Vapor4Life come with about a 70-100% charge. After receiving your Ecig vaporizer battery, we recommend charging it. When the light turns green, it’s charged up and ready to go.

Why is the light on my battery flashing?

A flashing light on your Ecig vaporizer signals that the Ecigarette needs to be charged. Charging time will vary depending on the size of your Ecig lithium ion battery cell size.

What is the difference between automatic and manual batteries?

Manual Ecig vaporizer batteries are activated by the user, are completely sealed to prevent eliquid leakage, have larger air holes for a lighter draw, and require the user/vaper to press a button when taking a puff to activate the battery. Automatic Ecig vaporizer batteries are not sealed, have smaller air holes for a slightly tighter draw. Automatic Ecig vaporizer batteries may be inhaled like a traditional cigarette to activate the battery.

I refill my own carts. Does it matter what type of battery I use?

For the Vapor King Ecig vaporizer batteries, we recommend using a manual battery if you refill carts with eliquid. Automatic Vapor King Ecig vaporizer batteries are not sealed (with the exception of the Vapor Titan, Dial-A-Volt and Vapor Zeus automatic batteries), meaning liquid can drip into the Vapor King battery and cause damage.

For the Vapor Titan, Dial-A-Volt and Vapor Zeus batteries, you can refill your own carts as long as it has the same connection as the cart. Sealed batteries are the way to go when you refill your own carts.

Which battery should I use with pre-filled cartomizers?

You can use either manual or automatic Ecig vaporizer batteries with pre-filled cartomizers. pre-filled cartomizers work great with all of our Ecig vaporizer batteries, as long as they both have the same connection threading style.

What should I do with my old batteries that I don’t use anymore?

Ecig vaporizer batteries should be recycled at your local battery recycling center. You can utilize free services like Call2Recycle, which has drop off boxes across the nation to collect rechargeable batteries for proper recycling and disposal. The Vapor4Life Smokeless Lounge and Vape Shops also have Call2Recycle drop off boxes across the nation. RadioShack is also a popular place to recycle your batteries. Please help us keep batteries out of landfill by recycling your old Ecig vaporizer hardware. We care about you and our planet. Thank you for your cooperation with recycling your Ecig vaporizer batteries and hardware.

Can I choose my LED color?

You cannot select a particular LED color. You can request a certain LED color for your Ecig vaporizer battery in the comment section of your order, but we cannot guarantee it will be available. You can choose to specify a requested LED color by choosing from the following LED Ecig vaporizer colors: Blue, Red, Green, Purple, Pink and White. If the Ecig vaporizer LED color is available for the battery that you have purchased, then we will send you that color.


1) The battery post may need to be raised, if it is not making a connection with the cart. Take your battery and look at the threads (they’re found on the side where the cart screws on). You will see a round disc (center post) with a hole in the middle. Grab a thumb tack or something similar and stick it in between that center post and the battery threads. Now raise the the center post with your thumb tack Raising the post is often the cause of batteries not functioning properly. To prevent this issue, be sure when putting the battery on the charger that you screw it in slowly and when the LED starts flashing you stop. When screwing on carts, do so gently, it doesn’t have to fit on to line up perfectly.

2) The battery may be due for a cleaning. Often, a decrease in performance (including ability to charge and function properly) is a sign that the battery connection point is blocked. V4L recommends cleaning batteries on a weekly basis to keep them charging and functioning properly. If not cleaned, then over time the battery connection point will become blocked from the cart. Dip a cotton swab in rubbing alcohol and swab the connection point. Then, take a sewing needle or safety pin and clean out debris from the battery holes.

3) If the battery is failing to thread properly to cartomizer. I found that sandpaper or a nail file works better. Sand the threads down until you can fit the cart on it. Do not worry about over sanding if you break it we will replace it. We find this usually fixes the issue.

Frequently Asked Questions