Vapor Zeus Dual Mode e Cig Battery

  • Available in 5 vibrant colors
  • Passthrough feature allows for vaping while charging
  • Stays at a consistent 5 Volts for superior performance
  • Add a Smileomizer for ultimate vaping experience
  • Soft, smooth exterior allows for comfortable vaping

    Purchase the Vapor Zeus Dual Starter Kit to get all accessories
    • Black
    • Cigar
    • Blue
    • Green
    • Magenta

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    The technological leader in e Cig battery and vaping technology, Vapor4Life, took years of R&D developing this unique dual mode eCig that offers a feature that is not offered by any other eCigarette in the world. Simply click the button five times in order to switch between manual mode (activated with button) and auto mode (puff-activation). It's high-tech microprocessor allows it to stay at a consistent 5 Volts throughout it's whole charge, while it's passthrough technology allows for vaping while charging. Comes with 90 day warranty and 30 day money back guarantee
    Product Manual: Download here
    • Say Goodbye to your Smoking Habit.
      Review by Steven Maro on 3/28/2015
      1 XL Vapor Zeus + 1 Large Smileomizer = lush, whopping plumes of vapor for hours on end. You don't even have to be too keen on quitting, you only have to be open-minded enough to give this a try. I am confident that once you've tried the Vapor Zeus, analog cigarettes will cease to cross your mind. The XL / 1300 mAh size means you'll only have to charge every couple days (and that's if you're a fairly heavy vaper like myself) -- not to mention, the USB passthrough means you can continue vaping while the battery charges. I cannot recommend this product highly enough, I truly cannot.

      Quit with ZERO effort
      Review by Jon Aaron on 10/20/2014
      I never actually wanted to "quit" smoking. Anything that made an attempt to get me to want to quit was a laughable failure. I don't care if my hair and teeth all fall out, and I talk with a box through a hole in my throat. I do NOT give it quarter. I 'll DEAL with it and you should really spend your time bothering someone else. That's what has made this such a big deal. I quit NOT WANTING TO QUIT AT ALL,

      but that's exactly what happened for me, and several others as soon as I showed how easy this is and how much sense it makes.

      I quit - BEFORE any resolution day or support group intervention.
      I quit - with absolutely NO side effects, other than being able to TASTE, SMELL, and BREATHE so much better, and...
      I QUIT' - the day I received my first Vapor Zeus XL Dual-Mode Battery (Black)

      Can I honestly say I have not had a cigarette since? - No. But those few times were through faults of my own.

      The only time spent was..
      1) educating myself online and knowing going in that I made a good 'non-decision' about the product I chose and it's investment value.
      2) The first hour of vaping- it WILL make you cough. Get over it. It SHOULD make you cough, otherwise it would not be sufficient to get a heavy smoker like myself to actually 'feel' the sensation enough to where it produces that 'light-headedness' that one seeks when they are a committed, heavy 'I do not WANT to quit, get it yet?' smoker.
      3) I sometimes sit around and think how amazing it is that I do NOT have to go to the store for anything.. and all the gas I've burned up on daily outings like that. (Does that count as spending "time" on anything. Oh, well sorry..

      Look man, if you want to quit.. well good for you, you are a better person than I. Now you've wasted some of your own time in reading this, and frankly I feel some of mine by writing, when you could have already gone and done what you needed to do in order to ENJOY vaping, you'll find a much more worthwhile habit.. you may be able to tare down the nicotine levels and really, REALLY quit all of it.

      But not me. I told you, I am NOT quitting anything. I've just found something that I like better, and it happens to be better for my health. It saves me just so much money it is freaking ridiculous, and I don't smell like a freaking ashtray. So it's just better for me, and everyone else around me... but don't believe me. Try their battery out. If you screw it up, man, it has a warranty. How easy do they make this on you. This should have been a week-long decision or something. It should NOT be this easy to quit smoking cigarettes. But it was for me, and I bet you, it will be for you too.
    • 1300mAh Vapor Zeus Dual Mode Battery
      Review by Glen on 8/18/2014
      Forgot to mention... The dual mode also has another added benefit over the automatic.
      The automatic version has approximately a 10 second cut-off time. The dual mode has approximately the same cut-off time of 10 seconds in auto mode, but in manual mode it's about 15 seconds. Now honestly, 10 seconds will be sufficient for most vapors. But for those who are able to or want to take a longer draw, they will be able to. I can reach the 15 second cut-off personally, but it's stretching my lungs, lol!, Honestly, the 10 second cut-off is more than sufficient for me and I think so for most others.
    • 1300mAh Vapor Zeus Dual Mode Battery
      Review by Glen on 8/18/2014
      I own and have been using the 900mAh Vapor Zeus in both automatic and dual mode along with the small Smilomizers... They are great and work fantastic. They are also a little better from a portability standpoint as well. But I just received my two 1300mAh Vapor Zeus Dual Mode Batteries (cigar color) today along with a 10pk of the large Smilomizers (cigar color)... WOW! Now this is the "Cat's Meow"! If you like the look, size and feel between your fingers of a tobacco cigar or stogie, then this is the way to go. This is what I deem a man's e-cigar! Perfect in size IMHO. Paired with the large Smilomizers provides about twice the e-juice capacity of the small Smilomizers. All day vaping with this set-up will be no problem whatsoever when starting with a fully charged battery and full Smilomizer, no matter how heavy you vape. Personally, I highly recommend the dual mode. This gives you the benefit of choosing which mode you prefer to use. Also from previous experience with both versions in the 900mAh, I've found the dual mode tends to provide more battery life then the automatic and it's also the one I tend to prefer, even if using it in "auto" mode. One last thing. The large Smilomizers also have what appears to be a stainless mesh screen sitting on top of the wicking material with the center tube protruding up through it. The small Smilomizers I've received do NOT have this mesh screen. Well done V4L... Well done!
    • Best Battery Ever
      Review by Linda on 8/17/2014
      I have tried many different vaping devices from the simple cigarette lookalike model to Vapor King, the Aurora to the Vapor Zeus. Most all models start out strong but after a few vapes they seem to be less effective, until Vapor Zeus. I find that the Vapor Zeus has the best and longest working battery compared to the other models I mentioned. Each vape is as strong as the first one and lasts all day long.
      I like the short time (4-6 hours) it takes to charge the battery compared to other batteries that can take up to 24 hours to charge. Who has time for that? In short Vapor Zeus delivers the best vape for the price and looks good while delivering a great vape.


    Black, Cigar, Blue, Magenta, Green
    Small 650mAh (Height: 4.75 in, Width: 0.56 in)
    Medium 900mAh (Height: 5.13 in, Width: 0.56 in)
    XL 1300mAh (Height: 5.13 in, Width: 0.63 in)
    Estimated Use and Charge Time:
    The 650mAh has 4-8 hours of use and takes 2-6 hours to charge (depending on the method - 2 with the USB Charging Cable, 6 for the Slim Charger) 

    The 900mAh has 6-12 hours of use and takes 4-9 hours to charge (depending on the method - 4 with the USB Charger, 9 for the Slim Charger).

    The 1300 mAh e Cig battery has 15-20 hours of use and takes 5-12 hours to charge (depending on the method - 5 with USB Charger, 12 for the Slim Charger).

    Regulated to 5V using single coil cartomizers 2.0ohms and above; and 4.4V using dual coil cartomizers
    Smileomizers, Premium CoolCarts and 808D-Style Dual Coil Metal Tanks. *Non-compatible with EGO Mega Cartomizers
    Vapor Zeus USB Charger plugs into a USB port or USB adapter and can be used as a passthrough or to charge the battery. Alternatively can be charged with the Slim Wall Charger.
    To change the Vapor Zeus Dual Mode Battery from automatic to manual (and vice versa) simply press the button 5 times. If you are using a cartomizer or tank that you've filled with juice, please allow 5 minutes for any juice to dry before re-attaching the cartomizer or tank to the battery. Damages caused by e-liquid misuse will not be covered by the warranty.

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