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This unique, long lasting cartomizer has a chewable mouthpiece, an easy filling process, and lasts up to 3 weeks. Fill your Smileomizer with up to 6mL of e Liquid in order to get hours of vaping satisfaction without having to refill.

  • Click here for a video on "How to fill a Smileomizer."

  • Compatible with all 808 batteries
  • Small Smileomizers fit flush on Small, Medium, Large Vapor Zeus batteries
  • Large Smileomizers fit flush on Extra Large Vapor Zeus batteries
  • Can refill each cartomizer up to 5 times
  • Chewable mouthpiece made of surgical grade silicon
  • Dependable, stainless steel shell
  • Comes in 5 vibrant colors

Click here to get the fully rebuilt Version 2 Smileomizer that lasts longer, tastes better, and provides more vapor.

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  • Blue

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  • Just as good as the V2's
    Review by Chris on 9/25/2016
    These were the original Smileomizers before the new V2's became available and in my opinion they are dang near as good, the only thing I like better about but newer version is the Ming Vase tips. They are long-lasting and I would highly recommend making sure you take proper care/cleaning of them and follow the filling guidelines...
  • As good as the V2's
    Review by Diane on 9/14/2016
    I'm just as happy with these as I am with the V2's. I can't really tell the difference and for a dollar less you can't go wrong, and save a buck. Long lasting and lots of vapor.
  • Cant go wrong
    Review by Tony on 9/14/2016
    The original I started out with. These things are the best. They last weeks at a time. Give you the flavor you need and are very easy to swap out in case you want to switch flavors.
  • Awesome
    Review by matthew on 7/29/2016
    I honestly cant tell a difference between these n the v2's. The longevity of these are great and easily get a solid two weeks out of most. Some vary on length of time but overall cannot go wrong for price
  • Durable and reliable
    Review by Kit on 7/22/2016
    Although the V2s are a step up, these classic smileomizers are still great. They rarely have problems, from my experiences, and hold a LOT of juice.
  • Good but I wish they had a window
    Review by Tracy on 7/19/2015
    Wish there was a window to indicate the liquid levels.
  • The Single Greatest Cartomizer in Existence.
    Review by Steven Maro on 3/28/2015
    These are superior to tanks and other cartomizers in every way imaginable -- better flavor, better throat hit, greater vapor production, easier to (re)fill and no leaks. They are a bit pricey, but they're well worth it. I would submit that the Large / 6ml Smileomizers are the greatest cartomizers on the market. Do yourself a favor and buy them in bulk. Give these a try and analog cigarettes will never so much as cross your mind again.
  • Wow!
    Review by Filthy Fluno on 2/14/2015
    I love the large sized one on my istick mini. Every toke is flavorful and cloudy! I'm going to try the small size next
  • Long-lasting
    Review by Jim on 1/18/2015
    I received my 808 Smileomizers on January 9 and after refilling the first one at least four or five times a day it finally quit on January 18. If the rest are even half as good I'll be one happy vaper. A warm, smooth, satisfying draw with lots of vapor every time.
  • works well
    Review by jefferson on 8/17/2014
    good product, really good quality i wish it lasted longer though
  • I am very happy with how they are so . easy to use, I accidentally ordered 2 and know I'm glad to have both of them.
    Review by Kerry on 6/28/2014
    I am very happy to have both of my smilelimizers.They are easy to use, and I like the way they look.
  • Awesome!!
    Review by Chris on 6/12/2014
    These things are absolutely fantastic... Thank you for having these products...
  • Best way to vape
    Review by June on 6/9/2014
    When I first started smoking e-cigs, I had to buy a storage container to hold everything. Now, all I need is a Vapor Zeus, a smilomizer and my Virginia Menthol Juice!!
  • Awesome!
    Review by Gus_ka on 5/28/2014
    The best cartomizer out there! More liquid, more vapor, and great flavor!
  • Excellent Product
    Review by Tom on 5/28/2014
    I really love these guys, chewy tip is great for the oral fixation in me, however I think they slightly over sell themselves in the repeatable use dept. They sometimes burn too easily which ruins future refills on the same product. Otherwise a nice pull, and all around good product.
  • Made me SMILE!
    Review by James on 5/24/2014
    The first puff made me smile ear to ear. Easy draw and tons of vapor and easy to fill. I only wish they had changeable drip tips.
  • Absolutely the Best!
    Review by Katz in Boots on 4/1/2014
    I've reviewed Smileomizers previously and waxed lyrical about them. At that time I gave them a 4.5 rating, mainly because of the mouthpiece size. Now V4L have come out with the silicon ming vase mouthpiece for them, I rate them as 5*****. These are simply the best I have tried. Absolutely clouds of vapour for hours, and they last me for a couple of weeks (I don't clean them). Totally happy with them.
  • Love 'em -- Don't change the tip...
    Review by JuggoPop on 3/12/2014
    I'll let all the other positive reviews stand for themselves here. I agree with the ease of use, the large vapor production, etc. etc.

    I will have to disagree with all the folks begging for a different tip. I love this tip. I have a Zeus XL with large smileos on it and its PERFECT the way it comes.

    You can bite down on it and go hands free like a cigar, or if it's "too big" for your mouth, don't try to eat it, just set the end of the tip against your teeth and suck in... don't need to wrap your lips around the whole end. :)

    For those worrying about the flavor... take them out of the box and let them air out, the rubber flavor goes away on its own, no need to vape though it.

    5 star product... please don't change a thing. if you wanna offer an additional "fancy tip" version, go for it... but I will keep buying these. :)
  • Sweet - Lg Smileo
    Review by Lynn on 2/28/2014
    I like to get the most maximum vape possible and the Large smileomizer gets the job done. I use it with the XL DAV battery on the highest setting 4.8. Yes, once in a while I have received problematic carts, but it is always possible to be resolved. These carts are far more practical than the tanks for me. I definitely do not find the tip to be too large or awkward whatsoever. Sweet cart.
  • Awesome-izer!!!
    Review by Wendi on 2/10/2014
    I purchased the Vapor Zeus starter kit with incredible trepidation. Being my New Year's Resolution to quit my disgusting, 20year smoking habit; I took the plunge into vaping and have yet to look back! I was terribly worried about the feel of the Smileos' wider mouth piece(I wanted something that resembled a regular cigarette) but, as I mentioned previously, I NEVER looked back! I'm now so comfortable with EVERYTHING about the small Smileomizer and the small Vapor Zeus that I can't imagine anything better! I've learned to mix flavors (preferring the fruity ones) and have no cravings to turn back on the best decision of my life!!! I just stepped down from 18mg-11mg,added some new flavors and even burned up my first Smileo, lol-but hey ya live and learn! Thanks to all the helpful comments, reviews and info. on the V4L site; now I know better.
    I also want to thank the first customer service rep (if only I could remember his name ruh-roh). He walked me through,EVER so patiently, ALL of my questions, informed me of ALL of my options and even helped me pick out flavors that were spot-on for my taste-buds!
    Thank you V4L for ultimately saving my life-I would never have been able to stop smoking without your products!
  • very good
    Review by Libby on 1/30/2014
    I just got these today. Just filled it and am smoking with it now. I really like the amount of vapor and the throat it. I have been trying to find something to give me that throat hit and I finally have. The only draw back on it is the big tip. I hope they come out with something smaller to put on there. Vapor 4 Life ,you rock.
  • Great Vape!
    Review by Lana on 1/20/2014
    I ordered a smileomizer recently and I love it! I vape Wowboy, exclusively. When I tried the tanks, it seemed that the mint in the Wowboy would dominate.
    With the Smileomizer, the flavors (tobacco, chocolate & mint) stay blended and it is just as good, if not better than regular carts!
  • Great Vape!
    Review by Debra M on 1/8/2014
    I got two of the extra large smilomizers to go with a Zeus battery that I was given for Christmas. I have been vaping for two years and these things just blew me away. I LOVE them!

    Wonderful taste, nice experience and wild vapor. :)
  • Duh
    Review by Kristin on 1/3/2014
    I wrote yesterday how I like the smileomizer but was having trouble getting used to the large rubber tip. I just saw that V4L DOES sell a smaller (Ming) tip! Okay, I'm a little slow... Oh we'll.... Now, I think I'll really love the smileomizer! Thanks V4L!
  • Wow
    Review by Kristin on 1/2/2014
    Got mine today. My DAV is still charging but I'm able to use the smileomizer with my halo vv. was nice and easy to fill. A little time consuming, but not a big deal if you can fill your 5 mins of "in between drops" time. I got the sm size and that still seems pretty big to me. It'll take some getting used to from smaller tips I've been using but not long. I already am I suppose... It would be nice though if V4L could come out with some different shaped rubber tips --making it not so cigar feeling. Overall, I'm very satisfied with my purchase and will definitely be ordering more soon. Thank you V4L for your excellent service and fast shipping!
  • Fits my Ego & Passthrough
    Review by Old Smokie on 12/21/2013
    I started vaping 18 months ago and I love it. For months I only bought the cart refills and used a Prem. Ego and various passthroughs. I felt like I was spending too much money. Finally, I decided to buy the juices and fill my own carts. I was disappointed that for all the trouble it took to fill carts I only got to refill them 1 or 2 times. Then I started reading here about the smileomizer and someone mentioned they fit the passthrough. I had to try it! I think I have found what I have been looking for. Ive been refilling my smileomizer for over a week and using it with my Ego and passthroughs that I already have. Now I am saving money! Its easy to fill, its not messy, I top it off once or twice a day. And the smileomizer works SO much better than pre-filled carts! I wish I had found these months ago! And I dont know if I will ever step up to buying a tank because these are perfect! And I want to mention that V4L has an excellent USB pass through. Ive been using mine for more than two months.
  • The Smileomizer also fits the VK & VT!!
    Review by Brandon on 12/17/2013
    After reading through the reviews of the Smileomizer, almost every one of them is being used with the Zeus. The Smileomizer has the 808 thread so it also fits the Vapor King & Vapor Titan. I've put one on both and it still works flawlessly. You can tell that the Titan is more powerful because of the huge plume of vapor! I plan on buying more!
  • Could Be Better
    Review by karrie on 12/16/2013
    I don't understand what all the fuss is about. I really do think that these are a good idea and could work great if you are not a heavy vapor. I myself am disappointed. I have bought about 10 of these and very time have been so upset that they do not last me but about 2 days. To me that is a waste of money. someone really needs to come up with a good cato. that will last.
  • can you say WoW
    Review by David on 11/13/2013
    the name should be changed to WoWomizers.
    great job guys
    thank you
  • screen?
    Review by DWAYNE on 11/9/2013
    This is basically a large cartomizer, which isn't a bad thing. Increasing the size does make it much easier too fill, also giving it a longer life span all together. The only thing that doesn't help is the screen they have add ed. From reading the vapor for life blog it is supposed to help minimize the amount of jucie that leaks into the mouth piece; it doesnt . with or without it works the same. The biggest problem is if your a syringe filler then the screen is just in the way and makes it difficult to see when it is filled or not. I suggest just pop the screen out and get back to vaping. Over one year anolog free thank you vapor for life !!!
  • Proper Smileomizer Filling
    Review by Jezebeldaddy on 10/24/2013
    The Vapor Zeus and Smileomizers are the best vape innovations hands down, but I was not filling my new Smilomizers correctly and was having problems.

    I called and spoke to Gabe who instructed me not to use a syringe to fill a new Smileomizer and instead told me the proper way was to use a dropper putting in 30 drops wait 5 minutes add another 30 drops wait 5 more minutes and finish up with 30 more drops wait 5 minutes then vape away...wow! All you have to do after that is make sure to add another 15 drops or so when needed.

    Now they work as perfectly as they were designed, will last for many weeks and the performance is like nothing I have ever experienced!!!

    V4L products may cost a bit more than the hundreds of similar vapor products on the market, but in this case you get what you pay for.

    This company not only has the easiest to use and best performing products of any so called competitors, but the service after the sale is without equal!

    Thank you for all of your help Gabe and know that you have another very satisfied and loyal customer from now on.

    Andrew Fortney
  • Pretty good !!!
    Review by B. on 10/22/2013
    At first the taste of the tip was a little rough for me. After the break in, about half of the first fill, it was awesome. It continued through the next 8 re-fills. I also enjoy the story behind these great cartos. Good service and fast delivery.
  • Good, but...
    Review by KimO on 10/18/2013
    The smileomizers don't last as long with certain flavors. I started with the Caramel I had been purchasing and only get 5 to 6 refills before they start clogging up. With caramel it is the same problem with the tank cartomizers, which are less expensive to replace. Now the Smileomizers work for a long time with clearer flavors, I found out. So, if you are going with a darker liquid, use a tank or cartomizer and if you use a lighter liquid, Smileomizers are great. I use both from V4L and am a satisfied customer. Oh, and whichever you use, buy a Vapor Zeus and you get a great vape!
  • Game Changer
    Review by Nickopotomus on 10/11/2013
    This is the best there is, no doubt about it. The large smileomizer has the capacity of a tank and the ease of a cart. It's a no-brainer. I find I have to refill the small smileomizer a little more often than I'd like. Do it. Go large.
  • smileomizers last forever
    Review by peggy on 10/5/2013
    We ordered our first smileomizers in July of this year, we vape most of the day and every evening. I am still using the first one I started with. Talk about awesome. I bought quite a few smileomizers just in case they didn't last, who knew they would last forever. THANKS STEVE!!!

    Review by jessica on 9/25/2013
    going from carts to this is amazing!! this gives you the best vape especially when used with a manual dial a volt! I will never go to another e-cig company, i will continue refering my friends here since the product is top notch and the customer service is out of this world!~ Jess
  • Finally!
    Review by Jarred on 9/15/2013
    Finally something I chew on without breaking my teeth!
  • Perfect vape!
    Review by Walter N. on 9/13/2013
    Oh my! What a treat. Lots of vapor, lots of good clean flavor, and no mess
  • Love my Smileos!
    Review by Jan P. on 9/12/2013
    love the smileomizers with the Zeus and DAV, favorite though is the Zeus!
  • Smileomizer Review
    Review by Lincoln F. on 9/12/2013
    This is a gigantic cartomizer with a very comfortable rubberized tip and it was designed to go with and to complete the Vapor Zeus. These things hold 3 to 3.5 ml of your favorite juice and just work fantastic.

    With that kind of vapor production and the ability to reuse it a dozen times or more, it’s worth it. I know I am ordering a few more because not only do they work well with the Vapor Zeus, but they also shine with the Dial-a-volts and rock right along with the Handle as well. In fact, if you pull off the rubber outer covering of the tip you are left with what resembles a drip tip and makes the whole outfit look pretty slick.
  • Smileomizer (Large) Review
    Review by Sherrick on 9/12/2013
    What a treat. Lots of vapor, lots of good clean flavor, and no mess. I pushed the button again. The second hit was better than the first. So much flavor, and no feeling of heat on my lips like I’ve experienced with regular cartos. Just good flavor, wonderful vapor production, and no hassles whatsoever. I was immediately very impressed.

    The mouthpiece is one of those things that people tend to either love or hate. As for me, I guess I fall somewhere in the middle. I enjoy the fact that I can comfortably bite on the mouthpiece if I wish, and I really appreciate that it stays cool and doesn’t burn my lips, even at higher voltages. Conversely, the mouthpiece is rather odd-looking and takes some getting used to. It feels funny in my mouth and not at all like a tobacco cigarette or any other vapor mouthpiece I’ve ever used.

    In conclusion, despite the minor caveats mentioned above, I highly recommend the Smileomizer. The V4L website states that each Smileomizer can be refilled 12+ times, and there are many accounts from other users who have been vaping the same Smileomizer for as long as six weeks! With that kind of longevity, the value becomes apparent despite a somewhat higher initial purchase price.
  • Smileos
    Review by K9Luvr on 9/12/2013
    The smileos hold 3.5 ml juice (I think), similar to the small tank, and as long as you keep them moist they taste great. I use a syringe to fill them - quick, easy, painless. The only negative to them is that most people find the rubber tip cumbersome
  • New Smileomizers
    Review by scott58 on 9/12/2013
    I got interested in the smileomizer. The second they were back in stock I ordered another EGO and put a smileomizer on the order to try. I really wish I'd put several on the order. These work with everything I have including my old tried and true pass-thru. They actually taste alot like the prefilled regular carts which I really like. Vaper production isn't as much as the dual coil Mega, but it's very close and the taste is way better (using Traditional Tobacco 8mg). Good job. My next order is going to have several of these on it.
  • Smileomizers
    Review by Morandir on 9/12/2013
    The new Smileomizers are single coil 2.5ohm range vertical cartos that hold 3.5mls. They match up perfectly with the 900mah-sized Zeus. That’s not the best aspect of these cartos though, the specially designed drip tip is. It’s made of silicon so you can actually chew on it much like an actual cigar. Despite the fact there’s no replaceable carto in them, they last longer than any previous carto V4L has sold (as long as you don’t dry burn them). I have been able to go through two bottles of New Menthol WOW in a single carto and it’s still going strong.
  • Smileomizer Review
    Review by Katz on 9/12/2013
    Here is my highly personal, subjective, non-technical Smileomizer Review:

    I received my first smileomizers back in April with batteries I ordered, so decided to try them. I was happy with tanks, I wasn't going to fall for these new cartomizer-style things.
    My initial resistance was about relying on a syringe to fill them (can't use a Taryn spin or dropping) and that I couldn't see when they needed topping up. I've poor history with cleaning & re-using cartos, so the price was off-putting as well.

    My next order to V4L was for 30 small black Smileos. My next order was for 60… Honestly, these Smileomizers are so great, I am hooked.

    What makes them so good?
    Vapour production, throat hit, ease of use. These really are a major improvement on both the Wow Cartos and the DC 1.5ohm tank cartos I've used.
    I get about a week out of each unit, and that for me is terrific, better than tank cartos.

    Soft-touch finish is nice and matches perfectly with Auto DAVs and Zeus batteries. They look very classy compared to tanks. V4L sent me a cigar finish smileo, and it looks really nice, even with the black batteries. Love that finish, just that I don't want to look like I have a cigar.

    V4L also sent me 2 x large black Smileos to check out as part of the review team. They fit perfectly with the XL DAVs because they are fatter, so I imagine they'll also fit beautifully with the larger Zeus. 6mls of juice lasts me most of an evening, great for being out for the day etc. For heavy juice users, these will be great.

    One other personal thing – I can vape Smileomizers lying on my back on the deck at night, gazing up at the stars. Couldn't do that with tanks, I'd always get juice in my mouth.

    The mouthpiece. You have to get used to the sheer size of it, but for me this happened quickly. The nice 'squishy' feel of the tip is something I immediately enjoyed – the hard drip tips on tanks just don't feel nice anymore.
    I did try someone's suggestion of replacing it with the flat whistle-tip from a MegaCart, but I was already hooked on the feel of the Smileo tip by then.
    The large Smileos naturally have an even larger tip, which of course feels enormous to begin with. Again, it didn't take me long to get used to, though I still feel like I've got a cigar - it is not going to be for everyone.

    The mouthpiece is an issue.
    In conclusion: the satisfying clouds of vapour, throat hit, ease of use, longevity and quality really do make them worth it although if you had to pay the full price, they are too expensive in my opinion. \They're good quality, they don't feel disposable, however for those who can't/don't want to clean them.
    But I love them. I give them 4.5 stars out of 5
  • Smileoss
    Review by Emma on 9/12/2013
    The smilomizer lasts a long time and the battery life is good.
  • Smileomizers
    Review by Alex on 9/12/2013
    The vapor from smileomizer is simply THE BEST vapor I have ever vaped!!! It is so huge, so thick that I can’t even compare it to other brand cartomizers or clearomizers. Smileomizers are the game-changer in e-cig industry in my opinion, for sure.
  • Large Smileomizer
    Review by HarmonyPB on 9/12/2013
    -Bigger than regular cartos, but just as easy to fill and vape
    -Fits beautifully on the XL DAV and Large Zeus batts
    -Comes in the same color as the Zeus batts (or black for the black DAV) for a very sleek look
    -DT is attached so it won't fall off and get lost and it is rubbery so if you drop it, it won't break

    -That giant DT (again, this is just personal preference, I’ve actually seen a couple people that like it)
    -Normal carto cons like: polyfill burns if you let it get too dry/don’t fill it enough, can’t see how much liquid is left/needed, chain vaping can cause a hole in the wick tube, etc.
  • Smileomizer tips
    Review by jen on 9/12/2013
    I love the Large Smileos, but the tips were just too darn big! I found that by prying off the rubber tip, you can easily replace the rubber tip with the rubber tip off an old small sized Smileo and it fits perfectly and isn't quite as big! (If you toss a smileo away, just keep the rubber tip in case you ever want to give the large Smileos a try) Also, if you use the small Smileos, those old extra tips that they used to send with the mega carts (not the whistle tips that came with it) fit perfectly over the small Smileos once you take off the rubber tip.
  • The new "it"!
    Review by Cammy B. on 9/12/2013
    OK...since getting my Smileomizers, I rarely even use my regular carts anymore...they just don't measure up. I am completely hooked. For anyone who vapes......Smileomizers are the new "it".
  • Smileomizer
    Review by Nathaniel on 9/12/2013
    I'm a chewer. On my new Zeus, which I love, the Smileo silicon tip is the best I've used.
  • Smileomiser
    Review by dragongunner on 9/12/2013
    The smileomizer (3.5 ml version) in my opinion is utterly amazing.
  • Smileomizer lasted 2 MONTHS
    Review by kallindy on 9/12/2013
    smilemizer lasted me 2 MONTHS...actually it still works, just not great so I moved on to next one I had. no mess and sooo simple. cant believe the money I blew back in the day on atomizers that died for no reason.
  • Love the Smileos!!
    Review by JenJen on 9/12/2013
    Love the Smileos! So much easier than the tanks and no leaking! I make sure it is nice and full at the start of the day, then later in the day top it off again (usually about 10-15 drops for the regular size) and good to go until bedtime. LOVE THEM! I find they last me about 2 weeks before I replace them with a new one. (I went over 3 weeks once and got the burned taste) I haven't yet cleaned one, but I have started to save them instead of tossing and if I am feeling productive some day I might give them a cleaning and dry them out really good and use them again. But bottom line - for 2 plus weeks of usage, they are well worth the money even if you just toss them and don't reuse. I use them on my manual and auto DAVs.
  • Smileomizer REview
    Review by K9Luvr on 9/12/2013
    I love the smileo's, but that is only MO. I use them with all of my DAV's, so much easier than a tank (IMHO). The Zeus is good for those who enjoy their flavors at 5V, I like mine around 4.2 so I have 5 DAVs and lots of smileo's. Some people find the DT off-putting, but I find that you get used to it. And others find they don't like they way their juice tastes. So, I would recommend buying one or two and seeing how you like them. I fill mine with a syringe, very easy to do, and off I go. No muss, no fuss
  • All I can say is WOW
    Review by kermit on 9/12/2013
    Been vaping for a couple of months now with the titan and finally decided to try a Zeus after reading a lot about it. I filled up the smileomizer with juice and waited for it to settle (which seemed to take hours not the five minutes that it actually was). Took my first draw and WOW this thing is amazing. The taste is so much better and the vapor is huge. Put the menthol in it and told DH that if I had a cold this would clear up my sinuses right away LOL. Love the flavor of the juice through the smileomizer, it a nice cool feeling menthol in the throat and then that minty taste. Going to love this while driving to work and not having to change batteries cause I use a tank normally. Love the blue color as well... Love the Zeus.......
  • Smileomizers Review
    Review by Beachlover on 9/12/2013
    Using the Smileomizers. I had thought I wouldn't like the tip on the Smileomizer but have found it I like it just fine.

    I did find however that I don't care for the peppermint with them (kind of an after taste) so I just switched to a different flavor and it is perfect. I'll try the peppermint again later and when I get it down will mix it with a fruit flavor to see how it is. The good news is I haven't even wanted an analog since I got the Zeus.
  • Amazing
    Review by Sheila on 9/1/2013
    I'm on my ninth smileomizer since May. That means I usually only get about a week out of them. If anyone can tell me how to clean them I'd appreciate it.
    I didn't like it when I got my first one with the dial a volt but I got used to it and now I wouldn't use any thing else. I love it when you put a new one on and get an easy mouthful of vapor without having to pull on it at all. I use my Vapor Zeus all the time and I love the power.
  • The only refillable I'll ever use!
    Review by Cait S on 8/31/2013
    I switched from analogs to e-cigs about 6 months ago. I tried every vaping refillable on the market. None compare to the smileomizer!! The only negative thing I have to say about it is the newly added screen over the polyfill. I find it hard to judge when it needs to be topped off. Other than that, the smileomizer has made my transition from analogs tremendous!!!
  • 8/23/2013
    Review by Great Product!!! on 8/22/2013
    Absolutely love them, they are the best so far.
  • Best Carts Ever!
    Review by 5 Stars on 8/21/2013
    I have a decent collection of tanks, clearos, evods & carts. The Smileomizer leaves them all in the dust! I initially got 2 included in my Zeus starter kit. Loved them so much that I just ordered a 5 pk in magenta to match my battery. Highly recommend!
  • Excellent
    Review by Stephen on 8/5/2013
    I'm smilin. These are well worth the little extra cost. They last for quite some time. Very happy with them.
  • These are the best yet!
    Review by HB on 7/28/2013
    Just hit 2 months of use on my first Smileomizer and still works like new. Way more vapor out of my assortment of bats than anything else I've used, lasts a really long time, and the only cleaning I've done is a quick swab of the inside of the tip as I re-fill it. When this one finally quits I might try a proper cleaning to see if it comes back to life but even if not, I am already thrilled and will ONLY use Smileomizers from here on out. Until V4L invents something better that is!
  • OMG the Best
    Review by Pat on 7/13/2013
    These are the best carts I have ever used. The vapor produced is Awesome.
    Clouds fill the room...Very nice throat hit and I can vape all day and all night and still not fill this thing, and I am a heavy vaper. As long as they are priced reasonably I will continue to order more. The rubber tip is a little bit too big but feels nice in the lips. LOVE IT
  • Fantastic
    Review by ICR on 7/5/2013
    This is by far the best Cart I have ever used. Once you try it you will not go back to Tanks... No mess, no Muss, no Fuss. Just drip your favorite flavor in and away you Vape. The Smileomizer lasts longer than I do. I fill it and am good for the whole day. Don't believe?.... Find out for yourself, You won't go back once you've tried the Smileomizer.
  • Loving these!
    Review by Katz in Boots on 6/23/2013
    I received my first smileomizers back in April with batteries I ordered, so decided to try them. I was happy with tanks, I wasn't going to fall for these new cartomizer-style things.
    My initial resistance was because I've poor history with cleaning & re-using cartos, so the price was off-putting.

    My next order to V4L was for 30 small black Smileos. My next order was for 60… Honestly, these Smileomizers are so great, I am hooked.

    What makes them so good?
    Vapour production, throat hit, ease of use. These really are a major improvement on both the Wow Cartos and the DC 1.5ohm tank cartos I've used.
    I get about 1-2 weeks out of each unit, and that for me is terrific, better than tank cartos.

    Soft-touch finish is nice and matches perfectly with Auto DAVs and Zeus batteries. They look very classy compared to tanks. V4L sent me a cigar finish smileo, and it looks really nice, even with the black batteries. Love that finish, just that I don't want to look like I have a cigar.

    One other personal thing – I can vape Smileomizers lying on my back on the deck at night, gazing up at the stars. Couldn't do that with tanks, I'd always get juice in my mouth.

    The mouthpiece. You have to get used to the sheer size of it, but for me this happened quickly. The nice 'squishy' feel of the tip is something I immediately enjoyed – the hard drip tips on tanks just don't feel nice anymore.

    In conclusion: the satisfying clouds of vapour, throat hit, ease of use, longevity and quality really do make them worth trying. I love them. I give them 4.5 stars out of 5
  • Hate the tip!
    Review by Works great!! on 6/22/2013
    This thing has produced the most consistent vapor and flavor of anything I've tried yet.

    Only dislike is the tip. Just far to large for someone that has never smoked cigars. I removed the tip, took a pair of plyers and yanked off the bit crown on the top, then painstakingly installed a silicon drip tip from one of my tanks. Much better.

    When you guys start selling or including smaller tips, I will drop the tanks completely in favor of the smileomizer.
    Great job guys. Keep on innovating.
  • Impressive. Was Pleasantly Surprised.
    Review by Mark on 6/20/2013
    Can't believe it.
    I'm a fan of the Smileo!
    I had my doubts but I've got about ten tanks that haven't gotten ANY use since I got two of the smileos.
    Hassle free, leak free, and i'm about 3 weeks deep with each going strong.
    Obviously a Perfect fit to the Zeus (They look so good together it's like they were made for each other) and the same goes for the Dial-a-volts.
    Bout to go order a 5 pack now!
  • Easy to fill
    Review by Easy on 6/15/2013
    I like the Smileomizers better than the tanks but I would prefer if there were an option for a smaller tip available.
  • good at first
    Review by Brian on 6/9/2013
    Brand new it was great ..but using it the other day it just quit..tried all the "tips" still not working
  • Smileomizer Earns a Big Thumbs Up!!
    Review by Janet H on 5/21/2013
    Received my first Smileomizer with purchase of my auto Dial-A-Volt and was most pleasantly surprised with how well it fit! The two were made to go together for a seamless fit and sexy look! Couldn’t wait to fill it – straight from the mailbox to my mouth! It was so easy to fill; I actually did it in my car without any equipment other than a bottle of juice. Just squeezed in about 30 drops, waited, then another 30 drops, short wait, and topped it off with approximately 10 more drops. Then I attached it to my new auto Dial-A-Volt and man was I blown away by the vapor! I had long given up using carts for the love of tanks, but have to admit this device amazed me and upped my expectations of a simple, yet perfect vape. I have since received my cigar colored Zeus with cigar colored smileomizers and was ever more impressed. It is a perfect setup, cool looking and vapes like a champ! They truly hold up to the 5 volts of the Zeus! I have since used them on my Handle for a completely new and different experience from tanks.

    The only complaint I could possibly make, is the shape of the mouthpiece. It is somewhat too big and awkward for my mouth… but have since learned to convert the whistle tip from the mega carts for a more comfortable mouthpiece. It is my sincere hope, this will be a standard option in the future. I have been using the same one for a few weeks now and it is still going strong. I haven’t yet tried to clean it and if the sale prices continue, I doubt I ever will. Just vape for weeks and then replace, really is not any more expensive than tanks in the long run.
    So if you are looking for a simple way to get the most out of your device, you can’t go wrong with a smileomizer!

  • Sittin' in a lounge
    Review by Zencoder on 5/18/2013
    Bar far one of the best experiences in my vaping journey yet. This is a great example of, you get what you paid for. Deep, rich vapor / flavor with an elegant touch. Just sitting at my local lounge, sipping a cocktail while vaping with the full Zeus system got a lot of curious questions. I think I sold over every single person. Honestly, start a street team, have them hang out in a classy, and you've got bank.
  • Great Device!
    Review by KY_Rob on 5/17/2013
    I've been using my first Vapor4Life Smileomizer for the last 6 weeks. That's right, a single Smileomizer has lasted me 6 weeks, and is still going strong.

    Granted, it has not been used as my all day vape. However, I've put just over 40ml's of V4L 12mg Premium Rum & Cola e-liquid through it. I even let it sit full of liquid for a week, picked it up, and resumed vaping without issue.

    I do not clean cartomizers, so I haven't cleaned the Smileomizer either. I just want to see how long it will last just using it.

    This particular Smileomizer rings out at 2.6ohms per the trusty Fluke, which is within the normal operating range for these devices.

    Flavor is superb! Very much on par with some of the higher end Fusion cartomizers currently on the market.

    Vapor production is fantastic! Large, full, plumes of vapor with every draw. A warm, pleasant, vape. Not at all hot or cool.

    Construction of the Smileomizer is also very good. The surgical grade silicone tip covering a slender metal tube, makes for a very cigar-like experience. The tip is quite large, so it could be a bit uncomfortable for some. This oversized tip is usually good for me, but I do find it a bit too much at times. V4L states that replacements for these tips will be available for purchase in the future. I would like to see some variety in shape and size for the Smileomizer replacement tips, to allow for a more comfortable all day vape.

    The Smileomizer works perfectly with all of my other V4L devices, and presumably anything else with KR808D battery connections. Using a 510 to 808 adaptor to connect to other mods has proven troublesome for me, as air flow becomes restricted. I was able to tinker with the setup a bit to get it working, and the Smileomizer soldiered on!

    Filling the Smileomizer is much easier for me than traditional cartomizers, thanks to its size. Of course, if you prefer using syringes to fill, it's the same experience you're used to, just more liquid ;)

    While a list price of $14.95 seems high, longevity and performance makes the Smileomizer a great value! V4L does offer these at reduced prices periodically, making the choice simple for me.
  • Yessss
    Review by Adam from Chicago on 5/16/2013
    -When the Smileomizer gets a traffic ticket, the cops end up owing him money
    -The Smileomizer is rich enough to afford 7 private jets, but it prefers to teleport to its destination
    -The Smileomizer could beat the Heat in a 7 game series, holding them to under 30 points twice

    Seriously get this thing stop wasting time. its awesome
  • Awesome Vape
    Review by Meredith on 5/10/2013
    This is my first venture away from plain carts and I am shocked and so pleased with the amount of vape and the flavor that comes out of the Smileomizer. Amazing little unit that turns my Titan batteries into cloud machines! My only worry is that with these, my batteries seem to run down fast. Otherwise, filling is easy, vaping is so pleasant, and the whole experience is 10x better than with carts. Must get more. Please offer these in other colors!
  • Finally!!! Lasting Great Vape and Great Flavor!
    Review by Jeff on 5/3/2013
    A Zeus battery is great for sure, but when it comes down to it, its really all about the cartomizer, isn't it? The Smileomizer is the best!

    I have been a loyal V4L customer for some time and my wife is also a V4L user. However, I decided to get sophisticated a few months ago and bought a bottom feeder that accepts all kinds of cartomizers, from the cheaper fiber filled to the very expensive ceramic core. A bottom feeder is a bit of a chore, but I liked how long the battery lasted and I also liked the stronger vape... not anymore.

    The Zeus combined with the Smilomizer is awesome! Wonderful lasting and consistent flavor. This is what I have been looking for since I switched from smoking and started vaping 2.5 years ago.

    I might as well throw away the shoe box of accessories, large batteries and big chargers and completely convert to this new system. And that decision is more because of the quality of the Smileomizer than the wonderful Zeus battery that keeps it going all day.

    Needless to say, I am thrilled!
  • Game Changer!
    Review by Ian on 4/30/2013
    I have been using CoolCarts for around 2 years. On my last order i decided to try one of these smileomizers and wow! I have been vaping on the same one for almost 2 weeks! I keep the filler very moist and never let it run dry. Taste is spot on with every drag. Even after 2 weeks the filler is still white like it was brand new. I am using these at high voltage (6.5v) and they perform excellent. Now i am wishing i hadnt ordered so many coolcarts because im ready to switch to these!
  • Awesome!
    Review by Greyswindir on 4/28/2013
    I bought a Smilomizer last week to check out if they are any good. The Smilomizer rocks! Juice tastes great all of the time, no burning, no heat issues. I've used it for six days without cleaning it and the flavor is still perfect. You get the snap, crackle, and pop of a new cart all the time (when using pass-through) and the less-audible "sizzle" when using normal batteries.

    The Smilomizer is a vast improvement over traditional carts. It won't burn up on you either, just make sure you top it off every few hours and you are golden! The large rubber tip is actually more comfortable to smoke from then the traditional-sized cart. Buy a few of these, you won't regret it.

    Smilomizers work fine with older batteries (if you're unsure give V4L a call before you buy one). I've used it on the KR808 without any problems at all and get huge plumes of vapor on fully charged battery.

    Good luck friends.
  • Amazing draw
    Review by Robert on 4/24/2013
    I just bought the Vapor Zeus with 4 smilomizers. Having much experience with cartos over the last few years I filled my first one up until it was fully soaked. It was hitting like a champ and then literally 30 seconds in it started getting that burned plastic taste. It never went away and the filler had plenty of juice... I knew it was a dud. I filled up a second one and this one was a sure winner. I was still let down that the first one was a dud (and I payed the full price - no discount) so I called customer service. They are gladly sending another one to my delight. Maybe because I am a long time customer. Hopefully there will be a good track record on these and I just managed to get a rare dud. Thankfully the price was recently lowered too. Bottom line the one that works is hitting like a champ. Great vape and GREAT customer service!! Loving the Zeus!
  • amazing...but
    Review by sebastian on 4/21/2013
    these are really good. but really would like them to be cheaper, id buy a lot more
  • Amazing Carto!!!
    Review by Frank Cahall on 4/19/2013
    Super easy to fill. First fill took over 70 drops in less than 30 seconds no flooding. On my carto I was able to refill this carto over 20 times.

    Superb flavor. Superb vapor content when used with the new Zeus!!!!

    Best new carto style in my 2 years of vaping!!!!!!
  • Smilomizer... :)
    Review by Obeconobe on 4/14/2013
    Great quality and simple design make this one excellent cartomizer. Like the "rubbery" drip-tip as it provides a comfortable and more natural feel. Likewise, it also prevents "lip-burn" unlike some other designs. Anyone who has taken a long hard drag on a cigarette sized "carto" surely knows what I'm talking about. Holds 3.5ml to provide all day vaping, even if vaping heavily. Just be sure to prevent "running" it dry to prolong its useful life the same as any other refillable cartomizer or tank. Otherwise its a $10 piece of "toast".
  • new fave!
    Review by GalinaJay on 4/13/2013
    I got one of these free when I bought a dial-a-volt. At first I didn't really like it because the shape and size of the tip is a little strange but after a while as I got used to it, I found that I really really like it! Super easy to fill and it looks great with my automatic dial-a-volt. I hope they offer these in more colors so I can match them to all the dial-a-volt colors. They do look kinda funny on my manual batteries though since there's that awkward space there so I'll just use them with my automatic. The pull is awesome and the vapor and flavor that comes out are incredible. Way easier to fill than tanks or regular carts! I like how both pieces screw apart instead of just pulling them-they feel more secure to me that way. I'd definitely give these a try if you're on the fence!
  • Great!
    Review by SmokerFree on 4/12/2013
    I have 2 of these and absolutely love them! No leaks and great vapor!
  • Awesome
    Review by Drew on 4/11/2013
    Just received two of these to use with a Auto Dial A Volt, the combo is amazing. Huge plumes of vapor and taste with very little draw. Very easy fill even with the thicker flavors. Perfect match with the DAV.
  • Tops In My Book!
    Review by Darin on 4/11/2013
    Easy to fill. Long lasting (I have filled mine 20+ times!). The vapor production is amazing, even at lower voltages. Looks perfect on my DAVs. Works great with my OMG All Day. The drip tip is unique, comfortable, and especially enjoyable for cigar lovers! The only refillable carto I will be buying from now on!
  • best vape
    Review by holy cow on 4/8/2013
    using these on omg all day and never had a vape like this.i have tried cartomizer,clearomizer,vv,ego,tanks,dripping,never performed like these do.
  • Good
    Review by Sebastian on 4/3/2013
    easy fill, lots of vapor on my vv. 5 stars but it should cost a little less..
  • Great product!
    Review by AJ on 3/28/2013
    These things are great! They are bigger than regular cartomizers, but just as easy to fill and use. They have a great draw and I love all the big clouds of vapor I get from them. The tip is nice and rubbery and perfect for hands free vaping with the Auto Dial-A-Volt. They fit perfectly on the DAV and come in black for a very sleek look.

  • Not bad
    Review by Mike on 7/29/2016
    Did not last as long as v2 smilermizer.
  • These are great...most of the time
    Review by John on 8/2/2016
    When these things are working, they can't be beat! They produce huge clouds of great tasting vapor and last up to a week. You just have to make sure you keep the filler moist.
    I love the silicone tip, that I can bite down on for a hands free vaping experience.
    I wish that they weren't so pricey though. And I buy the XL version, so it's even $1 more.
    However, sometimes you get a bad batch of these and they burn up much more quickly than they should. Customer service has been cool about replacing bad ones I have received in the past though.


2.5 ohm
3.5mL (Small), 6mL (Large)
Stainless steel, surgical-grade silicone tip
All Vapor4Life KR808D batteries, except for EGO Batteries
Black, Cigar, Blue, Magenta, Green
Screw off the soft mouth piece and drip tip from the cartomizer and drip 70-90 drops (120-150 for Large) against the side of the cartomizer into the white filler material. Work your way around in a circle dripping one at a time. Let sit for 5 minutes. If the polyfill is not saturated, repeat this process. Replace the drip tip and mouth piece, screw onto a battery and you're ready to vape. Once you experience a lack of vapor production or flavor, it is time to refill the Smileomizer.

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