This 50-pack of Disposable Vapes contains 50 of the top-rated disposable e Cigarettes, according to top eCig publications "Spinfuel" and "Vapor Digest". It's unique tobacco and menthol flavorings provide a realistic throat hit and taste that is far different than any other eCig on the market today.
Stock up and get a discount when you buy in bulk! Get 50 Disposable Vapes and save $100 off of the retail price.
  • Best bang for you buck
    Review by Tony on 9/14/2016
    Much better than the stuff you find at corner stores. Actually tastes like a real cig. I go through one of these every other day. Can't recommend it enough.
  • Excellent!
    Review by PassionatePianist on 8/21/2016
    Very light weight, small, discreet, stylish, satisfying. Practical (no need to recharge). And the price for the 50 pack is unbeatable. I buy them for when I travel overseas, to make sure I will have my daily pleasures.
  • No filling or charging and they break down to $5 a pop!!!
    Review by LazyVaporBob on 4/14/2016
    I use to be the guy that goes across the county line to avoid taxes and buy a few cartons of cigs at a time. I always coupon clip and look for bulk saving, like sams club type shopping. I buy this bundle because i like them and they have a long shelf life. Plus where I live you cant get decent tasting disposables for under $10 a peice and you sure as h#!! cant find decent cigs at that cost either. Wish you guys made an 11mg cause im thinking of moving down in the nicotine but feel I still have the oral fixation. Putting in another order soon, thanks guys for keeping me smoke free for 10 months now!
  • The Super Stock Bundle
    Review by MikeNoMolly on 5/18/2016
    So i switched to vaping a little over 4 months ago and go threw one of these a day. If these were cigs i would still be at a pack a day im sure, so the higher nicotine is much appreciated. Nice throat hit and a smooth draw. Most others I have tried felt like I was trying to grab peanut with a stirring straw because of how hard you had to pull in order to even get anything. I always look for deals and since I know that I wont be going back to vaping anytime soon im definitely gonna stock up before the FDA steps in with all this non-sense they are pulling on us ex smokers. Keep up the good work V4L!!


Nicotine Strength:
26mg or 2.6%
Smilin Tobacco (Regular) & Smilin Tobacco Menthol (Menthol)
L.E.D. Color:
3.56 in
0.38 in

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