The great thing about e-liquids is the versatility. Filter Vapor4Life’s vaping juice selection by product line and flavor family. Any e-liquid can go into a tank or blank cartomizer—but work best with manual e-cig batteries.

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Ecig Eliquids FAQ
What is the difference between PG and VG?

E-liquid contains vapor-producing agents PG and VG, food-grade flavoring, and nicotine (optional).

Propylene Glycol (PG) is thinner than VG and helps create the throat hit when vaping. Some people are sensitive or allergic to Propylene Glycol, so juice with just VG is a good alternative.

Vegetable Glycerin (VG) is thicker than PG, and produces thick clouds of vapor. The more VG a juice contains, the more vapor it will produce.

Premium and WOW Vapor Cartomizers and liquid use a mix of Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin.

WOW VG carts and juice contain Vegetable Glycerin, food-grade flavoring, and nicotine (optional), but no PG.

What strength eliquid should I get?

Although electronic cigarettes do not contain tobacco, most do have nicotine. This is the addictive part of cigarettes. We carry seven different strengths of nicotine: 36mg (3.6%), 24mg (2.4%), 18mg (1.8%), 11mg (1.1%), 8mg (0.8%), 4mg (0.4%), and no nicotine - 0mg (0%). Higher strengths are best for people who smoke more than one or several packs of cigarettes every day, or smokers who enjoy full-flavor cigarettes. Lower nicotine strengths are best suited for smokers who don’t smoke as much. Different people react differently to nicotine levels. Heavy smokers might not like high levels of nicotine, and light smokers might want higher levels to satisfy cravings.

Below is a general guideline for choosing a nicotine strength. If you’re new to vaping, try a couple different strengths to see which you prefer. Some vapers even use different strengths depending on the flavor.

Which should I get, Carts or Juice?

Flavor is an important part of an electronic cigarette. There are different ways to house the flavor in your e-cig. You can use a pre-filled Cartomizer. This comes with e-liquid already inside it, and is the easiest way to get your flavor. You can also buy blank Cartomizers. Some people like to fill their Cartomizers with juice themselves. Tanks, EGO Mega Carts, and Smileomizers all come empty and must be filled with liquid.

pre-filled Cartomizers are very easy to use. Just remove the protective caps and screw onto your battery. The advantage to buying juice and filling Cartomizers or Tanks yourself, is that it’s cheaper, and you can mix a couple flavors together to create new ones!

How many times can I fill a Smileomizer with one 30 ml bottle of liquid?

The Vapor4Life Ecig Smileomizer comes in two sizes. The small size can hold up to 3.5 ml of liquid inside. The large Ecig smileomizer can hold up to 6 ml of eliquid inside. With the small smileomizer and a 30ml bottle of liquid, you should be able to refill the Smileomizer at least 8-10 times. With the large smileomizer and a 30ml bottle of vaping eliquid, you should be able to refill the Smileomizer at least 5-6 times.

How long will one 30 ml bottle of eliquid last?

One 30 ml bottle of vaping eliquid will last a different amount of time for each vaper. We recommend always having several bottles of vaping eliquid available, just in case. For a typical vaper, one 30 ml bottle of vaping eliquid will last about 2-4 weeks.

How do I refill a Smileomizer?

Refilling the Vapor4Life Smileomizer is one of the easiest things you can do all day. You simply remove the Smileomizer from your Ecig vaporizer battery and drip 5-10 drops of eliquid onto the polyfill inside of the Smileomizer. After the polyfill has absorbed and distributed the eliquid to the bottom of your Smileomizer, you can drip more drops of eliquid inside until the Smileomizer is full enough to make you smile when you take a puff.

How do I refill a Tank?

Refilling a Tank requires a few steps. We highly recommend watching a video like the one at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n9Q1x-f5UkQ

What are in the e-liquids?

Vapor4Life eliquids all have a combination of Propylene Glycol (PG), Vegetable Glycerin (VG), food grade flavoring and/or nicotine. The 0mg eliquids offered by Vapor4Life contain NO nicotine.

What’s the difference between WOW Vapor, Premium liquid and VG liquids?

WOW Vapor eliquids contain WOW Vapor liquid and generate industry leading vapor production. They have more PG than Premium Nobacco Juice and produce a strong throat hit.

Premium eliquids contain more PG than VG.

WOW Vapor VG eliquids contain Vegetable Glycerin (VG) as the vapor producing agent. Some people are sensitive or allergic to Propylene Glycol (PG), which is found in Premium Nobacco Juice and WOW Vapor juice.

Why does my liquid taste like chemicals?

We have occasionally heard this question from some of our Vapor4Life family and we think it is important for our customers to understand that if you think that your liquid taste like chemicals, then it is more than likely that your nicotine strength is more than what you need. Each of our eliquids comes with the same amount of flavoring.

Why doesn’t my peach taste like it used to? Did you switch suppliers?

Vapor4Life eliquids undergo extreme scrutiny during our production and quality assurance processes. If you feel that your eliquid flavor does not taste like it used to, then it is quote possible that your taste buds have changed over time. Try a new flavor and reinvigorate you taste buds today!

Frequently Asked Questions