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  • e Cigar has 5 Volts of power for superior vapor production
  • Passthrough technology allows for vaping while charging
  • Available in 5 colors
  • Pair with an E-Cigar King cartomizer, or V2 Smileomizer for the ultimate e Cigar experience
    • Black
    • Cigar
    • Blue
    • Green
    • Magenta

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    The E-Cigar King battery is the top eCigar on the market today due to it's easy to use, automatic (puff-activated) technology. This allows it to be the only e Cigar to provide a high voltage without the need for a button. When attached to a chewable eCigar cartomizer, it provides the ultimate satisfaction for the cigar smoker. The eCigar King can be used indoors where traditional cigars can not be used and will not leave a lingering smell.

    *Never refill e Cigar King Cartomizers while attached to any e Cigar King Battery.

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    • Great Product
      Review by Andrea on 1/13/2017
      This is a great product especially when they do the BOGO deals.
    • Best e-Cigar
      Review by Pamela on 1/12/2017
      Great product best e-cigar on the market
    • Keep it dry
      Review by James on 9/25/2016
      The large ECK battery is the same as the medium Vapor Zeus but cheaper. Long-lasting, consistent voltage right up to the point where you need to recharge. I haven't had one die on me but I have screwed up the pressure switch inside a battery - permanently - by overfilling the Smileomizer and allowing e-juice to leak into the battery. Let the Smilomizer or e-Cigar cartomizer (again, same thing - different name) stand on end for a few minutes after refilling it to make sure no juice comes out the bottom. If it does, blow through the Smiloemizer into a tissue or paper towel to clear the excess liquid before attaching it to the battery. Keep the contact ends of the battery and Smileomizer clean.
    • Best battery ever!!
      Review by Chris on 9/5/2016
      These batteries are so good I just bought 2 more for back-ups using a great promo that was offered for Labor Day... Thank you V4L
    • ecigarking
      Review by Mike on 8/29/2016
      Not quite as good as the zeus but very close. Received this battery instead of my 2nd Zeus because of stock issues which i wasn't thrilled about.
    • Long lasting
      Review by LndSvyr on 8/19/2016
      Has held up well. Price way too high without some kind of deal though.
    • Great battery same as Zeus
      Review by Chris on 8/14/2016
      I ordered one of these batteries when my regular Zeus battery was out of stock. I think this battery and the rooms are the same thing and last just as long, both are great long-lasting battery
    • converted
      Review by Sue on 8/9/2016
      I was sent these instead of my original order due to stock issues, I love them! I am converted :-D
    • Looks And Works Fabtastic
      Review by Dan on 8/1/2016
      Besides the excellent reliability and long lasting charge, I get many complements on the way this battery looks even from non smokers.
    • These batteries rule!
      Review by John on 8/1/2016
      This is a long lasting and automatic battery that allows vapers to vape hands free, for that true cigar feel.
      When used in conjunction with a smilomizer or a prefilled ECK cart, the device can be held in the mouth by biting down on the silicon tip for a true cigar feel. There is really nothing else out there like it!
      The battery is powerful and provides clouds of vapor, giving users a nice throat hit and chest feel.
      It is long lasting too, you can vape darn near all day on one of these bad boys.
    • Love these!
      Review by Kerry on 7/29/2016
      I know they have newer "box" type batteries, but I like these a lot. They last a long time with minimal care, stay charged a long time, and I love the fact you can charge and go or use them as a pass-thru while charging. They are on clearance a lot, so I will be sad if they stop making this type of battery!
    • Almost as good as zues
      Review by matthew on 7/29/2016
      Not quite as good as the zeus however the automatic battery makes it simple and easy to use.
    • Supercalifragilisticexpealidocious
      Review by Libra1351 on 8/8/2015
      It's all that and more when paired with the e-cig smileimizor (? sp)!!! Also make sure to have plenty of juice on hand because it takes almost the whole bottle to fill, etc.
    • Its the same as the auto zeus!!
      Review by InvasionOfTheDealSnatcher on 12/11/2014
      I bought this because it was on sale and wanted a back-up for my zeus. Its exactly like my zeus but just seems to have a different logo on it. Get this if its cheaper than the zeus, who cares what it says on it???
    • More power
      Review by TanaLV on 7/7/2013
      Amazing that size=power when it comes to e cig batteries. More power than a pass thru!
    • Battery isn't as well built as last 1
      Review by Christi on 8/20/2016
      I ordered a blue x large battery it still works great I got the pink one this time it turns on all the time by itself I have to shake it to shut it off


    Black, Cigar
    Large 900mAh (Height: 4.5 in, Width: 0.56 in)
    XL 1300mAh (Height: 4.38 in, Width: 0.63 in)
    Estimated Use and Charge Time:
    The Large Battery has 9-12 hours of use and takes 3 hours to charge
    The XL e Cigar battery has 15-20 hours of use and takes 4 hours to charge.
    Regulated to 5V using single coil cartomizers 2.0ohms and above; and 4.4V using dual coil cartomizers
    E-Cigar King Cartomizers, Smileomizers
    E-Cigar King Charging Cable, Vapor Zeus USB Charger plugs into a USB port or USB adapter and can be used as a passthrough or to charge the battery.
    Screw on your E-Cigar King Cartomizer and puff away. When refilling, please allow 5 minutes for any e-Liquid to dry before re-attaching the cartomizer or Smileomizer to the battery. Damages caused by e-liquid misuse will not be covered by the warranty.

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