At Vapor4Life, you can buy the best e-juice on the market for an affordable price. We sell hundreds of e-liquids, from our signature vape juices to other top brands of high-VG juice. Smokers can choose from seven nicotine levels in our WOW and Premium juice for e-cigarettes, including zero nicotine e-liquid and an assortment of true-to-life tobacco, menthol and coffee e-liquids.

Vape mod users can indulge in high-VG vape liquids from our Ultimo Vapor E-Juice line, Beard Vape Co., Space Jam E-Juice and more. Whether you're looking for a true tobacco vape liquid or an e-juice that tastes like your favorite fruit or dessert, we've got what you're looking for.

We consider ourselves e-liquid connoisseurs and we only carry the best e-juice from the best companies. Our assortment of vape juice keeps growing too. Buy a 60 ml bottle of e-juice to stock up! We even carry an assortment of CBD oil and VG-only liquids. If you don't see an e-liquid you want, drop us a line or check back later; we're adding so many new vape liquids that the assortment is never the same.

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Salted Caramel e-Juice by Mr Macaron

Salted Caramel e-Juice by Mr Macaron (60 mL)

Regular Price: $29.99

Special Price $24.99

Mr. Macaron’s Salted Caramel E-Juice nestles a smooth center of gooey ganache between discs of crisp almond meringue that melt in your mouth to mix with the sweet, salt-sprinkled caramel. This salted caramel e-juice is as decadent as the famous french treat that inspires it. As you inhale, your tastebuds are treated to an airy meringue essence coupled with the thick sweetness of pure caramel and a generous sprinkling of salt. The clouds you get when you exhale salted Caramel E-Liquid are just as light and fluffy (and tantalizing) as a macaron you’d spot in a bakery window in Paris. The 70/30 VG/PG blend of Mr. Macaron creates thick clouds that don’t overtake the delectable dessert flavor, which tastes even sweeter on the exhale. If you want an complex dessert flavor that hits all the right notes, Salted Caramel E-Juice is the one for you. Learn More
Red Ade e-Juice

Red Ade e-Juice (60 mL)

Regular Price: $29.99

Special Price $24.99

Vapers have been reeling from the fruit-flavored frenzy that’s squeezed into every bottle of Red ADE E-Juice. This powerful flavor mirrors the quenching taste of a popular red sports drink and it packs the same kind of punch. When you vape Red ADE e-liquid, you’ll taste a complex, but easily recognizable flavor profile of apple, orange, pineapple and mango with a subtle touch of coconut. A haze of tropical flavor rushes in when you inhale, and forms fruit-infused clouds of epic proportions when you exhale. Red ADE is made with a 70/30 VG/PG blend, so you will kick out lots of clouds when you vape it, especially if you’re sub-ohm vaping. Buy Red ADE E-Liquid in your choice of nic levels, including zero nicotine, to add an invigorating e-juice to your collection. Learn More
Purple Ade E-Juice Bottle

Purple Ade e-Juice (60 mL)

Regular Price: $29.99

Special Price $24.99

The refreshing burst of a grape sports drink is a flavor that’s unmistakable. Cool and crisp, fruity and fresh, Purple ADE E-Juice mimics the taste of a purple sports drink so well that you’ll forget you’re vaping. From start to finish, this juice embodies pure grape goodness. When you open a bottle of Purple ADE, the first thing that hits you is the sweet smell of grapes. The next thing you notice is the liquid’s cool purple tint as you drip or fill up your tank. As you vape Purple ADE E-Liquid, you’ll taste the essence of a just-picked bunch of plump purple grapes on both the inhale and the exhale. This wicked mix has a 70/30 VG/PG ratio that consistently churns up thick clouds. It comes in a 60 ml unicorn bottle, so it’s easy to store and pour. Learn More
Blue Ade e-Juice

Blue Ade e-Juice (60 mL)

Regular Price: $29.99

Special Price $24.99

Blue ADE E-Juice packs all the full-on refreshment and flavor of your favorite blue sports drink into a sleek 60 ml unicorn bottle. This invigorating mix blends the sweetness of fresh blueberries with the tangy edge of a blue raspberry candy to create a concoction that will energize every one of your senses. Thick plumes of sweet-scented clouds come from this vape juice’s 70/30 VG/PG blend, which is best experienced with sub-ohm coils. The intense flavor hits you at full force on the inhale and leaves a pleasantly tart aftertaste on the exhale, with a halo of fragrant clouds that keeps you wanting more. You can buy Blue ADE e-juice in several nicotine flavors to suit your taste, including zero nicotine. Fruit flavor fanatics can’t resist the blue raspberry essence of Blue ADE e-liquid. Learn More
Jungle Fever e-Juice by Ruthless. Ruthless Jungle Fever

Jungle Fever e Juice by Ruthless

When we tell you that Jungle Fever by Ruthless E-Juice is max-VG, we really mean it. Like, you’ll practically be invisible through all the clouds it produces. This yummy e-liquid is made with 90% VG and just 10% PG, so Jungle Fever is every cloud chaser’s daydream. Like all of the flavors from Ruthless E-Juice, Jungle Fever has a distinctly exotic edge. A full inhale brings you the sub-tropical flavor of smooth mango and the bite of a juicy chunk of pineapple. You’ll taste a bit more citrus to add an effervescent vibe to these fruity flavors as you exhale. Once the dense fog has dissipated, Jungle Fever will leave a fruit-filled fragrance and aftertaste that will leave you coming back for more. Anyone within a 100 ft radius will be asking you where you got your e-liquid. Learn More
Honey Granola Bar e-Juice by Yogi eLiquids

Original Granola Bar by Yogi e-Juice

Ahhhhh, granola! The go-to snack of hikers, campers and really hungry bears. YOGI Original Granola E-Juice is chockful of nuts, honey, grains and VAPOR! Made with an 80/20 VG/PG ratio, this yummy granola bar e-liquid is guaranteed to unfurl a layer of mist thick enough to make a mountaintop in the Smokies jealous. Whether you’re hiking on a tree-lined trail or cruising through the city in your car, we suggest you keep a bottle of YOGI Original Granola E-Juice on hand. Disclaimer: the honey-covered vapor scent is so strong that it can even attract bears to the city. You’ve been warned. Fill your tank with YOGI Original Granola E-Juice for the strength you need to get through a long hike...or a long workday. Learn More
Fried Banana e-Juice by FRYD

Fried Banana e Juice by FRYD

Just one bite of a fried banana can tantalize your tastebuds with an array of textures and flavors. When you sink your teeth into the crispy, fried coating, you encounter the sweet taste of honey, which is only bested by the taste of smooth, sweet banana! That classic flavor is just a vape break away when you load up your tank with Fried Banana E-Juice by FRYD. Like the other wicked flavors from FRYD, this e-juice is a max-VG blend that packs a real punch of flavor and vapor. True banana taste? Check. Irresistible fried goodness. Check. Make FRYD Fried Banana E-Juice your all-day (and all-night) vape. Learn More
Vanilla Almond Milk by Moo e-Liquids

Vanilla Almond Milk by Moo e Liquids

Almond milk is all the rage now, but it isn’t just for vegans and health food nuts. The farmers at Moo E-Liquids milked their Vanilla Almond Milk from a herd of ethically treated almonds to whip up a creamy e-juice with heavy hints of vanilla. An easy edge of almond flavor makes this max-vg e-liquid (70/30 ratio) the perfect option for vapers who are into almond or vanilla vape flavors. This stuff is seriously hard to put down. Moo E-Liquids Vanilla Almond Milk e-juice tastes like a scoop of french vanilla ice cream topped with slivered almonds. This is an employee favorite here at Vapor4Life. Get Moo E-Liquids Vanilla Almond MIlk vape juice before it evaporates into thin air. Learn More
Banana Milk by Moo e-Liquids

Banana Milk by Moo e Liquids

Holy cow! Ok, yeah, it sounds really cliche to say that, but those were the first words that came to mind when we tried Banana MIlk by Moo E-Liquids. This max-VG juice produces thick vapor that smells like delicious, banana-scented clouds swirling through the air. The flavor is just as full and tantalizing as the clouds you get from Banana Milk by Moo E-Liquids. Inhale to intoxicate your tastebuds with heavy cream and a dollop of banana. Exhale to ramp up the banana flavor with a gentle finish of whole milk (no skim milk here)! Each vape creates the essence of a thick banana milkshake. There’s no way not to enjoy this. Get yourself a bottle of Banana Milk by Moo E-Liquids. You’d be...umm...bananas not to! Learn More
Strawberry Cream e-Juice by Mr Macaron

Strawberry Cream e-Juice by Mr Macaron (60 mL)

Regular Price: $29.99

Special Price $24.99

Fluffy notes of smooth strawberry set Mr. Macaron’s Strawberry Cream E-Liquid apart from other strawberry cream juices you’ve tried. Inspired by the indulgent airiness of an authentic macaron, this e-juice melds the fullness of fresh strawberries and heavy cream with the light almond meringue exterior of the beloved french confection. Strawberry Cream E-Juice leaves a pleasantly sweet aftertaste that lingers as the thick vape clouds slowly dissipate after you exhale. The intoxicating clouds unfurl in huge plumes due to Strawberry Cream’s 70/30 VG/PG ratio. Whether you’re a cloud chaser or a flavor chaser, you’ll find plenty to love about this juice blend, which stirs your senses no matter if you’re dripping or vaping it out of your favorite tank. After you try Strawberry Cream, check out the other yummy flavors from Mr. Macaron online. Learn More
I Love Cookies Too e-Juice by Mad Hatter | Vapor4Life

I Love Cookies Too e-Juice (60mL)

Regular Price: $29.99

Special Price $24.99

Do you ever finish a cookie and then go back and grab another cookie...and then another...even if you told yourself you’re only going to have just one? WE ALL HAVE. That’s why Mad Hatter Vapes created I LOVE Cookies TOO —to give you double the flavor, double the vapor and double the e-juice. I Heart Cookies Too takes the nutty chocolate chip taste of I Love Cookies and throws in more chocolate chips, more strawberries and more caramel drizzle. You can taste the chewy, perfectly baked cookies and their strong strawberry sweetness on the inhale. Take your time on the exhale to enjoy every crumb of the cookie, right down to the last gooey drop of caramel. It’s reassuring to know that I Heart Cookies Too comes in a 60 ml bottle because you won’t be able to put this e-juice down. You get more of the flavor you love for just a little extra when you buy I Love Cookies Too E-Liquid at Vapor4Life. Learn More
Naked 100 Lava Flow e-Liquid

Lava Flow e-Juice by Naked 100

Naked 100 E-Juice’s Lava Flow sweeps you away to a far-off island paradise with its exotic flavor profile. The tropical tastes of pure strawberry and succulent pineapple blend together like the dreamy red and gold colors of a Hawaiian sunset. Add a generous sprinkling of coconut shavings and your tastebuds will think you’re sipping on a tall frozen cocktail. Plumes of vape fog will unfurl with every exhale of Lava Flow e-liquid, which is made with 70% VG and 30% PG. The inhale brings a strong top note of strawberry and pineapple, which is underscored by hints of coconut that pick up slightly when you exhale. Like all of Naked 100’s vape flavors, Lava Flow is available in a variety of nicotine levels, including zero nic. Naked 100 squeezed all the magic of a tropical getaway into a single bottle of Lava Flow e-juice. Learn More
FRYD Banana e Liquid (60mL)
Yummy Gum e Liquid by Naked 100

Yummy Gum e-Juice by Naked 100 Candy

Just one vape on Yummy Gum E-Liquid tastes like chewing a mouthful of mega sweet strawberry chewing gum. Unlike chewing gum, though, this e-juice flavor only intensifies as you keep on vaping it. As soon as you twist open the bottle, you’ll be enchanted by the sugary strawberry essence of Yummy Gum E-Juice. The inhale hits you with the strong taste of pure, sun-kissed strawberries, picked from the vine when they’re perfectly ripe. This fruit flavor mingles with the sugary taste of a fresh hunk of chewing gum to make each vape better than the last. Yummy Gum Vape Juice is made with 70% VG and 30% PG, so there are plenty of clouds to compete with the flavor. Each exhale feels like blowing a huge bubble of pink strawberry gum! Pick up a 60 ml bottle of Yummy Gum E-Liquid by Naked 100 E-Juice for a super intense flavor that does not quit! Learn More
Berry Belts e Juice by Naked 100 Candy

Berry Belts e-Juice by Naked 100 Candy

Berry Belts Vape Juice is a standout flavor from Naked 100 E-Juice’s irresistible candy line. It couples a refreshing burst of citrus flavors with a delicious dose of strawberry candy. The well-balanced flavor profile of Berry Belts is a candy lover’s dream because it underscores a non-stop sweetness with the taste of sour and tangy candy. It’s almost like drinking a super sweet glass of strawberry lemonade in the summertime...with extra sugar! The strawberry citrus flavor comes on strong as you inhale and the tart taste leaves a little bite at the top of the exhale. Cloud chasers will get an awesome amount of fog from Berry Belts vape juice because it’s made with a high-VG blend of 70/30 VG/PG. If you’re a fan of fruit or candy, or both, you don’t want to pass up Berry Belts E-Juice from Naked 100. Learn More
Sour Sweet e Juice by Naked 100 Candy

Sour Sweet e-Juice by Naked 100 Candy

Naked 100 E-Juice captures the pleasant pucker of eating a handful of gummy sweet and sour candy with Sour Sweet e-liquid. A straightforward flavor profile creates a delicious mix of sugar-specked lemon lime candy with a subtle bit of of a sour bite that follows as you inhale. The sweet and tart taste tangos on your tongue as you exhale Sour Sweet vape juice and the sparkle of lemon and lime leaves a yummy aftertaste. Sour Sweet is great for dripping, but it’s also ideal for cloud chasing too. This high-VG juice is made with a 70/30 VG/PG blend that will create a swirl of sweet and sour clouds to tempt anyone that’s within wafting distance. Sour Sweet E-Liquid comes in a 60 ml bottle, so don’t worry; there will be plenty to go around. Snag a bottle of Sour Sweet E-Juice today to satisfy your candy cravings. Learn More
Beard Colors Pink e Juice

Pink e Juice by Beard Vape Colors

As one of Beard Vape Co.’s Beard Colors flavors, Pink E-Juice is a bold blend that will leave your mouth watering for more. The flavor profile combines the exotic flavors of mango and lychee berries for a truly tropical experience. On the inhale, a smooth cloud of fresh and juicy mangoes rolls across your tongue, followed by a hint of tart lychee berries. The mango flavor swells as you exhale Pink E-Liquid and the lychee taste diminishes only slightly. Like the other Beard Colors blends, Pink Vape Juice is high-VG. It’s 80/20 VG/PG blend gives some powerful clouds that leave a hint of the tropics that lingers long after they disappear. You can buy Pink E-Liquid in a 60 ml bottle at Vapor4Life to have a long lasting supply of paradise in your vape stash. Sample Pink E-Juice today for an inventive flavor profile that’s any fruit lover’s dream. Learn More
Beard Vape Green Color e Juice

Green e Juice by Beard Vape Colors

Beard Vape Co.’s Green E-Juice has a straightforward flavor profile that will make vapers fall in love at first puff. The blend features a base of sweet melon that tastes just like a fresh slice of a honeydew melon. This vape juice offsets the fruit flavor with a thick and creamy custard taste that blends seamlessly. The melon and custard flavors meld well together from inhale to exhale with Green E-Liquid, giving you a flavor experience that tastes much richer than a hunk of honeydew piled high with whipped cream. Thick vape clouds enhance the creamy decadence in this max-VG vape juice, which is made with a VG/PG blend of 80/20. Cloud chasers can do some wild tricks with that much vapor and the intense flavor is perfect if you’re dripping too. Pick up a bottle of Green E-Juice today; you’ll be glad it comes in 60 ml. Learn More
Blue e Juice by Beard Colors

Blue e Juice by Beard Vape Colors

Close your eyes and pretend that you’re swaying in a hammock at an island resort that’s so close to the sea you can smell the ocean air. One vape of blue e-liquid zips you away to an island paradise, where a server comes to hand you a bright blue tropical drink infused with honeydew melon and sliced cucumber. The exotic combination of flavors gives your senses an invigorating jolt and bathes your tastebuds in refreshing flavor. When you inhale, hints of sliced cucumber are carried on a center of perfectly ripe melon. Both flavors get more intense when you exhale to create a heavy veil of aromatic clouds. Beard Vape Co.’s Blue E-Juice is a max-VG vape juice made with 80% VG and 20% PG, so there’s no end to the vape tricks you can do — or the yummy clouds you can whip up. Get whisked away by Blue E-Liquid today! Learn More
Red eLiquid by Beard Colors

Red e Juice by Beard Vape Colors

A dreamy swirl of heavy cream and just-picked strawberries makes Red E-Juice an easy favorite for vapers who love fruit and dessert flavors. The smooth taste of sweet cream balances with a bold strawberry flavor that’s like making off with a whole bushel of juicy strawberries! This is a max-VG e-liquid, but the flavor still comes on strong with its irrepressible sweetness. It’s like all the good parts of a strawberry shortcake. With 80% VG and 20% VG, Red Vape Juice is a popular pick for vapers looking to kick up some serious cloud cover. After your tank runs out, you’re definitely going to want to add some more, so it’s a good thing Red E-Liquid comes in a 60 ml bottle. Your hunt for the perfect strawberry cream flavor ends when you buy a bottle of Red E-Juice from Beard Vape Co. Learn More
Tan eJuice by Beard Colors eLiquids

Tan e Juice by Beard Vape Colors

Of all the e-liquid flavors in Beard Vape Co.’s intense “Beard Colors” line, Tan E-Juice really stands out. This vape juice is the singular flavor in the line that does not contain fruit in its flavor profile. Instead, it takes you on a trip to your favorite local café for a steaming hot mug of chai latte. Complex, yet subtle, notes of cinnamon and clove spice accent the indulgent essence of Tan E-Liquid throughout the entire vape, paired with hints of sweet honey swirled around a robust base of full-flavored black tea. It’s easy to imagine clouds of steam puffing up from a coffee cup as you vape this max-VG juice. Made with a mix of 80% VG and 20% PG, Tan Vape Juice keeps vapers consistently puffing out those super heavy vape clouds for days. Pour yourself a tank of Tan E-Liquid for a standout flavor profile that tastes like your favorite coffeehouse drink. Learn More
Naked 100 Brain Freeze e-Liquid

Brain Freeze e-Juice by Naked 100

Nothing compares to the feeling of an island breeze as you sit in the sunshine with your toes dug deep into sparkling black sand. Brain Freeze E-Juice, an exotic fruit and menthol vape juice from Naked 100 E-Liquid, tingles each and every one of your senses. Each vape carries the strong scent and flavor of pure pomegranate and just-plucked kiwi. A well-balanced gust of menthol carries these powerful fruit flavors on the inhale and softens up to leave a pleasant aftertaste on the exhale. Flavor chasers dig Brain Freeze e-liquid’s no-nonsense fruit essence. Cloud chasers can’t get enough of the thick clouds that roll out with each exhale of this 70/30 VG/PG vape juice. Brain Freeze E-Juice flawlessly balances fruit and menthol flavors to bring you an e-liquid flavor that’s refreshing and alluring. Kick back with a bottle of Brain Freeze E-Liquid. Learn More
Naked 100 Hawaiian POG e-Liquid

Hawaiian POG e-Juice by Naked 100

Hawaiian Pog E-Liquid is one of the best vape flavors you’ll find from Brain Freeze E-Juice. It’s almost as if their e-juice artisans subjected themselves to a year of vacations in Maui to get this flavor just right. Hawaiian Pog vape juice hits every note of a freshly squeezed Hawaiian cocktail. The unadulterated essence of passion fruit plays a huge part in Hawaiian Pog’s flavor profile and it balances well with the citrusy burst of orange that accompanies it. The sweet and tart twists of guava give the flavor an even more exotic edge as you exhale. Hawaiian Pog E-Liquid is guaranteed to give you thick and aromatic clouds with every exhale because of its 70/30 VG/PG ratio. You can buy Hawaiian Pog E-Juice in a variety of nicotine levels, including zero nicotine. Learn More

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Learn More About Vape Juice

What is E-Juice?

E-Juice, AKA E-Liquid, vape juice, e-cig juice, etc, is used to fill the cartomizers and tanks that are part of e-cigs and mods. It gives the user the flexibility to change flavors when they refill their tank or cartomizer. You can get vape juice in a variety of flavors and nicotine levels. You can also buy e-juice that gives you more or less vapor, depending on your preference.

What Ingredients are In E-Liquid?

Most vape liquids are made up of a mix of water, propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine, flavorings, and nicotine. You can also find e-juice that does not contain nicotine. Propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin are found in many foods, as is nicotine (it’s even in eggplant and tomatoes)!

How Much Nicotine is In Vape Juice?

Vape juice comes in several different nicotine levels, depending on the brand and type you use. Our signature e-liquids for smokers come in seven different nicotine levels, from 0 to 3.6% (or 36 mg) Other brands are strictly available in lower nicotine levels because they are tailored for vapers who use mods. The amount of nicotine in your juice is entirely up to you.

Which E-Liquid is Best for Me?

Choosing the e-juice that's best for you is a matter of taste, but there are also a few technical things to take into consideration. Check out these pointers to see what's right for you.

What is the Best Vape Juice for Smokers?

Vapor4Life’s signature WOW and premium vape juice lines were made with smokers in mind. These liquids have more propylene glycol (PG) to provide smokers with the sensation of smoking a cigarette. Smokers usually start with a tobacco or menthol e-juice that tastes similar to whatever cigarettes they smoked. This isn’t just the best e-juice for smokers; it’s available in more than 150 flavors to give former smokers and more experienced vapers a variety of options. Our Premium flavors are good for smokers who want a stronger throat hit and a slightly lighter amount of vapor. The WOW flavors are designed to give you a less intense throat hit and a little bit more vapor.

What is High-VG Juice?

High-VG juice is vaping juice with a higher vegetable glycerin (VG) content. It has a thicker consistency than standard e-cigarette liquid and is best suited for mods. Generally, high-vg liquids are used by vapers who prefer using mods because a higher amount of vegetable glycerin will create more vapor and less of a throat hit.

Does Vapor4Life Sell High-VG E-Liquid from Other Brands?

Yep! Now you can buy high-VG vape liquid from other popular brands in the industry right here at Vapor4Life. We test hundreds of e-liquids before we pick out the ones we like best and sell them on our site. Our inventory includes max-VG vape juices from Mod Fuel, Beard Vape Co., Space Jam and more. Many of these e-juices come in 60 ml bottles for less than you’d pay for two 30 ml bottles!

Which Vape Juice Will I Like?

When it comes down to it, the e-liquid you buy is entirely up to you. We recommend going over these questions to help narrow down the choices that work best for your preferences and vaping habits. Then, you can pick out the flavor that you like best! If you need help deciding, call us at 844-827-3454 or send us a message on Facebook and we’ll point you in the right direction.