Cola e Juice (30 mL)

Your taste buds will practically feel the fizz from an ice cold glass of cola in this refreshing vaping e Liquid. Our Cola Vapor Juice is as refreshing as the classic taste of cola that you've grown to love.
  • Amazing
    Review by Gustavo on 5/31/2014
    It really has the cola taste! One of my favourites.
  • Best I've found.
    Review by Ann on 8/24/2013
    Cola is my absolute favorite flavor to vape and I've tried the cola flavor from every site I've ordered from. This is hands down the best cola flavor I've found anywhere. I always have it on hand and vape it more than any other flavor. Tastes just like Coke to me!
  • would buy again
    Review by Ana on 8/18/2012
    this is a pleasant cola flavor, however i am giving it 4, as i would prefer if it had a stronger, less watery taste
    got only one bottle of it so far and the taste wasn't strong enough to be satisfying
  • Tastes good
    Review by JDR on 8/5/2012
    Tastes just like Pepsi! Love this flavor!
  • Just like Pepsi
    Review by JDR on 8/4/2012
    Tastes like Pepsi. Great flavor!
  • All day vape!
    Review by Jeremy on 7/27/2012
    I have ordered 2 30ml bottles so far and I really like the flavor of this juice! I keep it stocked in my lava tube tank and only go with other flavors when I'm out. Great job guys! :)
  • It's good, but something off?
    Review by MG11 on 6/27/2012
    I'm not sure if i'm just getting used to this flavor, or it might need to set up for a while. Initially it tastes very good (just like Cola), but i also get a lemony taste with it which kinda takes it down a little bit. Hopefully it will settle out and get better. It's good don't get me wrong, it might be the batch i received so i'll give 4 stars.
  • Agree w/ Elizabeth... This is a favorite!
    Review by mike_az on 6/11/2012
    At least one of my top 2!

    Love it!
    Review by Elizabeth on 6/10/2012
    This tastes like real cola! My favorite flavor to vape!
  • This one grows on you...
    Review by R Bunds on 4/3/2011
    When I first got this one I wasn't sure what to make of it, the taste is fairly unique, yet it reminded me of something.

    Then I let my girlfriend try it and she hit on exactly what it reminded me of, You know those gummy candies in the shape of soda bottles? This is exactly what this liquid taste like!

    This is also a great vapor producer, using my Leo with a 808 cartomizer it produces clouds of vapor.

  • Real Cola Taste
    Review by Kim on 2/26/2011
    I find myself coming back to this over and over. I quit drinking soda a few months ago and find that this is a good substitute when that craving strikes. Great flavor.
  • The Real thing!
    Review by E-cig lover on 12/28/2010
    I could not believe when I actually tasted the cola, It really taste like a real soda! I was amazed. I had to remind myself that It was vapor and not the real thing. WOW!!!!! V4L You really made this perfect! Great vapor.
  • Pretty close
    Review by Christopher on 8/22/2010
    Pretty close to the real thing. Nice flavor, not too sweet. I don't drink soda's that often anymore, so it's nice to get that taste when I want.
  • Spectacular
    Review by JE on 8/19/2010
    Not too sweet or overpowering, tastes very much like cola, pleasant inhale and awesome exhale with a touch of fizz. Impressive stuff.
  • Wow Cola
    Review by SP on 7/5/2010
    This is the bomb!! You taste the cola, plus you got the fizz!! Try also mixing this with chocolate juice, for all you chocolate coke lovers out there!!!

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