Rum and Cola e Juice (30 mL)

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Savor the bold taste of sweet rum and fizzy cola with a splash of lime for a classic cocktail taste in this e Liquid. Simple, slightly sweet, and packing a punch, rum and cola is a classic drink and now it's a perfect e-cigarette juice.

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    Favorite for years
    Review by Sean on 11/30/2015
    I hope everyone loves this one as much as we do so they'll never stop making it. The alcohol flavors seem to be some of the best. Really missing the cognac and champagne flavors so never stop making this one please!
  • Rating
    Awesome Vape!
    Review by KY_Rob on 4/2/2013
    Just tried this flavor for the first time yesterday, in my new Smileomizer. Just awesome. Only way to describe it. Flavor is on the mark, and vapor production is remarkable. I'll definetly be ordering more of this! V4L continues to provide great products!
  • Rating
    I can't taste the rum
    Review by Vapor enthusiast on 8/15/2011
    At first I thought STRANGE...but then it grew on me. I can detect the cola, but not the rum and it almost leans a bit toward a slight root beer flavor - like one of those old fashioned hard candies. All in all, not bad.
  • Rating
    Full Flavor
    Review by Dan on 3/24/2011
    This juice is great! Tastes just like a quality rum and cola. Lots of vapor too.
  • Rating
    Just Like the drink!!
    Review by Dayna Perkins on 3/6/2011
    Really great flavor and vapor!!
  • Rating
    Really Good
    Review by Kelly on 12/13/2010
    Excellent life like flavor and a very nice throat hit at 18mg. Just a tiny bit sweet. I'll definitely be ordering some more of these~
  • Rating
    good stuff
    Review by chuck on 3/19/2010
    alot of cola flavor, not so much rum, but good taste, and nice after taste
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