This CBD Oil is manufactured by Blue Moon Hemp Company, which provides CBD extract from the finest Cannabis Sativa plants grown in Eastern Europe. These CBD oils contain naturally occurring CBD and the Hemp plants used for the CBD oils are not genetically modified and are grown without the use of pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. Feel free to vape CBD oil by itself for an earthy, hemp taste or mix it with your favorite e Juice flavor.

CBD Oils are NOT psychoactive, and absolutely can not get you "high" or intoxicated.

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4 Item(s)

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Blue Moon Hemp CBD is extracted from Hemp plants in Switzerland without using any pesticides or synthetic fertilizers in order to assure the best natural flavor. The 400mg CBD oil strength is four times as potent as the bottles of 100mg strength and will therefore have a stronger earthy, hemp taste. CBD eJuice Oils are often mixed with other eJuices in order to add flavor. However, mixing CBD Oils with other e Juice will dilute the potency of the CBD.