New Espresso e Juice (30 mL)

The taste of strong, bold espresso flavor will shock your senses in this flavorful coffee eJuice from V4L. This particular Espresso eLiquid is made after the Volluto style, which is well-balanced and is known for it's sweet and biscuity flavors. Wake up with this new twist on our Espresso e Juice.

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    Review by KellyW on 11/19/2015
    This is a good flavor, but I still prefer the old version and I hope it makes a comeback, soon.
  • Rating
    Good stuff
    Review by Molly on 10/31/2015
    Pretty good stuff. I vape this in mornings. Probably a re-order.
  • Rating
    I don't even know how to describe this flavor
    Review by Scott on 9/14/2015
    I was gonna get the other Expresso flavor but they were out so customer service called and reminded me there was this flavor. I am so glad I got this flavor, It is like a dessert with great throat hit that is smooth and tastes amazing, its seriously like a drug. I am not even positive it is decidedly Espresso in its flavoring but none of my other flavors compares. Its easily my daily all day flavor. The thing is it doesn't really have a specific flavor that you can get tired of I would say, it just has this nice subtle sweet taste with like a kind of deep rich flavor. It is of the coffee/espresso genre though no doubt though just to be clear. I really am not sure how to describe it though beyond the subtle sweetness and deep richness. I do know how to recommend it though: I recommend it. Wait actually no don't get it, I don't want them running out of it.
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