Vanilla Mocha Frappe e Juice (30 mL)

Silky chocolate paired with a splash of vanilla gives this coffee vaping flavor a gourmet blended taste. V4L Vanilla Mocha Frappe e Juice lets you enjoy the flavors of one of today's most delicious gourmet coffee blends while you relax in clouds of vapor.
    Review by Carla on 7/22/2016
    This is my favorite coffee flavor out of all the ones I've tried. Very good and smooth.
  • It's Good!
    Review by Smokin' Kim on 7/21/2016
    This is another great flavor! I used to vape this one alone, but found mixing and experimenting with other coffee flavors was just so much better! You can easily vape this alone, but I eventually found the flavor becoming too boring. Try combining this flavor with the Coffee Mocha Frappuccino Nobacco, it takes both flavors to a whole new level! I found it also provided a better throat hit too.
  • Nice but.....
    Review by Serena F on 4/12/2016
    It's kind of overload. I thought I'd really LOVE this one. But it was too sweet for my tastes. If you're used to those sugary flavored coffees then you'll most likely like this one. I can vape it every now and then. But after awhile it just becomes too much. Does taste like Starbucks though!
  • Hubby's Favorite!
    Review by Dale Ann on 9/7/2015
    This is his GO TO juice. I don't drink coffee so the flavor isn't for me, but boy does it smell good!
  • love this
    Review by charles engen on 9/6/2015
    I love this juice. It has good vapor and throat hit. I had it in a cart first and loved it. The carts were always out of stock plus it gets a little pricey when you can't refill them. I was very glad to see that they were stocking the juice.
    The flavors are mixed nicely, nothing too strong or sweet. A nice coffee drink taste with a good aftertaste.
  • My New Favorite All-Day Vape
    Review by Moontiger on 12/17/2014
    Taste is so very personal and subjective, but I'm glad I tried this one. I've been vaping for almost 5 years, so I've tried lots of vendors and lots of flavors and even made my own DIY juice (got tired of that).

    I've vaped 2 bottles of this and I've just reordered it again today. I love, love, love this flavor! It has a great throat hit, tons of vapor and the flavor is just delicious. To me the taste is that of a rich, creamy, bold coffee. The vanilla and mocha are not overpowering, and you can actually taste the coffee.

    I'm vaping on a V4L Zeus battery and smileomizer (small 3.5ml). This flavor is perfect for that set-up -- some ejuices have tasted somewhat burned on higher voltages, but this one is just perfect.

    Note: I also tried the Classic Caramel Mocha, but in my opinion this one is far superior.
  • Wow! Delicious!
    Review by DangerousDan on 10/24/2014
    Was recommended by staff when another coffee flavor was out of stock. Great recommendation! Sweet, rich & mellow. A new fave!
  • This is too easy!
    Review by Master Chief on 10/19/2014
    Compared to Classic Caramel Mocha Frappe, this flavor is the better of the two in my opinion. I'm a HUGE fan of vanilla though, so I'm being biased. Oops!
  • Five Stars!
    Review by Carolyn Kiser on 10/8/2014
    This is my favorite Vapor4Life e-cig flavor by far. I am so pleased that I can now buy it in the 30ml bottle. I ordered 3 bottles yesterday! Thanks for making this available V4Life!
  • Great vape
    Review by Sean on 6/6/2014
    This tastes exactly how I was hoping it would xD You know those little french vanilla creamers at the gas station ? That is what this juice tastes like to me ! :D It is not too strong and not too weak, The flavor strength is perfect right in the middle. Solid throat hit too. If you like your coffee flavors this will not be a disapointment :)
  • Nice
    Review by Molly on 4/18/2014
    Vanilla there but not overpowering. Good strong flavor and I think I might have detected a teeny hint of cinnamon. Put this on the 'yes' list!
  • My Favorite!
    Review by Carol on 4/4/2014
    This is my very favorite flavor and I've tried many of them. Sweet, warm and tasty. I have a top three or four and this is definitely #1!
  • LOVE this flavor
    Review by Elizabeth on 10/25/2013
    This is my 'go-to' flavor of choice for vaping, I've got a top 5 but this is definitely #1. The mixture of the sweet vanilla and the earthy coffee makes for a really balanced flavor with great TH (I use 11mg), and it has decent vapor output as well. If you like the carts, you'll like the juice!
  • Love it
    Review by Andy on 7/23/2013
    Ordered it by accident and now I'm glad i did.

    The taste kind of reminds me of the marshmallows from Count Chocula cereal.
  • needed my fix...behold the Holy Grail of juice!
    Review by natalie scettini on 3/27/2013
    Amazing taste...I have been addicted to the prefilled carts in Vanilla Mocha Frappe and have been checking everyday to see if they were restocked when I see that while they haven't been,they are offering the juice!Well I have to try so ordered along with some wow blanks and I am back in business. ..Love this flavor which stays true while vaping. With almost no loss of the strong flavor!!!I'm sooo happy! !!

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