English Toffee e Juice (30 mL)

The smooth, rich taste of toffee is as buttery smooth as the classic English candy in this vaping e Liquid.
  • Good for mixig
    Review by Renee on 4/10/2016
    I mix this with 555 Nobacco juice (just a little touch of English Toffee) and the flavor is great. Smooth, sweet, yet nutty. Been vaping it for a year and still is my go-to flavor(s).
  • Pineapple imposter
    Review by VaporRaper on 3/19/2016
    I ordered some English Toffee a while back and I thought you guys sent me a "mislabel" on accident- I have to agree with (below)- this does taste just like Pineapple. But on a positive note- if you DO like Pineapple, I think this is a much better alternative to the actual Pineapple flavor- it produces significantly more vapor than the real Pineapple and tastes just like it! It gets 3 stars for English Toffee and 5 for Pineapple! lol
  • The best but.....
    Review by LadyBetsU on 9/8/2015
    I've been vaping this for almost five years. Tried gazillions of flavors and this is my all day, everyday, only one I use. The BAD NEWS is they run out of it and takes forever to restock it. I've been waiting for 3 weeks now and this happens all the time. Sadly looking for another supplier
  • Good for mixig
    Review by Renee on 10/10/2014
    I mix this with 555 Nobacco juice (just a little touch of English Toffee) and the flavor is great. Smooth, sweet, yet nutty. Been vaping it for a year and still is my go-to flavor(s).
  • Mmmmm
    Review by Tara-louise on 10/6/2014
    This is a great sweet flavor and while I really like it on it's own I think it would be a bit creamier if mixed with vanilla, but really love it as it is.
  • Louisville
    Review by Carol on 9/24/2014
  • Flavor of Pineapple
    Review by MR. VAPORizor on 8/25/2014
    Fruity taste of pineapple almost like a pina colada but tasty...not what I expected though when ordering english toffee
  • This is my staple
    Review by toffer on 3/13/2014
    definately a different flavor over the carts.....but if i had one choice this is my everyday smoke...ive noticed alot of the flavors are good for certain times but this one is good for any occasion... alot more vapor than the others
  • Not bad. I'd rate it 6 out of 10 @ 24mg
    Review by John W on 2/28/2014
    Taste is so subjective. This isn't a bad juice, but I didn't think the flavor was that strong. I vape this at 24mg and I'm sure the high nicotine content plays into the strength of the flavor. I've inadvertently mixed this with other flavors, such as vanilla, and was surprised at the really pleasant result. Some of the greatest things are born from mistakes. I rated it 4 stars because I don't want to put you off of it. if we had a 10 star system to work with I'd rate this one 6/10 Just know that I personally don't think it's a strong flavor at higher nicotine levels. I think it's important to note how many mg nicotine is in the product when we review them as it has a significant impact on flavor.
  • Good but not toffee
    Review by Eric Murphy on 2/9/2014
    I liked this flavor, but unfortunately it did not taste anything like toffee to me or to my girlfriend. It smells like toffee, but it tastes like the pineapple puree you get on a banana split. That being said, I think it tastes very good; just not like toffee.
  • My favorite flavor!
    Review by Sherry Binkelman on 11/26/2013
    I keep a 30 ml bottle of this both on my desk and on my coffee table...I love it! It's not the strongest flavor in the world (I wish it were a tad stronger), but it definitely tastes like a caramel!
  • go to favorite
    Review by Susan on 7/27/2013
    This is my go to flavor over all the others I have tried.
  • Sweet this and Butterscotch
    Review by Michelle on 7/15/2013
    I prefer sweetness to prevail in my vape,and these two are perfect.

    Review by bb58i on 5/19/2013
    I ordered a 30 ml bottle of this on 2/6/12 so maybe what is offered now is different than the swill I recieved. The red color of the mixture was a red flag in my eyes, and the citrus scent was also an unpleasant surprise. It's been steeping for 4 months with no improvement in flavor.
  • grate taste
    Review by Earl Carmichael on 4/23/2013
    this taste grate i dont think it task like pineapple and i dont realy know what toffee task like but i do know this taste GRATE nice nice through hit

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