Peanut Butter Cup e Juice (30 mL)

Creamy milk chocolate and rich peanut butter flavors create a sinfully delicious vaping e Liquid. V4L Peanut Butter Cup Juice provides volumes of creamy chocolate and peanut butter flavored vapor.
  • Peanut Butter Cup Rocks!
    Review by E-cig buff on 3/28/2016
    This is the most flavorful, addictive juice I have tried. I will definitely be ordering this over and over again.
  • 5 Stars
    Review by Carto fanatic on 2/17/2016
    This is a rich flavor, More Peanut taste than peanut butter cup but there is a hint of chocolate. Over alil ts a great product and if you like peanut flavors you can't go wrong with this
  • My favorite
    Review by Jdr on 2/13/2016
    My favorite so far and I've tried at least 10 so far. This is delicious just like the candy!
  • Peanut buttery
    Review by Patrick Williams on 12/27/2015
    This one was amazing. Even when I unscrewed the cap, I smelled a strong peanut butter scent. It tastes awesome, it's very peanut buttery. The only thing with this flavor is it only tastes like peanut butter. The name was a bit misleading. It's more peanut butter than peanut butter cup.
  • Yummiest!!!
    Review by Carol on 10/17/2015
    This is one of my favorites! I tried the carts first and liked them a lot. Got the eliquid and it is exactly the same taste as the carts. I think it's a solid, true flavor. Clearly peanutbutter with that hint of chocolate. Right on!!
  • Peanut, but not butter cup.
    Review by Arthur Fudge on 9/2/2015
    This product is great, especially in its strong nicotine form. I was disappointed that the flavor of the Peanut Butter didn't shine through. I can clearly taste delicious peanuts but i cannot taste what I would consider to be a Peanut Butter Cup.

    This is still a wonderful flavor and if you enjoy the taste of peanuts or peanut butter, you will be satisfied with this product.
  • Peanuts!
    Review by julianka on 8/27/2015
    I agree with other reviewers who've said there isn't much chocolate taste to this. But it is a definite peanut taste, I would personally like it better if there was a bit more chocolate flavor or maybe even - butter? But as it is it's pretty decent.
  • yummy
    Review by Molly on 8/14/2015
    Just smelling the bottle gets me drooling.
  • Pretty good, but...
    Review by Joshua Holmgren on 5/20/2015
    I liked this one, but the peanut butter taste was more like a peanut butter oil taste. I probably won't order this one again :(
  • Love it!!
    Review by pjsgirl on 3/12/2015
    I have tried this flavor from many different suppliers and this is the only one that tastes like peanut butter cup. This is my main vape. Love it!!!
  • Tastes like peanut butter
    Review by Sid on 11/3/2014
    I can't taste the chocolate in it personally, but it's definitely VERY peanut butter...which is a very odd but definitely enjoyable sensation to vape. Get this if it's the peanut butter part of the taste you're looking for, cos it does that very well.
  • Terrific
    Review by Linda on 10/11/2014
    Peanut Butter Cup is awesome!!!!!!! My two new favorites are Peanut Butter Cup and the Vanilla Mocha Frappe!!!!
  • Keep this in stock please.
    Review by Jordan on 8/16/2014
    Been waiting a month so far for this to come back in stock. Maybe you should think about putting this is out of stock on your description.
  • Surprisingly good
    Review by Johnny loves E-cig tanks on 8/7/2014
    I got this as an "extra" in an order, and I was dubious about it, but I tried it anyhow. I have to say, it doesn't really taste like a peanut butter cup to me, but it does taste awful nice. It's smooth and easy to vape, with hints of chocolate and a subtle sweetness. Just sweet enough to be nice, but not so sweet you couldn't vape it all day. I'll be ordering more of this.
  • So cool
    Review by Sean on 4/2/2014
    This stuff is phenomenal, It tastes EXACTLY like a peanut butter cup. Its hard to describe but it even gives you the feeling you get in your mouth from a peanut butter cup. I highly recommend this !
  • Nice after dinner time
    Review by Brittany on 3/31/2014
    I tried the carts of these first, then ordered the juice to go along with me new Zeus. The juice is sweeter than the pre-filled carts, in my opinion. It's not a bad difference, though. I especially like this flavour after dinner, or when I want a sweet, since I don't keep candy in the house.
  • Unexpected
    Review by NekoGurrl on 3/22/2014
    I have to admit I'm a peanut butter cup junkie, have tried a couple others and they where always either to rich/heavy or didn't hit the mark on flavor. This one was Unexpected, a hint of chocolate, but a really nice roasted peanut flavor. It has become one of my goto flavors.
  • Not bad
    Review by R Bunds on 10/4/2013
    Girlfriend loves this one, she's a peanut butter junkie. I enjoy it as well, but I think it has more of a strong roasted peanut smell when you inhale. Maybe even a tad burnt, but taste is subjective. :)

    Overall though it does taste like peanuts. :)
  • Love!!
    Review by megan on 8/24/2013
    This flavor is amazing!!! When I vape it, I have no desire to eat sweets because I feel like I'm eating them kinda tastes like peanut butter capt'n crunch yummy!
  • Strong but sweet!
    Review by E-cig maniac on 7/31/2013
    To me this flavor tastes almost exactly like peanut butter cookies! I've tried another brand that uses a dark chocolate, and I like that one too, but it tastes more like chocolate than peanut butter. I prefer V4L's PBC over any other, any day! Especially as I love peanut butter cookies! V4L all the way!
  • Good Stuff!
    Review by Doug on 4/13/2013
    This is like snacking on Peanut Butter Cups all day. I really like it!

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