Turtle Candy e Juice (30 mL)

Sinfully rich chocolate paired with sweet caramel and peanuts make for a vaping e Liquid as authentic and delicious as the classic turtle candy.
  • Turtle
    Review by Becki on 9/4/2012
  • Peanuts
    Review by DJ on 7/26/2012
    This one is strong on the peanut flavor & a hint of chocolate. If you are a peanut lover this one really is going to kick start your day.
  • Amazing
    Review by Joe on 9/6/2011
    Tastes like peanuts with a little bit of chocolate - very nutty flavor. Its the best e-juice I ever had,The flavor never weakens. Every hit you taste the amazingness of this juice!
  • My go-to vape
    Review by Vicki Gettys on 8/11/2011
    I love turtle juice! It is a strong, smoked peanutty taste, to me it's the closest to a lit analog I've ever tasted. I don't get any chocoate or caramel, but that's probably just me. LUV it!
  • High quality juice
    Review by Vapor enthusiast on 6/9/2011
    After trying juice after juice my husband has decided to keep this one as his all day vape. Great throat hit and the juice it self is great quality ,last a long time between fills and taste nutty and sweet. Not to Sweet tho,its the perfect balance. By far one of the best juices from V4L.
  • More nut than Chocolate
    Review by Carol Poreda on 10/10/2010
    I've bought this a couple of time and loved it. The last one I got is very nutty and not quite as good. I'm wondering if it's due to the 0mg of nic?
  • Very nutty
    Review by Eric Murphy on 6/29/2010
    This one is powerfully nutty with a slight touch of chocolate. It was too nutty for my tastebuds, but not terrible.

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