Mango e Juice (30 mL)

This succulent Mango e Liquid flavor has an authentic fresh taste of ripe Alphonso mango. This tropical vapor juice classic packs a punch of tangy, fruity deliciousness. A sweet yet refreshing electric cigarette flavor that aims to please. Wow your taste buds with the lip-smacking flavor of V4L Mango e Juice. The perfect e liquid for cartomizers and e Cig tanks.
  • Wonderful flavor
    Review by maureen on 2/19/2014
    This juice has the right amount of Mango flavor to it. My go to juice :)
    Review by RedHen on 10/13/2012
    I was hesitant about fruit flavors but I love mango and was impressed by the rating on this juice, so I gave it a shot. This is now my absolute favorite juice and will be my go-to vape. It has strong mango flavor, good vapor production, and is a nice thin consistency & almost clear colored juice. I do not enjoy a harsh throat hit so at 8mg this juice is perfect.
  • My go to
    Review by Dirtay J on 9/16/2012
    I love the mango juice. It is my go-to all day juice. I usually have 3-6 devices with me at work(I like to change it up a lot) but the device that has my mango tank on it always stays in my pocket!! I even usually fill up a couple carts too, just incase something happens to my tank. I need my mango!!
  • the only flavor i vape
    Review by James on 8/30/2012
    after starting with cig flavors, moving to desserts and then fruit, i have fallen in love with this mango flavor. it is now the ONLY flavor i ever put in my e-cig. in fact, i'm ordering some right now...
  • True Mango Flavor
    Review by Enobarbus on 8/2/2012
    Everyone has their "stranded on a desert island" food; you know, if you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life...well, mine is mangoes. I tend to be picky about things that claim to be mango flavored. I must say that this liquid truly tastes like real mangoes. It also has a very satisfying vapor. This is an excellent choice.
  • Mango Perfection!
    Review by Rachael on 8/21/2011
    This liquid is delicious. Its not overwhelming flavor; not too sweet and no fake-cheapo mango taste. It has a nice, consistent smooth throat hit, but on my altsmoke ego-t model, it gets more harsh towards the end of cartridge-fill. I have been buying it for months and haven't found anything to match it. Very pleased!
  • the best fruit by far
    Review by John Corvin on 6/22/2011
    One of my favs. by far. Goes good with almost any fruit. 5 stars all the way!!!
  • Very Refreshing
    Review by Shem on 6/9/2011
    I read the reviews and thought I might just as well give it a try. The mango has such a refreshing flavor and nice vapor. When I get to the end of the carts, I swear I taste cotton candy, but it's not overly sweet. This has become one of my regulars!
  • :)
    Review by Sarah on 4/17/2011
    This taste very similar to mangoes, very mellow and fruity with lots of vapor. I think this will be a nice summer vape, I cant wait to vape this on the beach!
  • Mangoes!!!!
    Review by Ryan Cummings on 12/22/2010
    Tastes like mangoes... That's all I have to say. Great vapor too!!! Can't believe how spot on these guys are with their flavors. I will be buying more! LOVE IT
  • Clean and tasty
    Review by Barbara on 11/16/2010
    This is by far my favorite juice... and I've tried a lot of them. It is dependably consistent in flavor, throat hit and smoke production. I don't leave home without it.
  • My favorite
    Review by LeAnn Winemiller on 11/12/2010
    So far it is the best tasting yet. I love the tropical fruit taste of it.
  • Like smoking a hookah
    Review by Michael on 10/10/2010
    This tastes like the typical mango shisha from a hookah which I love. However, I gave it only 4 stars because it gives a stronger sweet floral after taste
  • Mango is a favorite.
    Review by Johnny loves E-cig tanks on 8/25/2010
    Having tried a number of juices from this and other sites Mango is one the best. Would recommend it for anyone's list of flavors to try.

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