Peach e Juice (30 mL)

Indulge yourself in a Peach E Liquid that tastes like biting into a ripe Georgia peach fresh off the tree. A little sweet. A tidbit tart. This peach e juice has been perfected by our Vapor4Life flavorists to capture the juicy sweet goodness of a plump, sun-ripened peach.

  • Tastes just like peaches-Yummy!
    Review by Diane on 12/3/2015
    The Peach Bold is my 2nd. favorite flavor juice to vape (#1 is Apple Breeze). The peach taste is spot on to the taste of a fresh peach...absolutely wonderful. I would love to see this flavor come out in Wow, but only if there was no change to the flavor. Peach Cobbler is also good, with a milder peach taste.
  • Nice to mix the bold peach with Traditional Tobacco
    Review by Hutch on 8/13/2015
    I found mixing Bold Peach with Traditional Tobacco, like an RY4 (or Dunwoody my favorite) give you that "Sweet Caroline" flavor. Very tobacco but with those sweet peach overtones. NICE.
  • Beautifully crafted flavor!
    Review by Brandon on 10/25/2014
    Peach Bold is now one of my favorite e liquids, just below Buleberry Cobbler. At 36mg, through a Vapor Titan & Smileomizer, it provides an excellent throat hit & plumes of sweet vapor that tastes just like the real thing!
  • One of the best!
    Review by Mersild on 7/25/2014
    Taste like peach. Millions of peaches, peaches for me. Wish this came in WOW.
  • Flav
    Review by Izzy on 7/18/2014
    the flavor is wonderful except there needs to be more 0 mg in stock
  • PEAcHY Goodness
    Review by Jason Gainesville on 4/9/2013
    One of my favorite flavors, apparently alot of other peoples too! Get it while you can!
  • Yum!
    Review by Sid on 3/16/2013
    Kinda reminds me of tinned peaches, juicy and sweet. It's awesome! Can't get enough of it now that I've tried it. Also, if you mix a bit of the vanilla in, it tastes like peaches and cream.
  • My new favorite
    Review by Jason on 7/28/2012
    Watermelon use to be my favorite, but now its peach. Almo taste like a peach jolly.
  • Juicy peach :)
    Review by Janna on 6/27/2011
    This is one of my fav's from V4L! So nice & fruity :)
  • The Best
    Review by L. Henderson on 4/22/2011
    This is the best juice I have tried from V4L!!! I was skeptical about vaping peach but after trying the pineapple and it being great I ordered the peach. At 18mg it has a great throat hit and tastes exactly like a sweet, ripe peach down to the last drop. I normally like RY4 or coffee but this is a great change.
    Review by Ed on 3/22/2011
    I just got my order today and couldn't be happier ;p It tastes exactly like peaches, has a great vape & TH. Very smooth. I've went through my first cart and refilled with the peach and added a few drops of vanilla~sigh~ tastes like spring has sprung yippee. Will order lots of this again. A must try for anyone.
  • Yummmmmy
    Review by Linda Erickson on 3/15/2011
    This is a great tasting juice. Just like biting into a ripe juicy peach. This provides all of the benefits, without the pit and fuzz. Would be great if you made peaches and cream with this peach base. But then again, why spoil it. I'll just buy more and experiment myself.
  • LOVE IT!
    Review by Hannah Bundy on 2/1/2011
    Wonderful taste, just like peach. Loved the pre filled, so I purchased the juice. I think it's a must-try. I prefer this over the peach cobbler because I think it has a little more flavor.
  • Peace juice
    Review by Ryan Cummings on 12/22/2010
    If you have ever tried peach juice this tastes just like it. Great vapor, great throat hit, great juice. You guys did it again. Nice job
  • Good Stuff
    Review by David Brennan on 4/26/2010
    I never really considered myself a "peach" kind of guy, but I must admit I really like this juice! Great vapor, great flavor, and long lasting. I will definitely be getting more.
  • My favorite all day vape
    Review by Taryn on 1/6/2010
    Juicy and lightly sweet with a medium throat hit, tons of vapor!
  • perfection
    Review by E-cig buff on 4/29/2009
    This is my favorite so far. Very nice, tame flavor.

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