Kilt Menthol e Juice (30 mL)

This menthol specialty bold e Cig juice has a smooth European tobacco flavor with a cool menthol finish. V4L's exclusive Kilt Menthol Vapor Juice combines the flavors of one our popular tobacco e-liquid and our signature menthol vapor juice.
  • excellent
    Review by Steele on 8/3/2015
    Menthol is not peppermint!

    This flavor is very true to both Menthol as a flavor and European tobacco. If you like European tobacco, this is an excellent representation. Keep up unique flavors like this! This is my staple flavor... I have several tanks, but always come back to this as my "regular" flavor.
  • Refreshing full flavor
    Review by Kelli on 1/2/2015
    I've tried several menthols and right now, this is my favorite.
  • Not Quite There
    Review by Carto fan on 12/13/2014
    The taste is menthol, but not the full body menthol I am looking for.
  • Needs tweaking
    Review by John on 6/7/2014
    Flavor is good very mild tobbacco flavor tho but good daily vape
  • Awesome!!!!
    Review by Robert on 2/21/2014
    This flavor tastes amazing. It is so good and is really close to real cig flavor especially the WOW carts because it gives a good warm throat hit. GET IT!
  • Excellent!!!!!
    Review by Dayna Perkins on 5/5/2013
    This stuff made me switch from the cigs for good!! Excellent taste and vapor. Caramel corn aftertaste that is just yummy!! Just the right amount of menthol to think I'm still smoking my menthol cigs. You'll love it!!!
  • Taste:
    Review by Kim Young-Su on 6/28/2015
    First Taste: Tobacco smoke is similar to.
    Medium Taste: really do not.
    End Taste: usually.

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