Super Mint e Juice (30 mL)

An icy explosion of extreme sweet mint freshness in an e cig vaping flavor. The sweet taste of our Super Mint has the taste of a popular minty gum.

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    Review by Vicki on 6/4/2014
    I've been vaping for over 2 years, and I've tried lots of different flavors-this has turned out to be my fave! Never smoked menthol cigarettes, but can't beat the flavor. Can't stand the flavor of real cigs any more!! Thank u V4L!
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    Great Product, Great Price!
    Review by Nikki on 12/31/2013
    I smoked regular cigs for 23 years before making the switch to menthol ecigs about 4 years ago. I typically use the menthol flavor, but decided to try the Super Mint the last time I ordered. I love the fresh taste of this flavor. No tobacco aftertaste; just fresh and minty. Like chewing gum.
    My favorite thing is the new long skinny tip on the bottle. It makes filling the regular carts much easier. Well done V4L!
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    Love it
    Review by Carl on 10/24/2013
    a great flavor and mixes really well with the WOW VG Chocolate.
  • Rating
    Review by Brad on 9/11/2012
    WoW says it all for this juice. If you love Wrigleys you will love this product. great Vape and great taste. A must have.
  • Rating
    Funny after taste
    Review by flamechica911 on 9/6/2012
    I personally think this has a funny chemical after taste.
  • Rating
    My favorite mint
    Review by Jason on 8/5/2012
    Great mint flavor without being over powering.
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    Review by (A)nonymous on 6/18/2012
    I wasn't a menthol smoker prior to starting vaping, but the mintyness of this is just too awesome.

    Tastes just like Wrigley's spearmint gum to me. Been vaping it daily along with a few other flavors for over a year now.
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    Review by Jeff on 3/22/2011
    I love this stuff! Tastes like speariment gum! Lots of good vape! I will be getting more of this!
  • Rating
    Great Vapor-good taste
    Review by Gregg Pompe on 3/19/2011
    Great vapor production and throat hit. Not too sweet. One of my Faves.
  • Rating
    Nice Mild Mint
    Review by Kim on 2/26/2011
    This tastes just like dubble mint gum. It has a nice mild mint taste and the vapor production is great.
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    Not Bad
    Review by Ecig 365 on 1/11/2011
    This has a good mint flavor which reminds me of Doublemint gum after being chewed for about 10 mintues. That is, the initial sweet flavor is gone.
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    Very nice spearminty bite
    Review by faith on 12/12/2010
    Nice flavour here. Just like the actual mint. Has a very nice draw in the 18mg strength.
  • Rating
    More spearmint then mint.
    Review by R Bunds on 11/11/2010
    I got this because I am a big fan of mint flavors. Menthol, mint, peppermint you name it I have a bottle of it somewhere. However the name on this liquid is a bit misleading as it's actually spearmint flavored and not mint.

    It's not bad although I am not a huge spearmint fan, but it is growing on me. It tastes almost exactly like spearmint gum only slightly less sweet.

    If you like spearmint you'll love this liquid.
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