Virginia Menthol e Juice (30 mL)

Revive your senses with this cool menthol and tobacco vaping flavor mix. The smooth, southern tobacco flavor of Virginia e-cigarette liquid reaches new heights when paired with refreshing menthol in our exclusive Virginia Menthol Nobacco Juice.
    Review by Susan on 12/17/2015
    During the time that Virginia Menthol was out of stock I tried every other menthol I could get my hands on and nothing came even close. For 30 years I smoked 3 packs a day of Marlboro Menthol. When I found this eliquid flavor I was finally able to give up smoking and switch to vaping. I've been smoke free for 4 years now and its all because of V4L and their Virginia Menthol eliquid. Thanks V4L.
  • Nice!
    Review by J on 9/10/2015
    I've started experimenting with other flavors, both V4L and others, but this is the one that helped me stop smoking my Salem Slims and transition to vaping. Four months cigarette free. It is THE juice I keep a supply of.
  • Very satisfying
    Review by Coyote on 4/22/2014
    My all day Vape. Never boring, always satisfying and refreshing. Best menthol E-liquid I've tried thus far. Thanks V4L.
  • best tasting Virginia Menthol Out there!
    Review by June on 11/18/2013
    I have tried many versions of Virginia Menthol and this is the best. Others are also thicker which doesn't tend to work as well. I love it!
  • Love this flavor
    Review by brett on 3/19/2013
    In terms of flavor, this is among my favorites. I have used it in cool carts, tank systems, etc. The flavor is complex and nuanced. You can catch a sweet tobacco with menthol overtones and a hint of freshly mowed grass. It's really nice.

    The only reason this doesn't get five stars is it can be a little rough on cartomizers. Instead of getting 4 uses out of them, when using this I get 3.

    Still, it is worth it and have ordered this more than once!

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