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When you mention Space Jam E-Juice, most people will ask you if you’ve tried Meteor Milk. Meteor Milk isn’t your typical strawberry and cream vape flavor. The e-juice makers at Space Jam led off with the subtlest smack of strawberry and enveloped it in a cloud of pure cream. A squirt of heavy syrup sweetens the deal to make Meteor Milk taste even better than the best strawberry milkshake you’ve ever had. It’s easy to see where Space Jam got its inspiration for Meteor Milk because It’s hard to spot a shooting star, but if you’re looking at the sky at just the right moment, you can catch one leaving sparkling traces of white, gold and faint red as it tears through the sky. This is what it’s like to vape Meteor Milk. Your senses flood-with the sweetness of cream and syrup trailed by a sprinkling of strawberries. Buy Meteor Milk at Vapor4Life today before this batch disappears into the clouds.

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Made with a 70/30 vegetable glycerin/propylene glycol ratio, Meteor Milk by Space Jam gives vapers the thick and lingering clouds they crave, especially when vaped in a mod. Meteor Milk is a must-try if you’ve vaped the other flavors from Space Jam and haven’t tried their top vape juice yet.

  • A Very Good Strawberries And Cream Option.
    Review by John on 10/26/2016
    Great Overall Flavor. Strawberry Flavor Trends Towards A Candy Strawberry Taste. Good Cloud Production. Would Get Again.
  • What a strawberry shake vape should taste like
    Review by StrawberryFieldsSusan on 10/20/2016
    This flavor was awesome! I use to order the vanilla shake that you guys had a while back and when you stopped carrying that flavor I just mixed the white chocolate strawberry with the french vanilla ice cream to make my own little flavor mash up....and then the the white chocolate strawberry went away I was again a little let down. However between this flavor and the Neopolitins Fave and the Salted Caramel Malt, I have all I could ever need with these three right here. Keep rolling in he awesome juices and juice lines guys! -Susan V.-

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