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This unflavored CBD oil from Blue Moon Hemp provides an earthy, hemp extract flavor without any added flavorings. This CBD oil is extracted from hemp plants in the Swiss Alps and is a "whole plant" extract that allows for all 60 Cannabinoids. The hemp plants used are specially bred in order to contain high amounts of the naturally occurring Cannabinoid.

You can either vape this hemp oil e Juice by itself, or you can mix it with a flavored e Juice of your choice in your vape tank. Allow for longer filling times if you are filing it into a Smileomizer.

This product is NOT a psychoactive, and will absolutely CANNOT get you "high" or intoxicated.

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  • I've this stuff
    Review by Beebs on 6/18/2017
    I especially like the Flan flavor!
  • This is by far the best!
    Review by Rafterman on 6/6/2017
    Sense I have started using this oil in my vape I have less pain from my neuropathy.
  • Pure Cbd vaping oils
    Review by TEEDLES on 3/19/2017
    I have tried other CBD that were pretty satiating and being new these were all I knew until I was looking on some web site and I really sorry i don't remember the one I was on it had said something about being a pure and natural way of refining CBD something to that effect so I went to the BLUE MOON web site I was impressed with what I read the price was a lot less so I bought a bottle I think it caee in like 3 or 4 days tried it tasted great and to my supersize was much more satiating and tasty than any of the others I have tried so I am sold on BLUE MOON PURE VAPING OILS not only for the price being lower you Get more taste it's cleaner & cheaper that the rest well why wouldn't you switch ?
  • Great oil to vape
    Review by Reginald on 1/3/2017
    This oil just relaxes you and calms you into a great nights sleep. I will now try the 400mg oil to see those results!
  • Fantastic product!
    Review by Mike on 11/25/2016
    I get the descriptions of 'earthy', but I'm having difficulty describing this vape. 'Natural' tasting is what comes to mind, but so does satisfying, mild, yet complex. I need to mix for nicotine content, but would love this as a stand-alone vape. There's also the satisfaction of the health benefits from cannabis oil, but those may not be apparent for awhile. Definitely satisfied with this purchase.
  • So enjoyable!
    Review by Peter on 10/27/2016
    Though they recommend mixing this, I think Pure has a great stand-alone flavor. Takes patience to fill a smileomizer but so worth the wait! Excellent choice and highly recommended!
  • Good CBD product
    Review by Erick on 10/4/2016
    CBD oil has many health benefits according to many research articles written by industry experts. Having it available in a vapeable form, provides an excellent alternative intake method to satisfy the ex-smoker. This brand has a nice earthy flavour true to the hemp plant. The lingering clouds do not leave an unpleasant odor while vaping either so this is a plus. It does take some getting use to but it is a nice vape. Adding some of your favorite flavoured ejuice does help but it should be taken as bottled to take advantage of the benefits offered by the cannabinoids from the plant. For those looking for a nicotine fix, this won't do, but certainly you can also add. The one thing I noticed right away after vaping this the first day was that i was able to fall asleep rather easily at night for the first time in a long time. (I vaped it just before bed). This is the main reason why I tried it. It's been a week now an I must say it has continued to help my mild insomnia. I definitely feel more relaxed after vaping for about 10 minutes. I haven't noticed any difference with pain or other benefits but that may require a higher CBD concentration. I've read that higher CBD concentration is more beneficial for stress, anxiety, etc. I hope soon this will be available. This bottle is labelled as 100mg. That total I believe is for the use of the entire bottle, not per vape or cartridge used. There are some disputes on how that is calculated and labelled for all CBD products. I could be wrong but that 100mg equates to about 1% CBD whereas a 500mg bottle would be 5%. Their is concentrate available online but it's ridiculously expensive. I will probably wait for higher CBD options before another purchase. This is a good start though.
  • Does wonders for me
    Review by NickNotch on 10/4/2016
    I know that a lot of people have mixed thoughts about cbd so I hope I can help. No it does not get me spacey, no it does not give me the munchies! Period! This stuff helps me with anxiety, stomach pains and other aliments. So please dont throw this stuff under the bus with marijuana, even though they both come from the hemp plant, so does a lot of other things and have you guys seen the video by dr. sanjay gupta? what cbd did for that little girl having seizures is simply amazing! Will you guys be carrying higher mg?

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