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Strawberry Whipped E Juice sends your senses swirling on a carousel of carnival indulgence. When you go to a state fair, you have to go all out, and that means pushing your guilt aside and gobbling up a sugar-specked funnel cake buried beneath a mound of whipped cream and juicy strawberries. You can have that all to yourself with Strawberry Whipped E Liquid by Funnel Cake Factory. You can practically hear the sweet dough sizzling and watch as rivulets of strawberry run down a mountain of whipped cream. Full cream flavor mingles with soft sugary dough as you inhale, followed by the perfect balance of fresh strawberries and a single note of cherry on top. Bring the lights and laughter of a carnival to your vape rotation by picking up some Strawberry Whipped E Juice today.
Strawberry Whipped E Juice is one of the latest concoctions from Funnel Cake Factory, a team of dessert experts that’s part of the Ruthless E Juice family. A 70 VG/30 PG ratio promises a milder throat hit and a ton of vape clouds to satisfy any serious vaper. Ruthless always hits the mark with its high-VG e juice, and Strawberry Whipped by Funnel Cake Factory really takes the...er...cake!
  • Like you're at a carnival...
    Review by Heather Ashley on 6/17/2017
    Remember when you were a kid and your parents took you to the fair or a carnival? Remember those delicious funnel cakes with powdered sugar you always got? Well, here it is, in liquid form. Inhale it, and exhale it, tasting the delicious, sweet funnel cake with a hint of powdered sugar on your tongue. 30ml is not enough to savor this flavor!
  • Tasty!
    Review by Kristina on 1/18/2017
    Very sweet! I'm glad I saved up my store credits for this one. It reminds me more of strawberry cheesecake! Will be buying again :D
  • Tastes like a really good funnel cake
    Review by Kevin on 9/22/2016
    I remember about 10 years ago when I was a kid going to the local carnival or fair that the surrounding suburbs would have for ever small town "taste event," fun raisers, benefits and would not could not leave without grabbing a funnel cake when available. This brought back that small memory and the delicious taste! If you like dessert vapes this is definitely one I highly recommend!!

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