Hilltop e Juice (30 mL)


Hilltop e Juice comes in both WOW and Premium flavors and merges a full tobacco flavor with a dash of maple and nut flavoring to create a sweet tobacco e liquid. Get the Premium Hilltop for a stronger throat hit. Try the WOW Hilltop eJuice for a smoother hit. If you love 555, or Triple Nickel, but want a more intense tobacco e liquid flavor profile, this is the perfect vape for you.

WOW or Premium

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  • Definitely good!
    Review by sultanofswag on 12/16/2015
    If you like 555, you must try Hilton. Smooooth tobacco, crisp hazelnut and a little boost from the maple (very subtle, if I hadn't read V4L's description, I wouldn't know there was maple in it). Since #7 is no longer offered, Hilton is my favorite from any vendor. I switched to vaping a year ago, after smoking for 30+ years, and would have to recommend Hilton as the most satisfying replacement for ML. Enjoy!
  • Good Stuff
    Review by Jim Casey on 11/19/2015
    Out of the Tobacco Flavors I have tried, i like tis one the best so far. I got the 36mg, pretty good throat hit and vapor. Will certainly get this one again.
  • Very good
    Review by Lisa on 9/20/2015
    I love this one - here's what I absolutely think it tastes like: Twinings Jasmine tea. Tastes great in my tank or in carts.
  • Oh yes
    Review by Rebecca on 8/12/2015
    I tried this because all of the 555's I had tried were too strong and I wanted something lighter. When I got it, I wasn't too impressed. Then I mixed it with Melon and Peach, and it was awesome. Then I tried it in a cartomizer instead of a clearomizer, and it was hands down one of the best vape flavors ever. It's slightly sweet and nutty, with a rich undertone. Kind of like a mix between a RY4 and a 555. Great stuff! Ordering another bottle now.
  • Great taste
    Review by misha on 7/16/2015
    it is a great tasting rich nutty with a tinge of sweetness to it.. Can vape all day without getting sick of it .. and the clouds of vapor are awesome.
  • Love it !!!!!
    Review by Sean on 5/26/2015
    Last time I had this e juice was almost 5 years ago, It was in one of my first ever E juice orders. Well decided to get it for old memories and I forgot how truly good this stuff is. Just imagine a rich expensive natural tobacco. This juice is that good, Has a hint of pipe tobacco in there to top it off. I will be back for more and more, I Let my brother try it and he was blown away. Good job and thank you V4L !!!!!
  • good nutty tobacco flavor!
    Review by @fox_gk on 5/25/2015
    I've ordered this juice ever since i received my first shipment, which included a tobacco sampler pack. Hilton was one of the carts in that pack, and I absolutely love this juice! A great nutty tobacco flavor that mixes well with other juices! I like to mix this with "Jammin'" or "Doc Pepper", myself.
  • Fav so far
    Review by CrueLworLD on 4/10/2015
    This is my current all day vape. Nothing overpowering in this juice. It's just a mellow tobacco flavor. Just how I like it.
  • Hilton Flavour
    Review by Marc Bourassa on 3/19/2015
    Imagine the nice buttery tones of 555 with a slightly sweet, almost butterscotch middle note. Great vapor!
  • Very unique flavor
    Review by Melissa Alessio on 1/15/2015
    Being very curious and a lil adventurous, (on a whim) I took the plunge and ordered a bottle without ever even trying the carts...kinda dumb huh!? well...I'm actually liking it! while in my opinion not as good as the 555 but yet indeed pretty tasty, and a very consistant flavor even when the filter starts to dry up on ya. On my 1-5 scale as 5 being the best...

    Using 24 mg nic

    Taste 4
    Vapor production 4
    Throat hit 4
  • My favorite so far
    Review by David Brennan on 11/25/2014
    After trying all of the different tobacco flavors V4L has to offer, I have to say this is my favorite. Nice vapor, decent throat hit, and the flavor seems to stay consistent as the cartridge is used up. The flavor itself is very smooth and rich, and I can't quite place it, but it almost has a mild chocolate-like flavor to it. I haven't found a true tobacco flavor yet, but I think Hilton (and perhaps 555) will make up for it.
    Review by Fox on 9/18/2014
    I got the coolcarts in a sample pack with my first order, and loved them so much that I ordered this juice.
    Favorite so far, i got through this juice like I go through other juice, but at a multiple of 3!
    (J+V)/3 = L
    Review by MICHAEL FREE on 7/19/2014
  • Review
    Review by anil on 7/10/2014
    Hilton is an exquisite blend of mild tobacco flavor with sweet overtones. It is quite smooth, though not as smooth/light as Kant.
  • very, very good
    Review by Sharon Jones on 6/27/2014
    Awesome pretty well sums this juice up. Full flavored but smooth. Fills in nicely for when I need that tobacco flavor. Love it!
  • Nice, sweet, smooth tobacco flavor - #1Fav Tobacco
    Review by Altmed on 5/20/2014
    Very nice, very smooth flavor of tobacco. Everyday, ALL day vape with a lot of vapor!

    Great to alternate with stronger tobacco flavors that have a little bite, like Traditional Tobacco e-liquid, and those sweet, dessert flavors.
  • Really good
    Review by E-cig devotee on 1/18/2014
    This is the best tobacco flavor I have tried to date, just something about it that I love. Its really hard to describe the flavor. Just a great mellow tobacco. You have got to try it.
  • Very nice
    Review by Lisa on 1/11/2014
    I love ths one - here's what I absolutely think it tastes like: Twinings Jasmine tea. Which is a very good thing. Works great in my tank or in carts.

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