RY Twist e Juice (30 mL)

Succulent mango and pear flavors mixed with a hint of RY4 (caramel, vanilla, and rich tobacco undertones) form a truly delicious vaping flavor.
  • A favorite, great overall flavor vape.
    Review by Paul on 11/2/2015
    A favorite, great overall flavor vape.
  • Great Mixup
    Review by Bruce on 7/18/2014
    Still by far a great ry4 variant I love it can't keep my tank full lol. Thanks guys for a change. The notes are kind of weak but that's what I like.
  • All Day Vape.
    Review by DiSoul202 on 4/7/2014
    This is a really good RY4 version. It has become 1 of my absolute favorites. I use to as a base to smooth out some of my other juices that I haven't steeped AND by itself when I want that hint of tobacco that's not over powering! It's an excellent all day vape & 1 of my fave RY4 e-liquids by far !!! :-)
  • Overall a keeper
    Review by Serena F on 1/4/2013
    At first I wasn't sure on this one. It was like my tastebuds were confused on what it was. But after a day of vaping I've become quite fond of it. It's lightly sweet with a mild fruity and subtle tobacco flavor. On the exhale your mouth feels a slight coolness from the menthol. But I really don't taste the menthol hardly at all. Maybe a trace (?) Really a nice smooth vape that's great for relaxing with. I use it for a few days then switch back to my usual as this is one I don't want to burn myself out on like alot of the sweeter tobaccos.
    Review by danceMKR on 11/26/2012
    THIS JUICE IS SIMPLY AMAZING! It's blends sweet tropical fruit + subtle tobacco undertones leaving my mouth happy and lungs fulfilled. GET SOME!
  • Not too sweet
    Review by Sheri on 11/26/2012
    I don't like sweet juices. But this is a nice flavor with just the slightest hint of sweet.
  • Awesome
    Review by Becky on 10/21/2012
    This flavor is on my all day vape list. It's sweet and light, a very nice RY4 with an almost tropical twist. Highly reccommend. The sample size bottle was a great idea...now I'm hooked, and in desperate need for a bigger bottle!
  • Liked it
    Review by Paul on 9/10/2012
    Ry twist is kind of hard to explain, it's sweet but not too sweet, has a berry tobacco flavor on the exhale with a hint of menthol.
    Fantastic juice, in fact I think it's my new fav.

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