VG Coffee e Juice (30 mL)

Powerful earthy coffee beans gives this e Liquid flavor a robust morning punch. VG Coffee e Juice contains a 100% Vegetable Glycerin base for your vaping pleasure.
VG Coffee Wow Vapor Juice is a coffee lover's delight. Bold, rich coffee flavor that'll wake you up and keep you going all day long. Start your day off right with a cartomizer full of savory coffee-flavored VG vapor juice as rich and robust as a cup of freshly brewed French roast. Our VG e-liquid formulas are vegetable glycerin based. They do not contain any propylene glycol (PG)—the base used in our standard electronic cigarette liquids. Although allergy and sensitivity to propylene glycol are rare, we offer VG e Cigarette refill liquids and prefilled electronic cigarette cartomizers for those who are sensitive or allergic to PG.

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  • Rating
    favorite all day
    Review by Walaby on 3/2/2014
    This is the flavor I return to. I can happily puff all day with this and feel a satisfaction...a real enjoyment. Good vapor, good throat hit, and the sensation of getting a full-bodied drag instead of the diluted notions of flavor I've had from other E-juices. I run mine through a Dial-a-Volt, and less voltage seems to bring about a smother flavor...turn it up and it leans more toward a dark roast.

    It's not exactly like strong black coffee, but (for me) it has the flavor of coffee ice cream. Love it.
  • Rating
    Great cup o Joe
    Review by Matt on 12/2/2013
    awesome coffee taste, strong not sweet. perfect for everyday use
  • Rating
    Wow Coffee simply Thee Best Ever!!!
    Review by OMG, OMG, OMG!!! on 5/17/2013
    I have searched high and low, waisting my money on something as simple as a good coffee vape, all to no avail. This is the absolute BEST right when it comes to your door, no need for steeping, THEE best coffee flavor I have ever had, vaping it like crazy, finally, real coffe flavor.... you have a friend for life V4L, can't wait to taste your other flavors. You are hands down THEE best quality, thee best taste. I love you V4L!!!! Forever!!
  • Rating
    Review by DB on 3/18/2013
    Good flavor, tastes a lot like a cappucino to me. Sweet and does have a chocolate-like undertone to it.
  • Rating
    Love it
    Review by Rosetta on 11/29/2012
    Keeps being my favorite..then I mixed some wow coffee flavor with it and it's perfect..just like the beverage...everyone around comments on the aroma
  • Rating
    Oh so Coffee Crisp
    Review by SouthernBelle on 11/28/2012
    There is a chocolate bar in Canada called Nestle Coffee Crisp, memories of my childhood days. VG Wow Coffee Nobacco Juice tastes identical to that coffee flavored crisp biscuit chocolate covered candy bar !!!. Love the taste. MMMMM !!
  • Rating
    Review by ChainVaper on 10/2/2012
    I'm used to tobacco flavor e-liqs so it took a few puffs to get used to the Coffee flavor but then I loved it. Very rich and smooth and just a little sweet.
  • Rating
    Let it steep...
    Review by Josh Cunningham on 5/7/2011
    To be honest, when I first received this juice, I hated it. I thought it had a maple flavor, when it had any flavor at all. Two weeks later, it's one of my favorites. In a CoolCart, this stuff puts out so much vapor! If at first you don't like it, wait two weeks and you'll love it!
  • Rating
    Love it
    Review by Sponge Bob Dave on 4/14/2011
    They got it right with this one taste great with a great vapor I love vaping my coffee in the morning
  • Rating
    Subtle but good
    Review by Shari B. on 1/18/2011
    The coffee flavor is very subtle - I can't quite decide if I'm tasting it or smelling it, or maybe if it's more of a coffee flavored "aftertaste"??? But it's comforting, just like a nice steaming cup of coffee. This is a great vape for at the office - as I tend to crave coffee all day long while I'm at work.