VG Traditional Tobacco e Juice (30 mL)


A classic taste of popular traditional cigarettes in every puff of your eCig.


*This eLiquid has no propylene glycol and is made with a 100% Vegetable Glycerin base.

Hang on to your hat, partner! VG Traditional Tobacco Wow Vapor Juice is a robust, tobacco-flavored electronic cigarette liquid that will knock your boots off. This premium VG e Cigarette vapor juice has an intense flavor reminiscent of signature cigarette tobaccos. You won't believe the amazing taste of this V4L vapor juice masterpiece until you’ve experienced it yourself. Saddle up your personal vaporizer and take yourself on a ride to the Wild West with VG Traditional Tobacco Wow Vapor Juice. Our VG e-liquid formulas are vegetable glycerin based. They do not contain any propylene glycol (PG)—the base used in our standard electronic cigarette liquids. Although allergy and sensitivity to propylene glycol are rare, we offer VG e Cigarette refill liquids and prefilled electronic cigarette cartomizers for those who are sensitive or allergic to PG.

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  • Rating
    Great product - lousy container
    Review by Janet on 12/10/2015
    I really, really love the VG juice from Vapor4life. I have tried other, more expensive, VG nicotine juices, but this is the best. But... why do you people put it in such a cheap bottle? They are hard to squeeze, and yesterday, while trying to refill my tank, the top popped off and dumped e-juice all over my desk, and destroyed a very expensive Microsoft ergonomic keyboard. (I tried cleaning it, but the "S" key no longer works.) Would you at least consider selling us an empty glass bottle with a dropper as an accessory?
  • Rating
    Love this juice
    Review by Melissa on 4/24/2015
    I have searched for this juice for a very long time
    found the traditional tobacco juice that
    I love so much! Thank you Vapor4life for
    making the best tobacco flavor in the world!
  • Rating
    THE taste I've been looking for!!!
    Review by Missy on 4/18/2015
    This is the tobacco flavor that I've been looking for 3 yrs now!!! The absolute best!!! This will be my only e-liquid to vape!!! Please never discontinue this flavor in the VG!!! Highly sensetive to pg and have intolerance to it. This is the bomb as far as any tobacco flavor out there by any company!!!
  • Rating
    5 stars
    Review by Missy on 3/21/2014
    My only vape. Great taste. I am sensitive to PG, so this is great. A good tobacco flavor and lots of vapor.
  • Rating
    A little bland
    Review by Furycano on 10/19/2012
    Its a little bland in my opinion, but it is great to use when mixing juices or to dull down a strong fruit flavor. Just remember, taste is subjective.
  • Rating
    Yum Yum Sweet and tasty Tabacco
    Review by TxTunesLady on 9/1/2012
    Had vaping come out when I was 12 and using analogs I would of never gone to analogs had I tasted this! Oh Yum.
    I liked that it has a sweet taste, I couldn't figure it out what it tasted like, but someone in the forums helped..apricot, and I agree, it has that apricot taste with the sweet taste of tobacco. I have tried the 24 in the carts and knew I could probably handle the more Nic. So I went with the 36 in the juice (this) and I am glad I did. I LOVE IT, and will always come back for more as long as they keep the VG Stocked! Great VP and Great Taste.
  • Rating
    Great tobacco taste
    Review by JR on 8/26/2012
    This flavor is very good. Nice tobacco taste. Not too little not too much. Just right. Definately a favorite.
  • Rating
    Vapor vapor vapor!
    Review by Inger Vandall on 3/2/2011
    I just switched to VG Tradtional Tobacco Wow Vapor juice and as a dedicated Traditional tobacco vaper I'm here to tell you it's great! It hits "softer" than the PG or PG/VG juice but the flavor is still undiminished. I'm very pleased! Thanks V4L!
  • Rating
    Good Vapor
    Review by Crystall on 3/2/2011
    The Tradtional tobacco by V4Life is much better than other brands that I have tried. It does not have any weird after taste like other brands seem to. It has a very mild flavor but vapes very nicely and will be easy to smoke all day.