Tank Cartomizers

Each tank comes with one cartomizer inside. After about a week and a half of use, it will need to be replaced with a fresh tank cartomizer.

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Ecig Refillables FAQ
What are Ecig Refillables?

Vapor4Life Ecig Refillables consists of all vaporizer cartridges which are used to hold e-liquid and vape juice. Vapor4Life offers refillable cartomizers, refillable tanks, refillable Smileomizers and refillable EGO cartomizers as Ecig vaporizer refillables to our customers.

What are Ecig cartomizers?

Vapor4Life Ecig cartomizers are traditionally used with our Vapor Titan and Vapor King electronic cigarette vaporizer batteries. cartomizers carried by Vapor4Life are the exact same diameter as the Vapor Titan and Vapor King Ecig vaporizer batteries. Each cartomizer can hold 1mL of eliquid. You can also use cartomizers with our Dial-A-Volt Variable Voltage and Vapor Zeus Ecig vaporizer batteries. If you choose to use a cartomizer with a Dial-A-Volt Variable Voltage Ecig vaporizer battery, then it is important to understand the difference in resistance provided by our Cool Carts versus our WOW Carts. Vapor4Life Cool Carts have a resistance of 3 ohm. This high resistance means that you can use our Vapor4Life Cool Carts easily with our Dial-A-Volt and Vapor Zeus Ecig vaporizer batteries. The Vapor4Life Cool Carts have enough resistance to withstand the higher voltages provided by the Dial-A-Volt Variable Voltage Ecig vaporizer batteries and the Vapor Zeus Ecig vaporizer batteries. Please use caution when using the WOW Carts with either the Dial-A-Volt Variable Voltage Ecig vaporizer battery and please NEVER USE a WOW Cart with a Vapor Zeus. This is very important. You should NEVER USE a WOW Cart with a Vapor Zeus. The reason for this is because the WOW Cart cartridges use a resistance of 1.5 ohm, which is too low for our high voltage Vapor Zeus. Also, the WOW Cart cartridges should not be used on a Dial-A-Volt battery that has it’s voltage dialed all of the way up. Anything more than 4V will most likely cause a 1.5 ohm cart to burn out too quickly.

What are Ecig tanks?

Vapor4Life Ecig tanks are an awesome addition to our Ecig refillable lineup. You can use Ecig tanks with all of our Ecig vaporizer batteries: Vapor King, Vapor Titan, Dial-A-Volt and Vapor Zeus. Vapor4Life Ecig tanks comes in 3.5 mL and 6 mL sizes. Both sizes can be used with any of our Ecig vaporizer batteries.

An Ecig tank uses a replaceable cartomizer cartridge which sits in the center of the Ecig tank. Surrounding the replaceable cartomizer is the tank where you store your e-liquid. As you vape, the replaceable cartomizer is constantly refilled from the eliquid stored in your Ecig tank through two small holes toward the bottom of the replaceable cartomizer. This constant refill process gives our customers, family and friends the best possible vaping experience by providing fresh juice for every vape.

An Ecig tank is the best way to mix flavors. Are you obsessed with cherries on top of your Banana Splits? Just add a few drops of Cherry to our Banana Chocolate and you’ll be amazed that you didn’t even have to go to the ice cream store to satisfy your craving for a Banana Split.

Please remember that if you use Ecig vaporizer tanks with your Ecig vaporizer battery, that you have enough replacement cartomizers to last you a while. This will ensure that you have the best vaping experience possible.

What is a Smileomizer? Can I use it with my Ecig? Can I use it with my vaporizer?

A Vapor4Life Smileomizer is the pinnacle of vaping satisfaction. Our Smileomizers work with all of our Ecig vaporizer batteries, but we recommend that you use them on either the Dial-A-Volt Variable Voltage Ecig vaporizer or the Vapor Zeus Ecig vaporizer. The Vapor4Life Smileomizer cartridge has a resistance of 2.5 ohm which makes the Vapor4Life Smileomizer the universal cartomizer for Vapor4Life. Although you can use our Smileomizer for any Ecig vaporizer battery, we recommend mainly using it with the Dial-A-Volt Variable Voltage Ecig vaporizer battery and the Vapor Zeus Ecig vaporizer battery. The reason for this is that the diameter of the Smileomizer fits perfectly with the diameter of the Dial-A-Volt and the Vapor Zeus Ecig vaporizer batteries.

What is an EGO Cart?

The EGO cartomizers are only compatible with EGO batteries! This is very important. The EGO cartomizers are only compatible with EGO batteries. EGO batteries became popular when vapers realized that they wanted higher voltage output than what is provided with a cig-a-like. Vapor4Life carries 808 threaded EGO batteries and cartomizers so that we can ensure that we have the best product offering for our customers. Our EGO 1.5 ohm Dual Coil Mega cartomizers can hold up to 5ml’s of eliquid!

Does an EGO Cart work with all batteries?

An EGO cartomizer from Vapor4Life will not work with all batteries. It is possible to use a combination of 510-to-808 adapters with 808-to-510 adapters, to lengthen your batteries threads so that it fits, but we do not naturally recommend this and only suggest it as an alternative for our customers that really want to use an EGO cartomizer with non-EGO batteries. Instead we recommend that our EGO cartomizers only be used with our EGO batteries.

Does a Smileomizer work with all batteries?

Technically, the Smileomizer will work with all batteries sold by Vapor4Life. Although we recommend to our customers that Smileomizers be primarily used with either our Dial-A-Volt Variable Voltage Ecig vaporizer batteries or our Vapor Zeus Ecig vaporizer batteries. The Smileomizer is the best cartomizer cartridge on the market and we know that our Smileomizer will make you smile.

Which Ecig refillable is the best?

If you are looking for the best and ultimate solution for your vaping needs, then we have the right products for you.

For our beginner vaper customers, we recommend trying either the Vapor Titan, Vapor King and/or WOW Vapor Disposables. All of the Vapor Titan, Vapor King and WOW Vapor Disposables produce a nominal voltage of 3.7 - 4.2 volts, which is perfect for the beginner vaper. Given that the best batteries for beginners are the Vapor Titan, the Vapor King and the WOW Vapor Disposables, the best refillables are either the Cool Cart cartomizers, the WOW Vapor cartomizers and the Ecig vaporizer refillable tank.

For our experienced vaper customers, we recommend trying either the Dial-A-Volt Variable Voltage Ecig vaporizer and/or the Vapor Zeus Ecig vaporizer. For the experienced vaper, that makes the Smileomizer and/or the Ecig vaporizer refillable tank the best refillable to use.

How do I fill my smileomizer/tank/cart?

Refilling each of our Ecig vaporizer refillables is the easiest thing you will have to do all day. To refill a smileomizer, first remove the smileomizer from your battery. Then remove the drip tip from the smileomizer. Drip your eliquid onto the polyfill until the polyfill is saturated with your e-liquid. Wait a few minutes and continue filling your smileomizer until it does not look dry. Please be careful to not overfill your smileomizer because an overfilled smileomizer will drip a little bit of eliquid through the air passage of the smileomizer. If your smileomizer does become overfilled, then simply dab a piece of paper towel on the bottom of your smileomizer.

To refill a Tank, we highly recommend watching a video like the one at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n9Q1x-f5UkQ

While it is not complicated to refill a tank, it does require a few steps to ensure that you do not flood your cartomizer with eliquid, which would render it unusable. First, remove the drip tip from the tank. Then use your drip tip to push down the replacement cartomizer so that the two holes on your replacement cartomizer are positioned outside of the bottom of your tank. Then remove the top of tank and fill up the sides of your tank with your eliquid. Make sure that you do not put too much eliquid into your tank. If you put too much eliquid into your tank, the eliquid will crest over the cartomizer on the inside and will flood your cartomizer. It is not good to flood your cartomizer. Once you put the right amount of eliquid into your tank, then place the top of the tank back onto the tank. Once the top of the tank is back on your tank, then push the replacement cartomizer up, back through the top of your tank. Please make sure that you place the top of your tank onto your tank before pushing your replacement cartomizer up through the top of your tank. This will ensure that no eliquid is pushed out through the bottom of your tank.

To refill a cartomizer, all you have to do is first take off the cartomizer from your Ecig vaporizer battery. Then remove the small white tip from the top of your cartomizer (try using a paper clip or anything that is small enough to give you leverage). Once the small white tip is removed you only have to drip your eliquid onto the polyfill a few times while rotating your cartomizer. Once your cartomizer is filled with about 1ml of eliquid, you can put the small white tip back onto your cartomizer, attach the cartomizer to you Ecig vaporizer battery and continue with your vaping experience.

Why does my refillable cartridge taste burnt?

If your refillable cartridge tastes burnt, then more than likely, you tried to use your cartomizer while it was dry or not filled with enough eliquid. We refer to this as “dry fire”. “Dry Fire” is the quickest way to ruin your cartomizer. The heating coil inside the cartomizer will burn out and the cartomizer should be thrown away. It is not possible to revive a burnt cartomizer.

How long does one cartomizer last?

One cartomizer will typically last between 2 and 3 weeks depending on your vaping style. Please make sure that you do not let you cartomizer dry out because using a dried out cartomizer is the easiest way to burn out your carotmizer. Once a cartomizer is burnt, you should throw it away and use another cartomizer. You will not be able to revive a cartomizer once it has been burnt.

How do I refill a cartomizer?

To refill a Vapor4Life Ecig vaporizer cartomizer, you only need to first remove the cartomizer from your battery. Second, remove the plastic tip at the mouthpiece end of the Ecig cartomizer. Then drip in your eliquid around the edge of the cartomizer, always making sure that you do not drip any of your eliquid down the center of the cartomizer (this is where the air flow comes through). Once you have dripped 10-30 drips into your carotmizer, you can replace the plastic tip onto the cartomizer, screw the cartomizer onto the battery and continue your vaping experience.

What are in the e-liquids?

Vapor4Life eliquids all have a combination of Propylene Glycol (PG), Vegetable Glycerin (VG), food grade flavoring and/or nicotine. The 0mg eliquids offered by Vapor4Life contain NO nicotine.

What’s the difference between WOW Vapor, Premium liquid and VG liquids?

WOW Vapor eliquids contain WOW Vapor liquid and generate industry leading vapor production. They have more PG than Premium Nobacco Juice and produce a strong throat hit.

Premium eliquids contain more PG than VG.

WOW Vapor VG eliquids contain Vegetable Glycerin (VG) as the vapor producing agent. Some people are sensitive or allergic to Propylene Glycol (PG), which is found in Premium Nobacco Juice and WOW Vapor juice.

Why does my cart leak?

It sounds like we gave you more juice in the carts then we should have! Blow gently through the white end of the cartomizer. The extra juice will come out the battery end. Then wipe off the battery end with a paper towel before connecting it to the battery again. It should be fine after that.

How many times can I fill this cart?

Vapor4Life eliquid cartomizers can be refilled at least 20-30 times before you should replace your cart.

Which battery is compatible with carts?

All of our batteries are compatible with all of our cartomizers with one exception. The WOW Vapor cartomizers should not be used with high voltage batteries. The reason for this is because our WOW Vapor cartomizers have a resistance of 1.5 ohm, which can sometimes be too low for a high voltage battery like the Vapor Zeus or the Dial-A-Volt turned to the highest voltage.

Do I have to put juice in my cartomizer?

Cool Cart and WOW Vapor cartomizers come prefilled with 1ml of eliquid. When you are done vaping the pre-filled amount, we recommend refilling the cartomizer with the same flavor as the original flavor in your cartomizer. This will help ensure that your cartomizer provides you the best vaping experience. If you have any questions, please contact our Customer Service representatives and they will become your personal vaping consultant!

How do I know when to refill or change a cart?

It is very important to be aware of when you need to refill or change a cartomizer for your Ecig vaporizer battery. When the juice starts to run low, you will not receive as large of a vape hit compared to when the cartomizer is full. Please make sure to refill your cartomizer before you get to the point where you start to create “dry fire”. Once a cartomizer has experienced a dry fire, the cartomizer will be bunt out and should be disposed of and replaced with a working cartomizer.

Frequently Asked Questions