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  • 900 mAh e-cig EGO battery
  • Unique 808 threaded EGO battery
  • Comes in 4 colors
  • Compatible with EGO Mega Cartomizers, Dual Coil e-cig Tanks, Smileomizers, Bold e-cig Cartridges, Smooth e-cig Cartridges
  • Color of your e Cig Battery

    • Black
    • Silver
    • Green
    • Pink

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    This unique 808-threaded EGO style battery will amaze you with the amount of vapor that it produces. It is a 900mAh e-cig battery that is compatible with all Vapor4Life 808 threaded cartomizers including our massive EGO Mega-Cartomizers, Premium Cartomizers, WOW cartomizers, 808-threaded tanks, and Smileomizers. EGO batteries are somewhere between a disposable e-cigarette and a more advanced vape mod. Many vapers and former smokers use EGO batteries to transition to mods. There are also a lot of vapers who prefer using an EGO battery full-time because of its straightforward design and easy setup. Our goal is to provide you with the variety you need, so you can have the best e-cig experience. If you use e-cigarettes as an alternative to smoking, you'll enjoy the form factor of our EGO batteries. Wherever you go, you'll want to take this EGo. Buy an EGO battery today to see the difference they can make.

    Includes 90 day warranty and 30 day money back guarantee.

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    • Love this product
      Review by Pamela on 1/12/2017
      Long lasting battery great product
    • Started with this
      Review by Ugne on 1/12/2017
      This ecig is what made me quit cigarettes, now I have the vapor zeus and in my opinion is much better but this is a good starter ecig especially from vapor4life!
      Review by Mary on 12/30/2016
      I began using these batteries recently when my old 510s just weren't cutting it anymore. These batteries last me all day on a single charge! Using this battery with the Mega Cartomizer is just like smoking a "real" cigarette, in my opinion. They do take a little long to charge, so have an extra one or two on hand.
    • Great Product and Not Expensive
      Review by Ann on 9/9/2016
      This is a great product for the money. It battery lasts a long time and it isn't expensive at all especially compared to some of the other manufacturers out there. It is really a good product. I must have 10 of these batteries at least.
    • Good battery
      Review by Lauren on 8/28/2016
      I used these batteries when I first quit smoking. 4 years later and still no cigarettes. I don't use these batteries much anymore but still a good battery. Would recommend.
    • Good for a manual
      Review by Lynn on 8/19/2016
      I personally prefer the automatic batteries, but this is pretty good. wish they were a little stronger to produce a bigger hit, but they certainly last long on a single charge. Take a long time to charge though, so you've got to have 2. I like that they work with the smilomizers too.
    • Another Great Product
      Review by AB on 8/19/2016
      This is another great product honestly I never would have quit smoking if it wasn't for this company!
    • color me pink
      Review by Krunchy Kitty on 8/12/2016
      I love the EGO batteries and have used them for years, for the reasons that other reviewers have well described. But, for the benefit of anyone else who might care about color — I just replaced my pink battery, and the new one is not the soft, pretty pink I had, the pink as shown on the product webpage (roughly Pantone 189U). The new one is more of a fluorescent flamingo (think Pantone 225C). So it’s now my home battery — too ugly to leave the house.

      And possibly more important than color, I'm a little annoyed at not getting what I thought I was ordering — the same item I had ordered before, the item as shown on the product page. Hate surprises, especially when they're ugly.
    • Just right, and tough too!
      Review by Flowerlady on 8/8/2016
      I think this battery is Just right. Smaller ones don't last long, and bigger ones are too big for my small hands. A fully charged battery and a full cart last all day.
      I work outdoors, and it handles all the sweat, heat, drops, etc. well.
    • Great
      Review by Deborah on 7/29/2016
      Have used this battery for2 years
    • Long lasting
      Review by Peggy on 7/29/2016
      I've been using the EGO batteries for over three years now. These last well over three months when rotating two of them. Only have to add juice approx. once a day. The carts are way easier to fill that the smaller ones and no leak problems. The only battery for me.
    • Love them
      Review by Cassandra on 7/21/2016
      I switched to the EGO a few months back and I really like these versus the ones that look like actual cigarettes. I love how they last so much longer in between charges and refills.
    • Not a 510?
      Review by Sean on 4/13/2016
      I must admit when I got into the vaping world I was all about the ego batteries that were on the market(must have tried all of them to be honest) but this is one of the first 808 thread ego's I have tried. It is much easier to fill this 808 than the 510 due to the balance you have to try and get off the 510 designs that frustrate me a little when topping off my cart./ Not with this guy. If you are a beginner like I was, this is where you want to start.
    • very long battery life
      Review by Angie on 2/15/2016
      I have been using this battery for several days, great battery, has not let me down once!!
      Review by EGO PUFFER on 1/28/2015
    • Great Battery
      Review by Kathleen on 9/3/2014
      This battery is great and with the Large Cartomizer it is an awesome pair !!
    • good product
      Review by Deborah on 8/15/2014
      Other than the occasional glitch where the battery passes through inspection unnoticed, These are very good batteries, they do like said and sometimes even more time than expected. When I do get one that doesn't work, It had been replaced, and when interacting with the company if I need a replacement has been satisfactory. The larger battery and cartomizer give my Large handed friend a more comfortable feel, and even though I don't have large hands, I like them too.
    • Good Spare
      Review by Dan on 10/12/2016
      I keep one charged as a spare backup when I forget to charge my box mod. Comes in handy but no ware as powerful.


    EGO Battery

    3.7 - 4.2 volts*
    Nominal Voltage:
    3.7 volts
    900 - 1300 (4 second puff)
    Puffing Time:
    8 - 12 hours
    3.56 in
    0.56 in
    Charge Time:
    4 - 8 hours
    On/Off Switch:
    Pressing the power button 5 times turns the device on and again turns it off.

    *Voltage: This battery has an unregulated voltage. When the battery is at a full charge, the voltage is 4.2 volts. The voltage will slowly decrease, ultimately dropping to 3.7 volts when the battery is fully discharged.


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