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Remember that time you had one too many drinks at the bar? We don't either, but now you can have the strong taste of your favorite bomb minus the hangover. This potent V4L e liquid combination of red energy and black licorice will have you shouting for another round! It also mimics the flavor jolt you get from your favorite energy drink when you need a quick pickmeup. Try more Vapor4Life e Cigarette liquids after you indulge in the surprisingly intense Energy Bomb E Juice.

Like a strong energy drink with a spicy shot of black licorice, Energy Bomb E Liquid gives you that zap of flavor that you crave.
  • perfect tatse
    Review by Ken W. on 1/6/2013
    It really does tatse like an energy bomb. Not sure where the other review came up with cereal??? Good weekend vape or going out at night
  • Interesting taste, not bad at all!
    Review by Kimberly on 10/19/2012
    I thought this juice smelled just like an energy drink with a kick. It was a mild tasting vape, not an in your face taste; the taste reminded me Fruit Loops cereal which I really liked and it didn't have a harsh throat hit. The only reason I rated it a 4 is because I personally like a harder th and a bit more of a stronger taste, but this juice is good!
  • Energy bomb is a bomb.
    Review by Steve on 10/16/2012
    I got this in the sample pack and tried it out. This tastes just like a Red Bull or Monster Energy drink. It is light and refreshing but I didn't detect the hint of licorice as claimed which was a bit disappointing. Easy TH but not a lot of vapor in comparison to other flavors. Not on my re-order list but it was worth a try.

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