Are e-cigarettes cheaper than traditional smoking products?
How can I produce more vapor?
I hear a crackling noise when I use my e-cigarette. Is that normal?
Where can I find other people who vape?
When is customer service available?
Why can’t I select the color or strength of a particular product?
When will my favorite flavor/strength/battery color/type be available?
What is Vapor4Life’s return policy?
When will my order arrive?
When will my package be shipped?
If I place an order on Saturday and choose express shipping, when will I receive my order?
How much does shipping cost?
Do you ship international orders?
What happens if I live outside of the U.S. and my package gets stuck in customs?
How many cartomizers can you fill with one 30 ml bottle of liquid?
How long does one cartomizer last?
How do I refill a cartomizer?
What are in the e-liquids?
What’s the difference between WOW Vapor, Premium liquid, and VG liquids?
How long will my battery last until it needs recharging?
I just got my battery in the mail. Can I use it right away?
Why is the light on my battery flashing?
What is the difference between automatic and manual batteries?
I refill my own carts. Does it matter what type of battery I use?
Which battery should I use with pre-filled cartomizers?
What should I do with my old batteries that I don’t use anymore?
Can I choose my LED color?