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What a day! :(
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Thread: What a day! :(

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    Angry What a day! :(

    My wife's car suddenly started running extremely rough yesterday morning, so today I got to play mechanic. When I popped the hood I immediately saw the problem. During the night we had either a Rat or a Squirrel get up under the hood and the critter went to work chewing a spark plug wire in half! :scared:

    So, I ended up replacing the plug wires and while I was at it I changed the spark plugs.

    Here is a photo of the plug wire:

    notice how part of the wire is Completely Gone and the rubber boot has been partially chewed away!


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    Darn critters.

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    :scared: I sorry Grampa but it is the Holidays and I'm sure that lil critter just wanted to make sure you were home & couldn't go nowheres so he could visit :fish: :dog: ya know ? :monkey:

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