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Thread: It is with a Sad and heavy heart:

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    Unhappy It is with a Sad and heavy heart:

    I know not everyone knows Ryan Whistles Allen from the group, but I just saw that he passed away early this morning from a car accident. He was in this group for a long time and always added so much. Prayers for his family and friends.

    Ryan was an amazing photographer, friend and teacher. In the short three years I knew him he taught me so much about life, photography and how to be a leader. He will be missed dearly. Take this time to appreciate those around you, hug your families a little bit tighter tonight, and keep Ryan's family in your prayers and thoughts!

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    I saw that too GPR! It so tragic that he is gone! He was a sweet person! He will be missed dearly! I loved looking at all his fire pictures! They are simply amazing!

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    Really Sad..I have lost one of my friend in car accident two months ago and I can say no other can take his place..It is tough when you loss close ones..

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