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Thread: Kudos for Vapor4Life!!!

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    Just wanted to give a shout out to Brandon aka BHam (i always think Big Ham) for sending me out a replacement Zeus so quickly. I recieved a defective Zeus and all it took was one quick e-mail to Brandon and a replacement was on it's way. Seriously, this place has the best/easiest CS around. Gotta give kudos for that!

    :thumbs: Thanks Brandon :thumbs:

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    Funny, when I hear BHam, I think Birmingham.

    Yes, Vapor4Life DOES have the BEST CS there is out there. I tried another company first, and found that it was not only selling an awful product, the CS there was awful as well.

    Here, if I've been sent the wrong Nobacco Juice (a couple of times I was sent Menthol, and I'm not a menthol smoker), all I have to do is send a help ticket and - as Emeril would say - BAM! They send me the correct order.

    I was referred here by my best friend, who had tried at least a couple other companies before finding Vapor4Life. She has referred several other people as have I. It's truly the best company out there.

    So hooray for everyone at Vapor4Life! Kudos to you all!!!

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    well i dont mean to be a bummer but i called customer service and i dont know the name but she just acted like she did not want to be on the phone and no help what so ever so i just said ok thank you and hung up

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    Darnell, I'm sorry for the poor experience and service. This is NOT how we do business here and I want to stress that. I will have a talk with the Customer Service Manager and I will make sure the appropriate action is taken. Please let me know if there is anything that I can help you with. You can reach me at [email:1n9j4wnf][email protected][/email:1n9j4wnf] and I'm ALWAYS available.

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    Wanted to say what great customer service I received. Placed an order online yesterday about 3:30pm and received it in the mail today. What great service. Can't believe it was sent and delivered so fast. Thanks guys great job.

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    Well I guess that state of confusion is really easy to get to.

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    Yes it is RoccoV

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    Re: Kudos for Vapor4Life!!!

    I partly have decided to get a starter kit from V4L because of customer service & I haven't even ordered yet. I am ordering a starter kit for my birthday next week. I currently use e-cigs from another company. I had questions about a lot of the stuff since the company my present ones come from have few options, carts are not refillable, 4 colors, 6 flavors. I want more options now that I quit smoking after over 30 years. :thumbs: I love vaping! Anyway, the CS person sent an email with answers to all of my questions, very nice person. Didn't act like I was stupid. I'm not, I'm just very new to this. I feel confident I will love my experience with V4L. Look forward to getting my starter kit. Thank you to whoever it was who was so great about answering my questions.I hope to find the company is as good as it seems.

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    Re: Kudos for Vapor4Life!!!

    Damn spammers : mad:

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    Re: Kudos for Vapor4Life!!!

    Taken care of Ms. K9luvr.

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