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Kudos for Vapor4Life!!!
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Thread: Kudos for Vapor4Life!!!

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    Cool Kudos for Vapor4Life!!!

    Ok I had this awesome idea. Where I work at I take calls from our clients all day and when we give exceptional service sometimes the person will ask to speak to our supervisor to give us a Kudos call. It's a very bright spot in a normally mentally draining day. How about we use this thread to give those wonderful and amazing people a little bright spot as well? I'm sure they are extremely busy and would love to see some nice message from us regarding how quick or awesome or friendly the person we dealt with was! As a person who deals with the public, I know how trying it can be to help people with no real appreciation shown for your hard work. Let's show Vapor4Life how thankful we are to have their great customer service!! If it's ok with everyone else of course, let's keep this a positive thread (which can't be very hard since we are the happiest group of people I've seen).

    I'll start the ball rolling here if that's ok.

    Thank you Audrey for working on the new member registering issue! We truly appreciate it! And also thank you Wader for keeping us up to date with the new stock! You guys are great!

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    A couple orders ago, I ordered a purple ming drip tip. It was apparently out of stock, so they sent me 4 drip tips of varying colors and styles to make up for it. How cool is that?? Thank you to the anonymous packaging dude, that was really above and beyond any of my expectations!

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    Audrey Brannon-Torres
    I would like to express my deep gratitude to you. You Rock! :thumbs: :thumbs: :thumbs:

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    Great idea for a new Thread DemonFire! It's so nice to see positive comments. I've always thought that some folks will LINE UP to gripe and moan, but rarely take the time to tell someone when a job is "done well". I love it! Thanks you

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    In the line of work I do most people don't call unless something is wrong so I know exactly what you mean. I love to read all the wonderful praise and hopefully they will love it too!

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    Robert Winfrey Rocks. Problem Solving Specialist. Vapor4Life Rocks!

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    to morandir - for your incredibly helpful forum posts and extensive testing on your products that you do to report to us on as well as helping everyone on the forums it is much appreciated.

    also to the guy who works at ext. 404 you're super helpful thanks!

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    Woot! Gotta include Mr. M! And SnowDragon too! They may not work for Vapor4Life but they sure could! 2nd occupation? lol

    Thanks both of you for all your expertise!

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    double ditto DemonFire!!!!! (Try saying that three times fast :beers

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    I agree with all the wonderful posts and the people who help us out in c.s. and our forum.You are all awesome

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