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Thread: Why I'm stopping V4L for a while...

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    They're sending me 2 Smileo's for my bad one which needs to be returned to V4L, which I hope in some way helps them figure out what's going on.
    Now yesterday (day 4) of using my Vapor Zeus Dual mode medium in mostly auto mode, it's lost it's nice easy draw to activate. I have to draw harder for it to fire consistently. If I take my normal draw it will come on and go off several times. It works perfect in manual mode, (so it's not the cart getting clogged) and I'm still able to use it but in auto mode, it has definitely changed in performance.
    This is very disappointing to me after watching and reading all the good reviews about the Zeus line, which is why I decided to come back and give V4L another try with their products. Now I'm starting to feel it was a mistake. I know things aren't perfect in the vaping world and duds happen, but 2 problems with a carto and now the battery in 3 days time seems like a high failure rate to me. I've loved the 4 days with them and hoped that I get 2 weeks out of each Smileo, which I would've been happy with, but I guess I'm just unlucky with these and they're not for me after all.
    I hope that they get the problems ironed out and maybe consider also dropping their price a bit. Stop the daily sale emails to make it feel "special" when a true sale comes along. The daily mail starts to seem like junk mail, and for me the products are seeming to be the same!

    I truly wish I didn't feel this way, but it's where this product experience has led me!

    Just discovered that it was the carto starting to clog, loaded up a new one and the battery works fine in auto again.
    4 days just isn't acceptable to me at the price being charged. Has anyone got a consistent 2 good weeks from these?
    I saw one person state they usually average a month, and since I just started using these I have no personal experience with any average but: one at one minute, another at 4 days.
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    Hi Stegle

    I'm really sorry about your experiences with the Vapor Zeus and Smileomizers. I certainly hope the replacements work better for you!

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