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Thread: New cartos won't work with passthrough

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    New cartos won't work with passthrough

    Hello all I'm having a bit of a problem with some new cartos I just received and I'm hoping I can get some help.

    On Jan 25th I purchased a manual USB passthrough, a large dial-a-volt, and some dual coil 2.0 ohm cartos. Everything worked fine and I was THRILLED with my passthrough as this was the first one I'd owned and was relieved I wouldn't have to do the battery shuffle anymore when sitting at my computer or in the car.

    Last week, I ordered 10 new cartos, same exact versions as last time (dual coil, 2.0 ohms). They work just fine with the dial-a-volt, but they flat out refuse to work with my passthrough. I've tried everything with them: thoroughly cleaning the connector, using a paperclip to lift the connector on the new cartos in case they weren't making contact, etc. All the tricks I've learned over the nearly 4 years I've been vaping and nothing works.

    The passthrough still functions just fine with the last few carts from the previous order, but won't fire on any of the new ones. I tried 2 from one box, and 1 from the other, just to make sure it wasn't a bad batch or something.

    Any help I can get would be greatly appreciated! Thanks to my other battery dying a few weeks ago, I'm down to just the one battery now, and once it runs down, that's it for vaping for quite a few hours, and the lack of nicotine makes me twitchy

    Thank you again!

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    Hi grumble kitty, I don't use tanks anymore so I can't offer any help, but hopefully someone will come on that does use them that can help you out.
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    Are you using our car adapter with it? I can't think of any reason why that wouldn't work.

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