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Thread: Roll Call... Introduce yourself!

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    Welcome to the forum Ashley!

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    Warm Welcomes to you Ashley! We are so glad you decided to join and tell us a lttile about yourself. Sounds like you have two amazing reasons to start this wonderful journey. I think you will find the biggest bonus you will get, is you will enjoy the ride and have fun and your kids will want to be around their sweet smelling Mom!

    I am sure that LadyStrick9 will set you up with all the information you need regarding this forum, if she hasn't already. She takes such good care of us and makes sure the info is at our fingertips.

    Please feel free to ask ANY question you might have. I can tell you from personal experience, this wonderful gang knows the answers and we love the discussions.

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    Very happy to have you here Ms. Zombie (or would you prefer Ashley?). As you can see, you'll never be want for help and support of every type. It's the amazing people here that make it special.

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    Welcome again Zombie!

    Sent on the go from my EVO :starwars:

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    Hello my name is Robert, I started a thread in the new users section and a bunch of you helped me greatly. I am a father of two boys (one of them is 22 days old, born on my birthday, the other is 6 years old). Really, I am into any fix I can get, horribly addictive personality. Thankfully, my vice has been nicotene and not alcohol or durgs. I chew tobacco mostly, I smoke in between and sometimes I do both at the same time. I live in Hemet California, near Palm Springs. I sell insurance and I love it. Officially I havent vaped yet, I am waiting on my shipment, but I know I will love it enough to stop chewing and smoking. A little bit of vapor definitely beats empty soda cans filled with spit, yuck.

    I never really smoked until I met wife (I had been chewing for about 5 years at that point) but her parents, aunts and uncles, and her brother-in-law smoke....a lot. I figured, if I cant beat them might as well join them, so I have been smoking off and on for about 4 years now. A few years ago my in-laws purchased some overpriced vaporizers with cartridges that did ot work well so they gave up on it. Hopefully I can get them to try mine and change their lives. My wife is skeptical and thinks this is some hair brained idea and I will be chewing again in no time. I wont, I'm going to stick with this.

    BTW I learned about this site from a fellow I met on the golf course. I am not sure if he can get credit or recognition, I havent spoken to him since (it was nearly 5 months ago). Hope he doesnt mind his name out there but it is Robert Stevenson (I believe) and he lives in Temecula Ca. I hope I didnt break any rules there.

    Anyway, enough about me. Take Care,

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    Quote Originally Posted by Morandir835
    Very happy to have you here Ms. Zombie (or would you prefer Ashley?). As you can see, you'll never be want for help and support of every type. It's the amazing people here that make it special.
    I came this close to hitting that stupid like button! That is very nice of you Morandir!

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    Welcome to the forum Robert! 22 days old... how sweet!! Glad you could join us!

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    I thought perhaps I should introduce myself on this thread after having started a new thread begging for help! And I did get a lot of help...thanks again.

    My name is Karyn, I am a 37-year-old mother of four. I just recently graduated nursing school with my RN. Awaiting a test date to take the NCLEX so that I may (finally) get a job!!

    As far as my vaping journey...I mentioned before how I had tried one of those awful gas-station type disposable e-cigs. I got it mostly to help get me through those long clinicals at the helped a little bit. But I in no way intended to use the e-cig to switch from smoking. A few weeks back we went to an amusement park with some friends. They each had an e-cig they bought at the mall (for way too much $ IMO). But I was intrigued. And being the impulsive chic that I am I jumped online and did a bunch of research and ordered myself a starter kit. Again, not really intending to switch from smoking but because I'm always trying new things (sometimes foolishly). Anyway, I loved it! And when my real cigs ran out...I just didn't buy anymore! So I've been strictly vaping since Monday! And I've not killed anyone, nor have I wanted to! What a wonderful thing!

    I just found this website Tuesday and was impressed by the variety offered, that I've not seen elsewhere. I placed an order and cannot wait for it to get here!

    This forum is full of wonderful information and people. From my short time here, I've felt very welcome. I appreciate that.

    Thanks and take care,


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    Not sure if I have already welcomed you but welcome to the forum Karyn!

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    Welcome to the Intro thread Robert and Karyn!

    Congrats on your new baby Robert! And good luck with the switch!

    Good luck with your test and finding a job Karyn!

    A good support group is always helpful to have, so stick around as long as you like

    Sent on the go from my EVO :starwars:

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