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Thread: We're Getting the Band Back Together

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    We're Getting the Band Back Together

    I'm on a mission from SMILIN

    Hey, Vapor4Life family! I know this forum has become kind of a ghost town on our end of late, but I'm here to change that.
    I'm LadyVapentine, and when I met Smilin and he introduced me to vaping, I knew I would quit smoking. And I did. I didn't have a cigarette the whole car ride home! I had smoked for 16 years! Nearly half my life! And I thought quitting would be impossible. Now I can't stand the taste of them! I had tried vaping before, but I hadn't tried anything that gave me the feeling of smoking. Then I moved on to fruit flavors once I got my sense of taste back! Fruit flavors and a helluva lot of cookies.

    But I had no idea the vaping world would be such a fitting home for me. Since I started posting on the V4L ECF thread, I've met so many wonderful people, heard so many moving stories, and felt so much pride to be part of a company that helps people (myself included!) smoke smarter!

    So, I'll be on here at all ours to field your questions, hear your stories, victories, pet peeves, and life goals, and restore this forum to its former glory! Smilin sends his love. And you guys have all of mine.
    Friend me!
    Message me!
    Bug me!
    Love me!
    That's what I'm here for!


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