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Thread: Kudos CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!

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    Angry Kudos CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!! here is the story...been sucking on burn "some other company" cartos all this morning...obsessively checking the post office tracker to see the progress of my package...left to JAX, went thru sorting (getting closer and closer)...out for delivery....(waiting....)

    BAMB...."incorrect address, return to sender"!!! WHAT?????? :wtf: :explode:

    Called USPS...oh, we'll try to find it,...but call THIS number...
    Called THAT number..."I'm not at my desk, please leave a message..."
    Called local post office.."oh, THAT'S the TRACKING NUMBER, not the PACKAGE need THAT number...and I'm POSITIVE it's addressed wrong!". I get all my JUNK MAIL at this address!!!

    Called Vapor4Life customer...darn it, I didn't get her name, but she SURE NEEDS A RAISE!!!...

    Went over the address...yep, that's where I live alrighty...."they will send it back to us..."

    PHOOEY!!!!! :wtf:

    But, I manage to stay cool...(I had an analog b4 I called USPS, burnt cartos weren't cutting the mustard!)

    Ok, she says in a sweet voice, no problem, we will just reship...TODAY!!!!! YEAHHHHHHHHHH :music: :beers: :lilangel: :love: :angel: :jaw: IF by some WEIRD chance I get TWO packages, she says "just refuse the second, and ir will be returned". I really expected to have to PAY FOR A SECOND SHIPMENT until they received the first package!!! :hail: :hail:

    So, it seems I am delayed one more day....but...Vapor4Life "CUSTOMER SERVICE" is TRULY CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!

    that wonderful lady deserves to get a little recognition, mr Morandir, she sure made things EASY for me...very painless...I wasnt expecting such GREAT HELP!!! Please, please make sure she gets a star on her forehead, or something, please!!!

    Thanks SO much!!!

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    LOL Via....bless your heart. Good grief, have you been put the the wringer! LOL But, let me offer you a very slight consolation comment. LOL I think you may have just broken the Forum Record for using an entire page for one post. LOL

    Big hug!

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    I'm "verbose"....

    Ok....chapter TWO????

    THEY FOUND my PACKAGE!!! I guess I raised such a big stink down here, they got tired of hearing me, they found my package and said I could come pick it up....So, I am trying to catch customer service b4 they send out the second the interim, I am vaping out with the gold stealth and a wow traditional menthol....have a feeling I'd better chill out the mgs on this...YUMMY!!!

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    OHHHH I am so happy for you! I remember I practically stalked CS thinking they hadn't sent it out. I did apologize, but I felt awful.

    They are an amazing group of people. We're so lucky to have them.

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    So you got your package? Awesome! No more analogs, RIGHT?

    Sent from my EVO 4G

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    I've been with Vapor4Life for a while and have nothing but good things to say about their customer service, they are indeed a great group of people not once have they questioned me, but yet offer help every way they can.

    Sent from my EVO 4G

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    Giggle...analogs? We don't need no stinkin analogs!!!

    Got my package (after a SNAFU) this afternoon...and I'm NOT waiting to finish analogs I have before dropping them like hot rocks!!

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    I'll bet dimes to dollars you spoke with Christie.....absolute doll!!!!

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    Couldnt tell you WHO...I didn't catch her name...but she was WONDERFUL!!!

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    Have spoken with Christie before and she was AWESOME!!! Only half of one of my orders was shipped a few weeks ago but she was so awesome...never questioned me either and sent the missing items to me right away! Thier customer service is second to none! Love, love, love this company!

    BTW...analog free for 9 days now! Thanks Vapor4Life!!!

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