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Thread: Vaper Spotlight: Mark A.

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    Vaper Spotlight: Mark A.

    Hey guys, I want to share a letter with you that we received from one of our customers, Mark A.

    Ecigs are truly amazing. The greatest thing about working at Vapor4Life is that we get to help people improve their lives every day. Itís very rewarding to hear back from customers. One of our loyal customers, Mark A. wrote this letter and said we could share it. We want to say thank you and HUGE CONGRATS for celebrating your first ďvaperversaryĒ!

    I have been tobacco free for a year on my bday May 14, and hit 61 years old. I smoked my first analogue cig at age 16. Iíve tried the gum, patches, and that ridiculous Big Pham corporate product Chantix. Needles to say it was waste time and brain cells. After e-cigs first came on the market I tried what I refer to as the ďtoyĒ brands.. I wonít mention their names but some are very popular with names like colors and then met these vaping gear heads building their own coils and recommending certain batts ect.. WHAT A WASTE! of time and $ and still smoked!

    So I finally found the absolute finest company on the planet, Vapor4Life. Last Jan. I bought my 1st Vapor Zeus XL ecig battery sight unseen after reading a zillion reviews and other resources watched tons of vids claiming the rest of the so-called best. I now own 4 Auto Zeusí and just purchased my second (first was a mono) Dial-A-Volt XL (auto this time) and since early, Jan. 2014 I have not smoked one coffin nail since! The supreme construction, the treading, the batt life, the convenience, the circuitry, the quality of customer service is second to none! Just these factors alone, I have been proclaimed V4L evangelist to at least five others that now are sold on V4L products.

    I could mention, Paul, Gabe, Sue, ectectect. In their CS dept that actually take the time to explain things like human beings with great attitudes and only had a couple of charger issues and a batt that was up to par between a friend and myself that Iíve bought rigs for because I want them to live and give up the slow death of analogue cigs. Just last night I bought an ultimate DAV ecig starter kit for my 23 year old daughter and canít wait for her to quit as easily as I using V4L and yes all the folks Iíve gotten off the toys or these ridiculous Buck Rogers looking contraptions that took two hands to use like outta a bad sci -fi flick (and went back smoking as a result!) are now FINALLY using the REAL and ONLY PROPER products that your fine company provides. I know this a long book length comment but Iíve not written reviews like little blurbs Iíve seen from others, because there is so much to say positive about V4L product line!!! So, if you had a sandwich sign Iíd be wearing it on all the corners of Nashville area! With all these half-ass (pardon that but obviously passionate here) I would be your walking billboard! BOTTOM LINE IS Vapor4Life is aptly named! THANK YOU V4L for LITERALLY SAVING THIS MANíS LIFE!

    Bless you All and SINCERELY yours,

    Mark A.

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    Vaper Spotlight: Mark A. | V4L Official Blog


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    Surely E-cigs are amazing..It is the best way to solve your smoking issues..There are many good individuals in vapor4life community who are continuously assisting new guys in using vaping to best effect..

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