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Thread: Latest sale Only on FB & Twit

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    Katz In Boots

    Latest sale Only on FB & Twit

    Um, since when does Vapor4Life advertise sales only on Facebook & twit?

    "We will be offering a special promotional discount to all of our loyal customers tonight, keep your eyes pealed so you don't miss out! "

    Thought some of us on the forums were "loyal customers" too ???

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    Obviously not "loyal" enough, dear....

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    In my opinion it's no different than most any company, trying to build up the FB likes / twitter followers to engage customers etc... Wording a sale or special as though its' somehow exclusive is a common marketing technique, so this doesn't surprise/offend me really. I agree it would be surprising if they gave a sale only to that channel and not everyone; typically they'd just use different coupon codes to differentiate targets...

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    Jeweled Onyx
    Sales are needed in any retail business. People look for sales, enjoy good service which in turn drives more sales. On the other hand, a freebie for a repeat customer also drives business, but definitely not as much as a sale. If the object of the game is to get the stuff of your shelves in a hurry a sale is more profitable than a freebie.

    On the flip side, as a consumer, I'm looking for sales. I'm an experienced vaper so I know what I'm looking for and I'm going looking for it at a price I can afford. However, if no one knows you're having a sale, what good is that? Not everyone is FB or Twitter inclined. However, everyone from 9 to 90 is pretty much email literate these days. Of course, social media can't be discounted, but email is still considered social media in it's most basic form. It's still where most companies reach their data bases. Case in point. Last night there was a 31% off sale for 3 hours: definitely on FB and maybe Twitter, but I only use Twitter for work. I could care less about FB most of the time. However, I ALWAYS have access to my email account(s). I'm headed overseas, plan on making a huge order, maybe not so anxious, now. As a customer and a loyal one, I do feel slighted. Not angry, simply slighted and my normal ordering pattern was weekly-bi-weekly at the very least. Sales drive consumers to spend more than they planned, makes them check all your avenues of advertisement more often and gets your products out of your warehouse, as well as draws new customers.

    Finally, word of mouth is HUGE. I checked Twitter and FB...not many happy comments about the 4-15-12 sale A little bad goes such a long, long way.

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    Caught drift of the sale last night and hurried up. Like Blue said, they are trying to build a fan base on FB/Twitter, but it is a bummer that we weren't included on the Forum, WE are the life of Vapor4Life!

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    Hi and welcome to the forum, Jeweled Onyx. I certainly agree they should have set up a simultaneous sale for everyone else, with a different code perhaps, so as not to make anyone feel "left out".

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    It was a surprise sale! Surprise you didnt know about it!! :P Im just kidding.

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    Hey folks, I don't always check the forum (or my email) within a specific 3 hour time frame. So, it's not a big deal that I missed one sale.

    Speaking for myself, I can let this issue go because Vapor4Life has definitely given me the benefit of the doubt more than "one" measly time.

    I'm just sayin...

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    +1 Ms LS9, there are so many sales that you ultimately learn to just wait for one (assuming you've properly stocked up.) Sorry that the fb/twitter thing gave you a bad feeling though, Mr/Ms Onyx (and no, I'm not a Vapor4Life employee or rep, just a long time customer who likes them a lot)

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    I got lucky, someone here(probably won't mention names) PM'd me the details, and I've been waiting for a decent sale, money is very tight right now. Overall I did good, mainly needed juice!

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